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Assante Vancouver Centre Fund

Across Metro Vancouver, many youth are homeless or live in temporary, risky housing arrangements. On an average night, 400 young people under age 25 can be identified as absolutely homeless. Hundreds more make do with something, out of public sight.

Assante Vancouver Centre and its Advisors and staff are dedicated to serving in their communities. In 2009, they established the Assante Vancouver Centre Fund to support homeless youth in BC.

Join Assante Vancouver Centre in supporting at-risk youth before they become entrenched in a life of homelessness.

The advisors of the Assante Vancouver Centre have collaborated with Vancouver Foundation to establish the Assante Vancouver Centre Fund. It is dedicated to the branch's philanthropic efforts to ending youth homelessness. Vancouver Foundation is a non-profit organization and a separate entity from Assante Wealth Management.

Please note:

  • In order to properly recognize all donors for their contributions, Vancouver Foundation will share your name and donation amount with the fund advisor unless you have checked the anonymous box on the donation form.
  • All donations to this fund will be permanently endowed.
Assante Vancouver Centre Fund