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Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC) was established in 1972 in order to provide a permanent base for marine and coastal-oriented field operations on the west coast of Canada. BMSC supports diverse coastal and marine research of the highest caliber and is recognized as among the very best research and training facilities in the world. 

BMSC provides year-round research facilities, equipment, and technical assistance to scientists from five western Canadian universities (University of Calgary, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and University of Victoria) as well as visiting scientists from other Canadian and international institutions.

The facility offers unparalleled access to a wide array of environments, including unique coastal, freshwater, marine and rainforest habitats and exceptional species diversity. Top researchers from around the world address challenges with research on fisheries, biodiversity, climate change, invasive species, and ways to improve environmental regulations.

Please join us in developing a diverse community of learners and leaders at BMSC.

Your donation will support:

Connecting youth with high impact learning.
-Award winning field trips program for over 3,000 BC and Alberta students.

Inspiring International Collaboration
-Visiting researchers from over 45 institutions around the globe including five Royal Society Fellows and six Canada Research Chairs.
-Productive interactions with researchers including seminars and social events, support learning and provide opportunities to meet informally and discuss research with visiting faculty.
-A new Welcome Centre for experiential learning, which includes the creation of a semi-natural tide pool, will create a unique and inspiring environment for students, researchers and staff to gather.

Diversifying course offerings
-Currently there are 26 accredited university field courses, and in 2018 there were 1158 educational boat excursions. Increased funding would allow these courses to be expanded in the future.

Contact the Organization:

Western Canadian Universities Marine Sciences Society Bamfield Marine Station 100 Pachena Road Bamfield BC V0R 1B0

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  • Donations to the Bamfield Marine Station Scholarship Fund will support the charity’s general charitable purposes. Statements about the fund’s purpose or how donations will be applied are reflective of the charity’s current intent and are subject to change. 
  • The Dick & Leona Peter Student Residential Bursary Fund’s granting purpose is subject to change.
  • All donations to the Bamfield Marine Station Scholarship Fund and the Dick and Leona Peter Student Residential Bursary Fund will be permanently endowed. Donations to The Wendy & Leslie Rebanks Fund will be invested, but may be transferred to another registered charity at the fund advisor’s discretion.

For questions about this fund or Vancouver Foundation, please email Cheryl Tam.

Bamfield Marine Station Scholarship Endowment Fund

This fund provides scholarships to undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students who take courses or conduct research at BMSC. 

Dick and Leona Peter Student Bursary Fund

This fund provides accommodation bursaries to student researchers who spend one term at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.  The fund was established in memory of Dr. Dick Peter, former Director and long-term leader and visionary at the BMSC who recognized the importance of experiential learning and youth education at the BMSC.  The Dick and Leona Peter Student Residential Bursary honours this commitment by supporting student researchers at the initial stages of their careers.

Wendy & Leslie Rebanks Fund

This fund helps provide educational opportunities for elementary school students and their teachers at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.