Connect & Engage: Mini-Reports

Drawing on the research from the 2017 Connect & Engage Report, the Mini-Reports is a new research series by Vancouver Foundation that dives deeper into six themes to better understand who is most impacted by loneliness and isolation and the impact it has on community engagement in Metro Vancouver.

  • Isolation and Loneliness in Metro Vancouver: One in seven Metro Vancouver residents are lonely and one in four feels isolated. This report looks in depth at characteristics unique to those who feel isolated versus lonely and what that means for community engagement.
  • Metro Vancouver is a Community of Networked Neighbours: One in six Metro Vancouver residents are “networked neighbours”: those with an exceptionally strong sense of connection to their neighbourhood. This report examines the demographic of networked neighbours and how they engage with their community.
  • Habits of Highly Engaged People: A look into who highly engaged residents of Metro Vancouver are to better understand how we can inspire more community engagement.
  • Engaging Vancouver Youth: Thirty per cent of young people between 18 and 24 are the most vulnerable to feeling lonely and disconnected in large part due to being less rooted in where they live. We took a closer look at this group to better understand the obstacles they face and to inspire ways to create more pathways for engagement.
  • Engaging Metro Vancouver’s Newcomers: Newcomers—those who have lived in Metro Vancouver for less than 10 years—are not only a relatively young demographic but are also the most vulnerable to experiencing loneliness and isolation. This mini-report dives deeper into their feelings of belonging and welcome and how that impacts neighbourhood engagement.
  • High-rise Connection: Residents in high-rise buildings tend to be young renters who are likely living alone and are new to their neighbourhoods. This mini-report shows that high-rise living is actually quite isolating and offers ways to strengthen community for high-rise dwellers.