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What types of open licenses are available to use?


Vancouver Foundation’s default Policy license is CC BY 4.0 (Attribution).

Creative Common's CC BY 4.0 license requires you to give credit to the original author of any work that contains this license. This is what is meant by the term Attribution. Anyone who uses a work with this license attached is free to copy it in full, share it, edit it, use an excerpt, quote or segment of the work, or even make the work into a t-shirt design, as long as the original author is given credit.  

While Vancouver Foundation's default is CC BY 4.0, in some situations other licenses that further restrict what others may or may not do with their original content may be more appropriate. Other options can include:

  • Non-Commercial [CC BY NC] - restricting the use of the work for commercial purposes (i.e. not allowing others, including other nonprofits, to receive a commercial advantage or earn revenue from the work)
  • No-Derivatives [CC BY ND] - requiring that the work not be altered, edited or rewritten in any way (the work must be shared exactly as-is, in full)
  • Share-Alike [CC BY SA] - requiring that anything new made using the original work be shared under the same license terms as the original work (for example, if you create a work and mark it with CC BY SA, anyone who share or adapts it must also mark their new work with CC BY SA.)
  • Plus combinations of the above.