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British Columbia Museums Association Endowment Fund
Spinal Cord Research Endowment Fund
British Columbia Pipers' Association Endowment Fund
Neil O. Stubberfield Piobaireachd Endowment Fund
Diana Hsu Memorial Endowment Fund
B.C. Schizophrenia Society Endowment Fund
BCSTA Scholarship for Student Citizenship
British Columbia Search and Rescue Association Fund
B.C.S.P.C.A. Endowment Fund for Small Communities
The British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum Foundation Fund
Children's Neurosurgery Endowment Fund
Department of Radiology "Florence Gahr" Academic Fund
Don Hill Education Endowment Fund
Gizeh Temple Shrine Chair of Orthopedics Fund
John Tegenfeldt CICH Endowment
P.M. Ross Laboratory Educational Fund
Paediatric Program Development Fund
The Children's Hospital Foundation Income Fund
Tom Chong Memorial Fund for Children's Hospital Research
B.C. Women's Hospital and Health Centre Foundation Endowment Fund
Bulkley Valley Fund
Bulkley Valley Community Foundation Transferable Fund
Bulkley Valley Scholarship Transferable Fund
Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion Endowment Fund
Burnaby Firefighters Charitable Society Endowment Fund
Butterfly Foundation