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The 127 Society for Housing Endowment Fund
The 411 Vancouver Foundation Fund
Abbeyfield British Columbia Trust Fund
Abbotsford Community Services Society Endowment Fund
AIDS Vancouver Endowment Fund
Alexandra Foundation Fund
ALS Society of British Columbia Endowment Fund
Alzheimer Society of B.C. Endowment Fund
The Anglican Provincial Synod of British Columbia Centennial Church Extension Fund
The Architecture Foundation of British Columbia Fund
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Foundation Endowment Fund
The ArtStarts in Schools Endowment Fund
Assembly of British Columbia Arts Councils Legacy Fund
Association of Neighbourhood Houses Fund
A.S.T.C. Science World Society Endowment Fund
A.E.S. Autism Education Society Endowment Fund
Axis Mime Theatre Society Endowment Fund
BCTRA Maggie Carpenter Trust Fund
BC Family Resource Programs Endowment Fund
Robert J. Lecky Memorial Fund
Rocksborough Smith/Joe Whitehead British Columbia Borstal Memorial Fund
S.K. Lee (B.C. Chinese Music Association) Endowment Fund No. 2
BC Hospice Palliative Care Association Fund
Dr. Donald Rix Endowment Fund For BCTSVP
Ballet British Columbia Endowment Fund
Bamfield Marine Station Scholarship Endowment Fund
Dick and Leona Peter Student Bursary Fund
Wendy & Leslie Rebanks Fund