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Vancouver Foundation can only provide Field of Interest Grants to registered charities and other qualified organizations listed by Canada Revenue Agency. If your organization is not listed, then you must enter into an intermediary arrangement with a registered charity or other qualified organization in order to apply for a Field of Interest Grant.

Take our eligibility quiz

To help you understand if your project is eligible, we’ve developed a quick and easy quiz. Just answer yes or no to the questions below to find out if you are eligible for a Field of Interest Grant.

Question 1. Who are you?

A non-profit organization
A business
An individual

Question 2. Are you applying on behalf of a registered charity or other qualified organization?

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Question 3. Does your organization have an existing grant with Vancouver Foundation?

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Question 4. Are you planning to submit multiple applications?

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Question 5. Will your project take place in BC?

Sort of

Question 6. When will your project take place?

It’s already started
Within the next 3 months
In 3-6 months
In 6 – 12 months

Question 7. What would you like to use the funding for?

An innovative project

Scaling an existing innovative project

Assistance to develop a good idea into an innovative project proposal


Travel to and/or attendance at conferences, competitions, symposia, or annual events

Event sponsorship

Bursaries, scholarships, and/or awards

Small capital expenses (e.g. small equipment or renovations)

On-going operations

Fundraising expenses

Capital campaigns and infrastructure projects

Debt retirement or reserves 

Mortgage pay-downs

Endowment matching

Question 8. Will your project include activities that Canada Revenue Agency considers “political activities”?

Not Sure

Question 9. Is your project a social innovation?

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Question 10. Will your project be making incremental change towards one of the following outcomes?

  • Increase the number of people who attend and participate in artistic and cultural offerings
  • Increase the employability and livelihoods of artists
  • Ensure that children are socially and emotionally prepared to start school
  • Prepare young people to transition through and out of the education system
  • Increase employment opportunities
  • Advance policies and practices which address and respond to climate change and other key environmental issues
  • Increase public awareness, understanding and engagement in key environmental issues and solutions
  • People enjoy levels of health and well-being achievable by addressing social determinants
  • People are well-connected to their communities
  • People and communities feel they have the power to contribute to, and seek knowledge about their health

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Your quiz results

Thank you for taking the eligibility quiz. Our responses to the answers you provided should indicate whether or not your organization and your project are eligible for a Field of Interest Grant from Vancouver Foundation.

Please note - we do not store your quiz results, and you will not need them later. The online application will ask eligibility questions as part of your Project Overview submission.