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Fostering Change Grants

Grants of up to $75,000 per year for organizations with projects across the Lower Mainland that support youth in-and-from foster care. Together we can make sure that young people leaving foster care have the opportunities and support they need to thrive as adults.
up to $75,000.00
Who can apply: 
Next deadline: 
Spring, 2017

Fostering Change developed out of Vancouver Foundation’s long-standing interest in strategies to address youth homelessness. We believe the best way to end youth homelessness is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Given over 40% of homeless youth have been part of the child welfare system, we have committed to strengthening the support systems available to youth as they leave government care and transition into adulthood.

Fostering Change Grants provide funding for community-based strategies across the Lower Mainland that build capacity to support youth in-and-from foster care. We invite grant applications from organizations that can help improve policy, practice and community connections, leading to better outcomes for young people leaving foster care.

How it works 

Your project could work to amplify the voices and engagement of young people through youth-led research and / or creative arts-based projects. Or you could be focused on strategies that build capacity and common ground for shared action and learning by community stakeholders. We also support the implementation of multi-year community impact strategies.

Your organization can apply for one of three types of Fostering Change Grants online, through a two-stage process including a Letter of Intent and a Full Proposal. We review applications with the Fostering Change Advisory Committee, a group of volunteer experts who offer a depth of relevant community knowledge, skills and experience.

Read our Fostering Change Grants 2016 Call for Proposals and the Fostering Change strategic plan to find out if your project is a good fit. 

DOWNLOAD: Fostering Change Grants 2016 Call for Proposals
DOWNLOAD: Fostering Change Grants STRATEGIC PLAN

The deadline for applications is September 9, 2016


Eligible applicants include registered charities and other qualified organizations as well as some First Nations bands that may be considered a public body performing a function of a government body. All organizations must demonstrate fiscal responsibility and effective management.

Fostering Change Grants are not available for individuals or businesses.

Visit the Fostering Change website

The Fostering Change initiative of Vancouver Foundation has a goal to make sure that every young person leaving foster care has the opportunities and support needed to thrive as adults. 

We support this through youth engagement, shared learning, evaluation and research, and public engagement work to support young people leaving foster care, in addition to making grants. 

Learn more about the Fostering Change initiative at: