Awarded Grants

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Centre for Community Based Research

Social Media Based Knowledge Hub: Facilitating Access to Knowledge

Building on the momentum of CU Expo 2008, held in Victoria, BC, CU Expo 2011 aims to highlight the use of creative methods of research to meet community needs and produce results that are important and useful to community members, academics, and policy makers. The conference, running from May 10-14, 2011 in Waterloo, Ontario, is expected to bring together 800 people from six continents. Many of the people who were present in Victoria in 2008 are expected to attend. However many more people in British Columbia and around the world are passionate about the power of community-based research to effect change, yet are unable to attend the conference in person. This project seeks to extend and enrich the conference experience both for those who attend the conference and for those who are unable to attend in person by using readily accessible social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and web conferencing technology to create a Knowledge Hub. The Hub provides a participatory, interactive and inclusive way to share and discuss knowledge presented at CU Expo 2011.

Makeway Foundation

Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study: City of Vancouver report and public engagement

The Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study is an extensive new research study that has gone beyond the numbers to capture the values, experiences and aspirations of Aboriginal peoples living in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Ottawa. Speaking directly with a representative group of 2,614 First Nations peoples, Métis and Inuit living in these major Canadian cities, as well as 2,501 non-Aboriginal Canadians, the Environics Institute, led by Michael Adams, has released the Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study, which offers Canadians a new perspective of their Aboriginal neighbours. Guided by an Advisory Circle, Aboriginal people designed the research themes, methodology, and executed the main survey. City findings are now available, beginning with the Regina City Report, and the Toronto City Report, which takes a look at the Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study results specifically through a community based lens on each of those cities. Also available for download is a power point Regina presentation, and a Toronto presentation of the results. This project focuses on the City of Vancouver and compares Vancouver to the overall study results and to other cities. The Vancouver City Report will analyze the date generated by the overall study for city specific results and provide key insights in program and policy development.