Awarded Grants

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Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia

Developing Financial Sustainability through an Expanded Donor Base

This project will focus on building WRA's development capacity by: - Purchasing a new donor database. Our current database is woefully inadequate for our current and projected needs, especially as we aggressively grow out donor base in the coming years. - Acquiring new donors through direct mail (DM). While DM is not suseful with certain audiences and is expensive, it is effective for acquiring new donors from an older demographic, which our donor base has a significant portion of. We are planning a 5000 piece mail-out to select neighbourhoods in central and north Burnaby and Vancouver. - Hiring a consultant to help build our capacity in undertaking email and website donor prospecting. We have email addresses for most of the people who bring wildlife to the Care Centre. The challenge is how to cost effectively covert these prospects into donors. An email - website prospect campaign is an effective means of acquiring donors, but we require assistance in this relatively new area of fundraising. Developing new publications: planed giving brochure and wildlife 'finders' form.

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative Foundation

Engaging Communities and First Nations in the Peace River Break

Y2Y seeks to protect wildlife habitat, preserve wildlife movement, and enlist community support so that wildlife populations in the Peace River Break (PRB) remain healthy and connected to those in Alberta’s mountain parks and northern B.C. Since 2008, Y2Y has worked with northern communities to develop a conservation vision for habitat protection and conservation throughout the PRB. Partners include First Nations, the District of Hudson’s Hope, environmental groups, and the University of Northern B.C. Together we have completed a conservation vision map and strategic plan. Y2Y recently hired a full-time Peace River Break Coordinator, based in Chetwynd, to expand and implement this conservation strategy, including advocating for new protected areas. We have secured 3-years of funding for this position, and are seeking support from Vancouver Foundation to help cover travel costs to First Nations’ and non-First Nations’ communities, venue rental, and the creation of a new multimedia presentation and communications materials to promote the conservation vision.

Young Naturalists' Club of BC

Engaging youth to protect amphibians through road surveys

Amphibians play a key role in wetland health. Yet amphibian populations are in decline- they are the most threatened vertebrate group on earth (The Global Amphibian Assessment, 2004) . In BC, roads pose a significant risk to amphibians as they annually migrate to and from sources of water for breeding. Training and empowering youth to conduct Amphibian Road Surveys will help conserve amphibians through the collection of data (identifying high amphibian-use road crossings as sites for management and mitigation efforts) and by raising awareness and engaging local youth and families in local amphibian conservation. Remote training, including online videos and webinars, will be used to enable Young Naturalists’ Clubs around BC to conduct amphibian road surveys. A Road Survey Kit containing all the materials needed to conduct their road survey will be provided to interested clubs for their use. Youth Citizen Scientists will enter their data online to the BC Frogwatch website where the data will be collated, mapped and archived, contributing to the conservation of amphibian populations.