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Health Arts Society

Health Arts Society Growth to Sustainability Project

Health Arts Society (HAS) provides professional music performances that contribute to the quality of life of people in care. The Society presents 45-minute concerts of one to four performers, generally in series of ten a year, as "Concerts in Care." The hallmark of these concerts is the exceptionally high quality of performance. The value of the concerts is in the pleasure and enrichment they bring to audiences – people in care are as important an audience to serve with first-class music making as any other. Health Arts Society is engaged in an innovative programme to achieve sustainability by 2018, the GROWTH TO SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT. Its two pillars are the raising of a fund of $500,000 and a gradual increase in the revenues developed from the long-term care and retirement homes participating in the programme which will, by then, cover the majority of operating expenses. The result will be that although the Society will continue to grow, and to enlarge its programmes through philanthropic contributions, it will always have a stable foundation. This unusual strength is vital at a time when philanthropic organisations and individual donations cannot each be expected to indefinitely maintain organisations.