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Alberni-Clayoquot Continuing Care Society

Co-operative Elder Care Initiative

One of the most critical social issues facing Canadians is the nation's rapidly aging demographic and the absence of affordable care for seniors. This project addresses the lack of high quality, affordable and responsive elder care to seniors and their families. Community-based co-operatives are proven to provide care that is more responsive and affordable because they are controlled by users and their families. By utilizing the tools and knowledge developed in this project, care givers and community groups will greatly increase their capacity to provide alternative forms of elder care by replicating community-based, user controlled models piloted in this project. The project also addresses the serious problem of isolation and loneliness faced by a growing number of seniors as well as the lack of support to their caregivers. The project will strengthen social capital in local communities and lessen the isolation of seniors by helping communities to develop co-operative models for the provision of care and the development of social networks for the support of the elderly.

Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Houses: A Sturdier Neighbourhood Fabric: Weaving Policy, People and Place Together

The project will connect diverse residents of Mount Pleasant more deeply to their local area, while enlarging their capacity to positively influence the way in which Mount Pleasant develops. The need was identified through participation in the local area planning process (2007-10); consultation (2011-12) with City staff and simultaneously with grassroots groups (focused on public realm, food security, community development and the arts), local business and service agencies; plus research from external bodies. The project (over 3 years) will develop and implement collaborative skills modules for policy-focused Working Groups; coordinate and support efforts of local area stakeholders through policy implementation regarding the built environment, public realm and social and economic development; facilitate effective partnership with municipal staff and academic teams in implementing the Mount Pleasant Community Plan; develop effective protocol for early engagement of local stakeholders by property developers; and create a toolkit to benefit multiple neighbourhoods and municipalities.