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Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria

Building Resilient Neighbourhoods

In 2012,we fostered neighbourhood resilience and action on social, economic and environmental sustainability in the CRD with Transition Victoria, supported by the Vancouver Foundation and Smart Planning for Communities. More than 200 residents from neighbourhood, business, and local government organizations participated in a series of training sessions to develop skills, resources and strategies to strengthen community resilience. Our recent webinar for local gvnts was oversubscribed within hours, demonstrating strong appetite for this project. Evaluation by participants was overwhelmingly positive and has resulted in the design of a 2nd phase of the initiative. The Resilient Neighbourhoods project works with neighbours and citizens to strengthen characteristics of resilience in ways that support neighbourhood connection today and strengthen capacity to respond to challenges in the future. It supports action by working with community groups, businesses, citizens, community organizations and institutions to develop community action on local resilience, community cohesion and wellbeing