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District 69 Family Resource Association

Becoming and Belonging (Co-lead Researchers: Deborah Joyce, Family Resource Association; Dr. Jennifer Mullett, CHRC)

Community consultations were held with practitioners, policy makers, community members and a small group of youth with mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, unhealed trauma and addiction. We helped the youth to produce short digital stories about some of their difficulties in the community. A significant theme was a lack of belonging. Youth also identified helpful resources.The stories indicated a need for research on how to improve the mental well-being of youth and engender a sense of belonging. This participatory action research project will use a strength-based approach to 1)Identify effective strategies to increase the well being of youth suffering from mental health; 2)Investigate community responsiveness and inclusiveness; and 3) Find ways to build on current collaborations to expand and strengthen them. Youth will be involved in all stages of the project and will be paid members of the research team. A document review will determine effective resources and strategies that attract youth participation, foster social connectedness and increase positive mental health. Digital stories will be created to document youths' perceptions of services and programs/projects, and to make recommendations. Collaborative strategies to enhance youth involvement in building and enhancing community assets will be developed through community mapping and focus groups. Two community forums will develop solutions, share knowledge, build collaborations and enhance connectedness. (Research Team: Sarah Fletcher, CHCR; Janice McMillan, School District 69; Carrie Barker, Island Health)

Simon Fraser University

Place-Making with Seniors: Towards Meaningful Affordable Housing (Co-lead Researchers: Dr. Andrew Sixsmith, Director, Gerontology Research Centre, SFU, and Mr. Jack Mulleny, Volunteer, Kiwanis Seniors Society)

Housing that is not only affordable but also supportive of the psycho-social needs of seniors is fundamental to the health and well-being of our aging population. Community consultation has identified the need for housing interventions that build 'sense of place', ascribed through access to supports to keep mentally and physically active, opportunities to build social capital and facilitating an enhanced role for seniors in the design process. To address these needs our research will: (i) understand how sense of place is experienced by older adults transitioning into affordable housing (ii) translate resident experiences into formal and informal supports that foster meaningful aspects of place, and (iii) create a role for older people as active 'placemakers' in community planning and development. This project builds upon a strong partnership of local government, planners and developers, seniors's; services and Kiwanis seniors who are involved in the design of the affordable housing development & 'Kiwanis Towers'. The project represents a timely opportunity to build skills and capacity and embed residents' preferences in the design process. To ensure the meaningful engagement of older adults we will use a community-based participatory research approach, training residents as co-researchers and using participant-led research methods. The project will develop a Sense of Place Development Guide that has broader applicability in the design of housing supports for seniors. Research Team members: Ms. Dena Kae Beno, Project Team Member, Dr. Judith Sixmith, Academic Advisory, Dr. Ryan Woolrich, Researcher, and Mr. Brian Dagneault, Project Team Member.