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City Opera Vancouver

Research, creation and development of the new chamber opera 'Missing Women'

“Across the globe, the arts have provided a creative pathway to breaking silences, transforming conflicts, and mending the damaged relationships of violence, oppression, and exclusion. From war-ravaged countries to local communities struggling with everyday violence, poverty, and racism, the arts are widely used by educators, practitioners, and community leaders to deal with trauma and difficult emotions, and communicate across cultural divides.” -- Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report, 2015 Over a three-year period we will create and test a new chamber opera, MISSING WOMEN, set on the Downtown Eastside and Highway of Tears. It will tell a story everyone knows, from the vantage of a woman no one remembers. The subject is well known. Its social innovation as chamber opera is unique. It will derive from research and scholarship, interview and consultation, public workshop and analysis. It will be given multiple performances and thereafter analyzed for response, shortcomings, and strength. Our art is a vivid and memorable way to tell such a story. As a chamber opera, it may readily be taken to audiences where they live. Its libretto will be written by the distinguished First Nations playwright Marie Clements. MISSING WOMEN is conceived for small forces, affordable and portable, testing the prospect that this story can be told in opera – faithfully and well. If successful, it will be a breakthrough in the art, and in the community.

Courthouse Libraries BC BC Family Justice Innovation Lab

British Columbia Family Justice Innovation Lab

BC’s family justice system has traditionally focused on judicial decision-making and an adversarial approach to disputes. Too often it negatively affects the physical and mental health of adults and children. Despite myriads of reports, the system has failed to change itself sufficiently to address this reality. We are seeking funding for the BC Family Justice Innovation Lab, initiated by a group of reform-minded justice system leaders in 2014. Its goal is to improve the well-being of BC children and families experiencing separation and divorce. Its core approach is experimental (developing and evaluating scalable prototypes), systemic (defining the system from the perspective of families) and participatory (engaging cross-sector organizations and system users). The first three initiatives under the Lab's umbrella focus on providing families with viable and affordable collaborative approaches to resolution of their problems outside of court: 1. Northern Navigator project (collaboration of a local community social service organization, mediators and the judiciary) assesses the needs of family litigants and refer them to mediation before court 2. Collaborative Practice Pro Bono project provides free interdisciplinary collaborative practice services to families 3. Family Mediation Sliding Scale project offers affordable mediation services. The Lab will generate systemic learning through developmental evaluation and nurture scaleable prototypes.

The Cultch

Democratizing our Stages

This project will challenge the status quo by prioritizing the presentation of theatre, dance and music productions produced by professional companies that identify with a specific ethno-cultural group or other under-represented community and are creating contemporary, non-traditional performance. Through the efforts of government funding programs that specifically target the creation of new works by emerging and established aboriginal, ethnically diverse and disability artists, there is increasing diversity in professional arts practices in Canada. However there are still very few established venues that present this work in a main stage context throughout a season of programming. We will incite change by including a significant body of work from these artists in our future seasons and properly supporting the performances so they can achieve the highest standards of artistic excellence. We will partner with like-minded organizations from the community to diversify the audience that attends the productions, finding innovative ways to provide access to under-served communities and increase the community's desire for productions that represent a diversity of voices and issues. It will be our job to create an effective communicational process between the artists and the citizens. Social exclusion can only be reversed by conscious and proactive efforts. Culture provides opportunities to deepen people’s knowledge of each other through a positive and sharing live interaction.