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SOS Children's Village British Columbia (Canada) Society

Transition to Adulthood

Support for youth in developing independence has been minimal in our region, SOS BC became aware of the gaps in service through our own experience with youth living in our Village, we initiated the Transition to Adulthood program targeting youth 16 - 24 years of age in 2012. Our proposal is expansion of our program increasing our case management capability from 14 to 30. This would allow us to work with young adults before, during, and after their tenancy in our five new transitional housing suites insuring a consistency of involvement with these young people that they may not have experienced within the youth services programs prior. The program is voluntary with low barrier access and youth self refer. The youth guide the process and identify friends, family members and/or other professionals as partners in supporting them. Initially, a Casey Life Skills assessment is completed to provide a baseline assessment on each youth and establish goals. Youth workers provide direct support for the youth The curriculum includes: Civil rights, Tenancy, Personal safety, among other topics.