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BC Living Arts

Angel's Bone: Helping to end Human Trafficking one performance at a time.

Human trafficking represents the darkest effects of a patriarchal society and requires all people to look more closely at what allows it to exist. This project brings together social workers, survivors, lawyers, human rights activists and opera artists to collaborate on producing, Angel’s Bone, a contemporary opera depicting human trafficking. The opera serves as an artistic lens and collaborative tool to bring visibility to this issue and shed light on how and why it is able to exist in our communities. In producing it in this way, we aim to empower all society to collaborate on addressing this deeply rooted issue and the social values holding it in place.

Capilano Review Contemporary Arts Society

Home Is Where The Art Is

Home Is Where the Art Is aims to address the social causes of mental illness and addiction by increasing social connection and fostering creative community. This project is located in non-profit supportive housing in the downtown eastside and consists of programming that links marginalized artists with hands-on art making, mentorship, supplies, as well as exhibition and publication opportunities for their work. We are changing the conversation about who is considered a contemporary artist. This work challenges stigma and stereotypes of low-income artists and those living with mental health and addictions diagnoses by amplifying relevant artistic practices.

Gathering Voices Society

Bringing Fire Back to the Land: Re-Empowering First Nations’ Fire Management

Fire management BC requires a transformation to better deal with wildfire threat. Independent reports argue that power over fire management be decentralized and devolved to First Nations to better protect their communities. Mega fires, like that seen in 2017, can be mitigated through prescribed burns and better fuel load management. Empowering the Yunesit’in and Xeni Gwet’in Governments to bring fire back to their lands will improve safety, create jobs and potentially deliver a range of ecological, governance, social, cultural and health benefits to these communities. We aim to understand what positive outcomes come from this project, and develop tools to catalyze these programs across BC.

Habitat for Humanity Society of Greater Vancouver

The Rebuild Hub

The Rebuild Hub project is designed to address the staggering volume of construction and demolition waste. The Hub is a deconstruction network that will serve as a physical location for contractors/developers/homeowners to drop off materials that can be reused and repurposed. It will also raise awareness of this pressing waste issue through educational opportunities and public advocacy, highlighting the environmental and economic benefits of deconstruction versus demolition. We will learn about the parts of the system keeping the issue in place through tapping into the mindset of stakeholders and examining government policy, and will collaborate to find solutions to this systemic issue.

Lush Valley Food Action Society

Gather and Share - local food distribution and engagement with the housing insecure

Food systems changes are needed to address the root causes of food insecurity and the unsustainability of global food systems. Through a process of community input and by deepening relationships with social housing partners, local growers, and people with lived experience, we are working together to co-create a new system of local food aggregation and distribution that serves the needs of and engages with those living in social housing across our region. This is a way to support new attitudes and behaviors, where benefits of local solutions far outweigh the local costs of the global food systems and where healthy local food and social innovation is at the heart of community well-being.