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Grunt Gallery

Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen

Gentrification has serious and lasting effects on our neighborhoods. While this project cannot stop the culture of land speculation that exists it the city it can mitigate some of the alienating effects within the community. The Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen will develop interactive programming from the community and addressing community issues in new and exciting ways. Our strategy is to work with the community to mitigate the alienating effects of gentrification and create space for community creation and integration. Our goal is for the community to see themselves mirrored in the screen showing its history, inhabitants and the changing face of the Mount Pleasant Community.


Hearing Aid Lending Program for Vulnerable Adults and Seniors

IDHHC will establish a “Lend an Ear” program designed to provide refurbished hearing aids to vulnerable and at risk adult populations and expand aural rehab and speech-reading programs to provide comprehensive services for this demographic. Given there are no free, low cost or subsidies available for hearing aids or assistive devices in BC, low income and vulnerable adults fall between the cracks for service and become increasingly isolated and vulnerable. The first year we will establish the program and begin dispensing refurbished aids using an income based formula. Year two we will expand marketing of the program, evaluate the effectiveness and outcomes of year 1 and look at ways to address the issues of waitlist (which we strongly anticipate). Selling of low cost aids may become an option and fee for service scales may be developed to offset the cost of free hearing aids in the loaner program and to reduce waitlists. Ongoing we will gather data and outcomes and show that the provision of hearing aids along with personal communication supports can and does address social determinants of health. Hearing loss combined with low income does not have to mean isolation and loss of quality of life. Having all of our partners engaged is a critical base to create a community model that aims to: bring hearing health issues to the forefront, and to create the conversation and movement that will move this agenda forward with political leaders and decision-makers.

United Way British Columbia

A New Way Forward: Evolving the Non-Profit Sector for Success

We are addressing the pressing issue of non-profit organizations’ lack of capacity to address critical social issues at a systemic level. Non-profit organizations are relied upon to solve a broad-sweeping number of challenges, but those same invaluable organizations currently lack the capacity to do so effectively. We have developed a platform that serves as a mechanism to connect, learn, collaborate and catalyze change in foundational sector beliefs, knowledge and behaviours. The work is inclusive of all sectors & community, uses evidence- based sector strengthening strategies and challenges paradigms to promote mutual understanding in an effort to create greater collective impact for all.