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West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation

Climate Law in our Hands

What if climate impacted communities could demand accountability from the fossil fuel industry? BC is uniquely placed to force a conversation about industry responsibility for climate change and its costs. We will foster legal and community action aimed at demanding accountability from fossil fuel companies, ultimately leading to a local government class action against fossil fuel companies. By focusing on harm suffered by BC communities, we can hold Chevron, Exxon and similar companies responsible for the impact of their global share of emissions. Public demands for accountability and especially a lawsuit will both require and result in broader public education and discussion. Convincing local governments to take such action will require British Columbians to understand and support fossil fuel industry accountability. The success of litigation depends on a broad societal shift in understanding the role of the fossil fuel industry in causing climate change. We will undertake provincial coordination, support and networking between groups seeking to promote public discussion of the harm caused to their communities by the fossil fuel industry and the potential for litigation, including providing legal educational materials;* and provide submissions and assistance to local governments that might act as plaintiffs in a class action. *Any tasks involving activities considered political by the CRA will be carried out to a large extent by our sister organization, WCELA