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Faculty of Medicine Digital Emergency Medicine

Evidence Supported Self-management Enablement and Cultural Engagement (ESSENCE)

In BC, doctors use evidence-based clinical guidelines when treating patients with chronic disease. BC is undergoing major health system changes, increasing patient involvement in health care decisions and self-management. For this reason, there is a unique opportunity for multicultural communities to identify recommendations for developing culturally-appropriate evidence-based guidelines, and creating accompanying patient guides. ESSENCE aims to understand barriers and facilitators for multicultural communities to meaningfully participate in health policy discussions, while identifying a pathway for cultural adaptation of clinical practice guidelines for doctors and patients.

UBC - The Collaborating Centre for Prison Health

Trauma at the Root: Exploring Paths to Healing with Formerly Incarcerated Men

The majority of incarcerated men have experienced trauma in their lives. These trauma experiences are often at the root of substance use, mental illness, and/or violence that lead to involvement in the criminal justice system and can also negatively impact men’s ability to reintegrate into the community. However, there has been little done to explore how to support men in healing from trauma. This project will engage formerly incarcerated men in participatory health research to explore ways to improve trauma supports for both currently and formerly incarcerated men. The findings can be used develop trauma-informed approaches and influence policies and programming from the ground up.

Vancity Community Foundation

Making ends meet: Low wage work, poverty and healthy communities in BC

How does low wage poverty affect health and wellbeing in Metro Vancouver and how will policy changes impact this. There are significant policy changes impending at multiple levels including provincial and federal poverty reduction plans potential changes to how health care is funded and delivered, changes to how child care is delivered at a provincial level as well as significant increases to the minimum wage. This research will help us evaluate the impacts of these policy changes on the health and wellness of individuals, families and communities.