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School District #36 - Surrey

Connecting Cultures

The Surrey School District’s Welcome Centre, with input from community partners, the City of Surrey and the RCMP, will launch Crossing Connections (CC) in Fall 2018. CC will host three focus groups of ten immigrant and refugee youth to dialogue the challenges, stereotypes and experience they face throughout their journey to Canada and once they have arrived. Each focus group will meet four times for full day sessions in Fall 2018. District Settlement Workers will additionally consult with Mosaic, DiverseCITY, Kwantlen First Nation and Katzie First Nation for their input on cultural awareness training, stereotypes and community supports available. When the sessions and consultations are complete, the Program Facilitator will use the learnings from these sessions to create a one-day workshop that will provide anti oppression, anti racism and cultural awareness training to teachers and school staff. Workshops will be provided for all school district staff beginning in January 2019 and will be led by two immigrant and refugee youth who have passed through the system in conjunction with a District Settlement Worker. These sessions will alter perceptions and give an honest account of what immigrant and refugee youth experience on their often treacherous trip to Canada, the harsh reality of resettlement in a new land and how school staff and school community can ease their transition to living in Canada.

School District #41 - Burnaby

Cultural awareness training to teachers and school staff

The project would involve several phases: 1.Information gathering: Information will be gathered through focus groups and questionnaires to better understand students and parents' experience in schools related to school staff' knowledge of cultural awareness. Themes determined from these focus groups will be used in educational talks and video; recruitment of youth speakers; a youth steering committee will be formed to participate in project planning, delivery and evaluation. 2. Video production: Video explaining cultural awareness, anti-oppression, and anti-racism will be produced to assist in educating community. The content of the video will be guided by the information gathered. The production will involve youth voices; video will be shown at the talks at schools, placed on the School District website to be accessed by staff, other school districts, and the general public; 3.Talks at schools (Phase 1):The themes are cultural awareness, anti-oppression, anti-racism, culturally safe environments, and reducing learning barriers; list of cultural-specific topics will be presented to the school to select based on their student population and learning needs. Ten schools would be chosen as “early adapters”. The presenters-team will involve a youth (current or former student), a settlement worker, and a professional speaker. 4.Talks at schools (Phase 2): talks are presented at the majority of schools, at Provincial Pro-D Day. 5. Evaluation and planning for sustainability.