Awarded Grants

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Elektra Women's Choir

Celebrating Women Composers

With 29 years of leadership, 13 CDs, over 70 commissions, and a strong reputation in international choral circles, Elektra is in a position of influence regarding performances, recordings, and promotion of all of its repertoire. Over the next three seasons, starting in 16/17 ( 30th Anniversary), we plan to promote the work of women composers through the proposed project with a goal to changing attitudes and doing our part in improving the percentages described above. We will raise awareness of six women composers whose music will be sung by Elektra. Our plan increases real, professional employment for the composers (paying them commissioning fees for new works) while also involving them with young women, the general community of composers, and choral audiences. The project involves both commissioning new works and promoting the body of repertoire already written by selected women composers. It exists both within the choir’s regular concert season (our highest profile public performances), in recording projects (professional recordings that will result in music available on iTunes and streaming services), music publishing (through the Elektra Women’s Choir series on Cypress Choral Music), online and live interviews with the composers, residencies to enable “live” interaction, enhanced profiles and score descriptions on the choir’s tool, and integration with Elektra’s outreach programs with youth (2 programs) and young professionals (1 program)

Theatre SKAM Association

Shop Talk

Shop Talk is a new play that examines sexual politics in the work place. The performance takes place in a 10,000 sq. ft. working construction shop where the audience witnesses a dozen carpenters constructing and assembling a set for an opera. The action of the play follows Sarah, the protagonist, as she navigates this male-dominated work space. As we watch, jokes and stories are told and the collegial atmosphere strays into distasteful and rude territory. A sinister plot to harm Sarah emerges. The audience viewing area is the costume loft, a room with windows that looks down from a second floor onto the shop, providing considerable protection. The audience wears headphones. The actors are wearing wireless microphones and operate the tools and machinery in the shop. The audience has a chance to witness, to experience and to question the level of acceptability of using humour to repress women in the workplace. With a goal to build awareness and understanding, this project involves diverse communities of male, female and transgendered actors, designers and technicians, providing a strong sense of inclusion, fostering camaraderie and resilience, as well as building linkages with important members of our community. A female director is in place and we have begun to engage an all-female design team. This team provides leadership to a predominantly male IATSE crew, subverting traditional paradigms.

Vancity Community Foundation

Aging Out of Foster Care in B.C. Study Circles

Working with the Canadian Federation of University Women-BC Council and their clubs around the province, this project will explore the challenges facing young people aging out of foster care in B.C. by organising a working group to review and update the Study Circle Facilitators Guide, by training adult and experiential facilitators, by hosting a series of local study groups through CFUW-BC clubs across the province, by facilitating an Action Forum, and by distributing the Facilitators Guide, Action Ideas Pamphlet, and Final Report to clubs, study circle participants, and community organisations. We intend to hire an experiential young person with facilitation skills to coordinate the provincial activities and an adult co-facilitator to assist with developing the guide, facilitating training and hosting the Action Forum.

Young Naturalists' Club of BC

Bird Aware Cat Care (BACC): Youth Citizen Scientists Protect Birds and Keep Cats Safe in BC

How it will work: There is a strong cultural resistance to limiting cat access to outdoors. We proposed to disrupt this resistance by working at the family scale through a positive youth-led education campaign borne from the youth’s experience of learning about the impact of cats on birds by testing different alternatives to allowing cats to free-roam. We seek to change beliefs (it is normal, natural and not harmful for cats to be free-roaming) in a cohort of NatureKids BC Members families with cats and to change how they act (keeping cats in, using various predation reducing devices such as the Cat Bib or BirdBeSafe collar). The “citizen science” component will test efficacy of various alternatives and will to engage youth, acting as a tool for encouraging dialogue and education leading to changing behaviour at the family scale. Much like the early work on encouraging recycling, engaged youth can be a powerful lever for change at the family scale which may then ripple out into the community. We will conduct pre/post surveys of NatureKids member families to gauge their awareness, attitudes and perceptions about the impact cat predation on birds and other wildlife. The survey will explore respondents’ awareness of different methods of reducing bird mortality from cat kills and willingness/ barriers to employ the methods. This will provide a baseline to compare the outcomes of a repeat survey (and provide data on the success of the project) at the end of year two.