Awarded Grants

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WePress Community Arts Space Society

Centering the Margins: Creating Social Change through Art and Advocacy

Many artists in the Downtown Eastside face a constant struggle for survival that prevents them from engaging in art-making and cultural practices, which not only offer joy and self-expression but are also key aspects of community resilience and advocacy. WePress will help DTES artists self-determine and thrive by diverting resources and power to marginalized peoples so that they can steer their own engagement in art-making and culture. We will also work with others in the DTES to create a network of ethical, meaningful, and sustainable communities of care in which creativity and connection through art are an integral part of systemic change.

West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation

Climate Law in our Hands – Phase 2

The economics of the global climate crisis are all wrong. As long as the balance sheets of global fossil fuel companies contain only the profits from oil, gas and coal, but none of the costs, those companies, their investors and governments will all make poor business choices. As our communities experiencing growing climate costs, we have the power to insist that those balance sheets need to include a share of those costs and that the companies begin taking responsibility for their products. Phase 2 of CLOH builds on its initial success to catalyze additional and increasingly forceful legal action by local communities for fossil fuel accountability.

Women Against Violence Against Women WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre

Changing Systems Through Transformative Justice Project

A community leader and expert on sexualized violence, WAVAW has witnessed the critical need for a change to the systems, policies and resources that survivors encounter following sexualized violence. We have heard for more than 38 years that regardless of rulings, engaging with the criminal justice system often does not result in feelings of healing or justice. Through our Changing Systems Through Transformative Justice project, we will pilot a Transformative Justice model. We will assess its efficacy in offering justice to survivors, with the goal of integrating Transformative Justice within the Restorative Justice system; resulting in effective and essential systems change.