Awarded Grants

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Kinsight Community Society

Youth Employment Initiative

A three year project with a long range goal to expand community capacity to successfully engage youth who have developmental disabilities in sustainable, paid employment. It is intended to increase employment opportunities and the overall rate of employment for youth aged 15 – 19 years in the TriCities. This will be accomplished through the provision of supports to bridge Secondary school students aged 15 – 19 years from school work experience placements into paid part or full time employment and by expanding the pool of paid employment opportunities in the TriCities through the active pursuit and education of potential employers.

Mount Currie Band

L.E.A.P. (Lil'wat Empowerment & Accessibility Program) Vocational

We want to create a sustainable vocational program for our Special Needs members. Our nurse coordinator would act as liason/lead for project. Key components would consist of contracting a Special Needs Vocational counselor to perform one-on-one vocational and needs assessments. Vocational counseling would then be provided on an individual basis. We would provide training in such areas as: basic computer literacy, resume building, interview skills, and small business planning. We would hold workshops with external professional facilitators. We would arrange preceptorship/job-shadowing opportunities, as many of these community members have never previously had experience or opportunity for employment. We would host a job fair where local and surrounding area businesses could present employment opportunities. Also, more students will be transitioning to adulthood in the next few years. The 2nd & 3rd years of this project would be expansions and growth of the first year, based on challenges, gaps, successes, and feedback that will likely evolve once the program is rolled out.

Nanaimo Association for Community Living

COCO's Catering Project

The purpose of COCO's Catering Project is to help fulfill the cafe's mission. Catering will allow us to provide increased employment hours and expand the diversity of work experience for our staff with developmental disabilities. Catering has been identified as critical to helping the cafe achieve financial sustainability. It is anticipated that catering would also bring additional marketing and advertising benefits to the cafe, which would be incredibly beneficial for our small social enterprise. The project involves renovating the kitchen area, to offer more space that is suitably designed and equipped for preparing catering orders. This would greatly benefit our staff with developmental disabilities who can find working in confined spaces difficult and who also frequently suffer with back issues along with other mobility challenges. This renovation would allow us to undertake catering and at the same time better accommodate our staff with developmental disabilities by providing a bigger and more effectively designed workspace.