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Hope Action Values Ethics Culinary Training Society

HAVE ITA Accreditation: Professional Cook Level 1 Course

HAVE is expanding our 8 week culinary training program to offer an additional accredited 21 week culinary program for participating students to receive their Professional Cook Level 1 Certification recognized by The Industry Training Authority (ITA). The Professional Cook Level 1 program is the first level towards becoming a Red Seal certified chef and can cost upwards of $3,300.00 per person for a 32 week program at a postsecondary institution. HAVE plans to offer inclusive and accessible ITA accredited training at no cost to our students. This program includes classroom lessons and testing, beyond the regular 8 week program. For our students that wish to further their culinary training we work quite hard to either help them access funding for post secondary school or place them with an employer that offers an in-house apprenticeship program. Both of these options are typically difficult to come by and do not include the ongoing support many of our students need, be it due to recovering from addiction, PTSD, or mental health. Our goal with this program is to create opportunities, foster inclusiveness and acceptance, and bring about change for those who are most in need. What has made itself very clear to us over the years is that when people are given the opportunity to succeed, they do. Individuals that lack basic needs when applying for work such as no fixed address, no phone, and no ID, are often excluded from mainstream society.