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Arts in Action Society

The Housing Matters Media Project - The Renovation working title

The Arts in Action Society in partnership with the Housing Matters Media Project is seeking funds in order to further our ongoing work in building and sustaining informed networks of youth and concerned adults who are involved in seeking solutions to issues relating to affordable housing for youth, particularly for former youth in care. This community engaged media art project will increase the community's ability to voice its own ideas and seek its own solutions in ways in which the public parent can support youth to successfully transition out of care into the community. This project will continue to educate members of the community on the particular issues youth in care face as they transition to adulthood. This project will create opportunities for mentorship, learning, and employment for participating youth. And it intends to create new knowledge to aid in ways in which adults can involve themselves in the role of the public parent.

Aunt Leah's Independent Lifeskills Society

The Friendly Landlord Network

The Friendly Network will create and systematrize a private sector network of resources specific to youth transitioning from care to adulthood. In addition this project will create a communication tool to enhance the increased inter-organizational coordination desired through the Fostering Change project.

Family Services of Greater Vancouver

Changing Outcomes for Youth In Care ΠA Collective Impact Approach

Collective Impact is a process which can be used to bring about change in complex problems in our communities. Our project is using the collective impact process to bring stakeholders, youth and service providers together around a common goal, to address the unfavourable outcomes experienced by youth who have government as a parent. The participants will agree on a different vision for youth leaving care. The initial vision is that no youth will "age out of care". This means the system will address the need for youth to have family in place, before they reach the age of 19. Once agreement is reached on the vision, the project participants will examine existing service provision systems and supports (both formal and informal) that would need to realign in order to meet the vision. All participants will measure outcomes in their systems against the vision. This new knowledge will create the opportunity to implement real change within the financial resources that are currently in the system of care.

Network of Inner City Community Services Society

Community Planning Capacity for Development of Collective Impact Strategies

This project would expand on existing relationships to develop a placed-based community response strategy addressing the underlying issues putting our youth at risk. Establishing strategic coordination and collaboration between After-Hours, MCFD, VACFSS, VPD, non-profit organizations, housing providers and landlords, Hospital Emergency and health care. The creation of a comprehensive strategy resulting in the collaboration of multiple stakeholders rather the crisis driven intervention response that currently exists. A two-pronged approach will enhance the community's ability to continue work with youth at risk while facilitating the needed changes. Implementing a Circle of Care through one to one work with youth, their identified supports and networks; addressing both immediate needs and facilitating community involvement in the place-based community response strategy. This would result in the creation of a cooperative integrated model that builds the capacity of the community and strengthens positive outcomes for youth.