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Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association

Indigenous Youth Affecting Change

Under an Indigenous youth led process, 4 new youth facilitators will begin training on an Indigenous cultural competency based learning tool which they will learn and then deliver and share under a social enterprise business plan. The social enterprise will generate revenues to address the needs of Indigenous youth aging out of care. Through a partnership table including academia, a series of workshops from a cultural competency curriculum will be delivered by youth facilitators to audiences on colonization and steps needed towards reconciliation. The workshops will be presented to municipal & provincial government departments, to public schools, for profit sector and special interests groups. Within the presentations will be an overview of issues affecting Indigenous youth and will present suggestions on how to better serve Indigenous youth through changes to policy, where to place enhanced resourcing for community based services and contribute to awareness on gaps in research. With the involvement of youth and community, a new youth position will be created to guide the social enterprise activities contributing to a legacy of supports for Indigenous youth aging out of care in Surrey. This project will create awareness of urban Indigenous issues, provide Indigenous youth with an advocacy voice and will contribute to a better understanding of the needs and supports needed to reduce the over representation of Indigenous children in care. Our youth are engaged and prepared.

St. Leonard's Youth and Family Services

Youth Innovation Lab

The Youth Innovation Lab originated out of the need for mentorship and pre employment opportunities for youth in care. St Leonard's has served youth at risk and youth in care since 1967- through a variety of traditional and non traditional programs. Outdoor adventure programs, a horse resource for girls, gang prevention, a day school and of course our residential homes have historically provided high quality care for youth. Research indicates that the jobs of the future reside in the high tech industry. A majority of youth in care struggle to achieve the training and education that they need for future employment success. There are many reasons for this, including the lack of permanency in home life, education, etc. Through our partnerships with the school district, the MCFD, the high tech community and others, we are building an accessible coding school to mentor youth through training and internships opportunities. The project started last year with an evaluation conducted by McCreary. Year two will focus on youth in care recruitment, leadership development, curriculum design, internships and with the support of Vancity and SFU, the development of the CSR and learning community framework for our tech community partners. The long range business goal is to see the tech and broader community support the ongoing financing of the program.

Watari Research Association

Transition to Independence Program - TIP II