Awarded Grants

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Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance Society

DiverseTheatreBC (DTBC) Digital Platform Project

The Canadian theatre/opera sector faces unique challenges in seeking to address systemic racism & white supremacy through increased representation & inclusion of Indigenous & racialized artists, and the artistic work of those from marginalized communities. DiverseTheatreBC is a digital platform that will foster intersectional interculturalism, building greater diversity, collaboration & community in BC. Its central tool will be a searchable database of Indigenous and racialized artists – performers, playwrights, directors, designers, opera singers and other theatre professionals – which engagers (theatres, schools, social non-profits, film/TV casting directors) may access as subscribers.

Indian Summer Arts Society

Taike: South Asian & Indigenous Artistic Collaborations

Indian Summer Festival's ‘Taike’ project is intended to bring together South Asian and Indigenous artists in meaningful collaborations and conversations. With our mission to create an inclusive, diverse and culturally-rich society, our curatorial practice is to center and amplify South Asian voices in conversation with other artistic communities. The addition of the Taike programming is to support solidarity between South Asian and Indigenous communities through the arts. Please visit for more background on the project and the word 'Taike'.

Neworld Theatre Society

The Complicated Whole: Performing Inclusion Across Perceptions of Ability

Arguably much of the world is rooted in a history that excludes people with developmental disabilities. Often our culture focuses on what people are unable to do, as opposed to what they are good at. Three years of work between artists with and without developmental disabilities has shown us that, given the opportunity to collaborate equally with professionals, people with developmental disabilities are extraordinary artists, with extraordinary and specific strengths. This project showcases those strengths through the development of a performance ensemble, the production and tour of three shows, and dissemination of our creative model across the Lower Mainland, Canada and the US.