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Full Circle: First Nations Performance

Moccasin Trek: Arts on the Move!

For 3 years, we will focus on communities we have not reached plus return to those where we were unable to deliver the services due to lack of resources and high demand. We will offer a wider variety of cultural artistic workshops and take more artists out on tour more frequently. We will increase our marketing and outreach plus invest considerable time consulting with the communities that we visit. The workshops will be educational as well as inspirational. The artists who teach them will serve as role models. For remote communities requiring more extensive travel, we will restructure to program to suit the needs of the community. We believe growing this project will have a clear and lasting outcome for those who participate because it is intended to foster understanding of cultural differences alongside pride in their own heritage plus encourage dialogue with their friends and their families. This will have a direct effect on social issues such as cultural understanding, marginalization and prejudice. MT! will open the door to many, who for a variety of reasons, have never had the opportunity to participate in live performance and witness the incredible power it can have. By sharing our cultural art practices, protocols and traditions with as wide a populace as possible, both the artists and the participants from the community will be inspired, develop insight and deeper understanding. Knowledge is the key to understanding, tolerance and acceptance.

PuSh International Performing Arts

Concord Floral Youth Canada 150 – Community-Engaged Youth Workshops, Production and Arts Congress

Our project is entitled Concord Floral Youth Canada 150 – Production, Community-Engaged Youth Workshops, and Arts Congress” – an ambitious, Metro Vancouver-wide, 16-month (June 2016-Sept 2017) multi-layered youth initiative inspired by Canada’s Sesquicentennial, that brings together future arts and community leaders for creative expression, dialogue and skills development. The project will take place across Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey. It will involve: 3) a three-month series of professional artist-led youth workshops on performance, industry best practices, community leadership skills and opportunities, career development in the arts, and innovative approaches to social media (Sept-Nov 2016); 2) a locally cast production (with Touchstone Theatre) of “Concord Floral” by Jordan Tannahill, 2014 Governor General Award winning Canadian playwright, ( (Dec 2016-Feb 2017) to premiere at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, then tour to the PuSh Festival and the Surrey Arts Centre; and 3) a (free) youth-driven Arts Congress, to be held at Surrey’s new City Hall (July 2017). Concord Floral Youth Canada 150 partners came together out of a desire for exploring and developing a collaborative model to share resources, perspectives and best practices. The project will impact the lives of over 450 youth (ages 15-25) and is envisioned as highly participatory, inclusive, and accessible.