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Astrolabe Musik Theatre Society

The Lake / n’-ha-a-itk

The Lake / n’-ha-a-itk is a musical documentary about, and that re-interprets as a film (the only Canadian opera on film), a historic BC opera integrated with contemporary syilx / Okanagan culture in an extraordinary cross-cultural collaboration. It addresses under-representation of Indigenous peoples; raises awareness of Canadian women composers; and removes barriers of access, changing an established social system which allows only certain segments to experience opera. Widely accessible through low ticket prices, community venues and, eventually, online, it liberates an entrenched art form, opening its doors to all.

Bard on the Beach Theatre Society

Bard on the Beach - Community Diversity

Our proposed project is an overall Community Diversity Strategy that is aligned with three categories: 1. Training/Employment: We will expand our Artistic Associates by adding two new positions to include more gender and culturally diverse voices. Bard’s Associates are involved in aspects of artistic planning including programming, casting and development activities. These new Associates will identify new projects, build new relationships, and work on increasing diversity in our audience. In addition, we will hire cultural consultants for specific productions to protect cultural sensitivities. We will increase the Bard Studio workshops and train more diverse performers, increasing the number of qualified artists to be employed on our stage and across Canada. Bard’s artistic team will travel throughout Canada to identify and collaborate with more diverse artists. 2. Education: We will add additional Bard in the Classroom and Neighbourhood workshops (provided for free); develop a Distance Education Streaming Education component; and train more Teaching Artists to establish a more diverse roster of teachers for all our programs. We will host and engage in community wide forums to discuss diversity issues, share our findings and encourage others to be more inclusive of many perspectives and voices. 3. Development of New Work: We will develop diverse plays from different cultures through the Bard Lab Program and focus on engaging more gender diverse playwrights and creators.

Enhanced Training and Coaching Initiative

We hope to create the Bard Artist Training Department, expand on our existing training offerings and build a strategic three year plan to make a significant contribution to artist training in Vancouver. We will create a Head of Training and Coaching position who along with the Artistic Associates will identify what training will be most beneficial, source and consult with appropriate coaches, and create a curriculum that addresses the ongoing needs of the company and community. Over the course of three years, we will expand and enhance existing training opportunities by adding time and additional instructors and experts; we will increase the honorarium for participants making training more accessible and we will offer more coaching resources throughout the performance season, ensuring the health and safety of our company. We also plan on developing a workshop program for the community year-round, welcoming local and international master instructors, and will offer professional development opportunities to our artistic staff to benefit both the Bard Company and greater arts community.

Greater Vancouver Society to Bridge Arts and Community

SpaceFinder Vancouver

The Society to Bridge Arts & Community is leading a local consortium of organizations in launching the digital platform SpaceFinder in Vancouver. SpaceFinder is a free online matchmaking tool for artists and art spaces, intended to help facilitate the connection between artists and space. It provides extensive search functions with a focus on short or medium term rentals of creative spaces for rehearsal, performance, film production, workshops, & other arts related activities. SpaceFinder was designed by Fractured Atlas, an American based national non-profit arts service organization. It is currently in use in 11 US and two Canadian cities. This is a well-tested tool with thousands of current users. Operating in Toronto since November 2014, SpaceFinder users have found it to be an easy to use system that meets the needs of renting and/or finding space. As an accessible, free marketplace, SpaceFinder can be used by any size organization regardless of budget. The City of Vancouver and the Social Purpose Real Estate networks both have simple creative space directories. They lack the technological sophistication to contain detailed information and complex search functions based on the needs of artists and creative spaces.

Playhouse Theatre Centre of British Columbia

Reanimating the Vancouver Playhouse

This is an ambitious plan to “re-animate” the Playhouse Theatre and its auxiliary spaces. Components include introducing a Theatre for Young Audiences series in partnership with a youth company, and adding their Recital Hall to the inventory of Vancouver performance spaces, with a series of curated and produced works, readings, workshops, classes, rehearsals, auditions and industry gatherings. A permanent box office window will be created as a visitors’ information booth.

Powell Street Festival Society

Advocacy and Outreach Through Arts-based Community Development at WePress

This project will build on the ongoing work of PSFS to have a year-round presence in the DTES, to link the history of Japanese Canadian (JC) expulsion from the DTES during WWII with challenges of displacement faced by current residents, and to be a committed partner with residents and groups working in the neighbourhood. This partnership combines PSFS’ historical perspective and activity with the goals and operational infrastructure of WePress Community Arts Space, which houses a variety of art-making platforms, and welcomes people marginalized by class, sexuality, gender, race, culture, disability, mental health, and addictions. The social innovation lies in the ability to run paid workshops and sell merchandise to those who can afford them in order to generate revenue that allows PSFS and WePress to provide job and economic opportunities for low-income and marginalized people, teach new skills through free and low-cost workshops, provide a welcoming space and access to unique equipment for art-making and community-building, support DTES social justice groups, and promote JC art, culture, and history and the work of PSFS. In this way, PSFS and WePress can bring together people from diverse income levels to interact, make art together, and learn a little about each others’ lives. Furthermore, PSFS will continue to contribute to the development of a new independent social justice arts organization in the DTES and its long-term survival.

Presentation House Theatre

Learning and Forgetting

Young children entering the schools for the first time can have a tough time socializing, adding stress and challenge to their teachers and the school system. Parallel to this, seniors, in particular those developing dementia are experiencing more and more isolation being cut off from their communities as they enter long term care facilities. Presentation House Theatre is exploring a new program and performance experience that brings these two groups together for a shared, inter-generational connection involving live performance and interactive workshops that will increase the socialization of young children, while reducing the sense of isolation and disconnection for seniors.

Vancouver Association for Photographic Arts

Flash Forward Incubator Program

Presenting a new model for arts education and support, the Flash Forward Incubator Program provides a solution to secondary school art programming problems: a lack or shortage of funding for arts education and no access to working artists as mentors. As an extension of high school arts programming and working with the goals of school curriculums, Incubator is distinct in that it bridges work completed within high school settings with the professional world, facilitating meaningful contemporary art experiences and mentorships for students, and establishing an essential and supportive creative community for emerging artists within the high school setting and beyond.

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

U.S. West Coast Tour

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra has been invited to undertake a tour of the U.S. West Coast in January/February 2013. The invitation was extended by Columbia Artists Management (CAMI), one of the world's most experienced and prestigious classical music artist management firms. Interest from presenters has been high, and the tour will consist of 8 concerts taking place in Seattle, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Northridge and Alisa Viejo (suburbs of Los Angeles), Palm Desert, Scottsdale and Tucson. Our Music Director, Bramwell Tovey, will conduct all concerts and the piano soloist will be world-renowned Vancouverite Jon Kimura Parker. The program will include a new work the VSO has commissioned from Edward Top, our Composer-In-Residence, entitled 'Totem' (a reflection on First Nations themes), the Grieg Piano Concerto and Prokofiev Symphony No. 5. The VSO has a long history of touring and most recently toured Central Canada in 2009 with concerts in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City and Asia - Korea, Macau and China in 2008. It last toured the U.S. West Coast in 1978