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Health Arts Society

Health Arts Society Growth to Sustainability Project

Health Arts Society (HAS) provides professional music performances that contribute to the quality of life of people in care. The Society presents 45-minute concerts of one to four performers, generally in series of ten a year, as "Concerts in Care." The hallmark of these concerts is the exceptionally high quality of performance. The value of the concerts is in the pleasure and enrichment they bring to audiences – people in care are as important an audience to serve with first-class music making as any other. Health Arts Society is engaged in an innovative programme to achieve sustainability by 2018, the GROWTH TO SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT. Its two pillars are the raising of a fund of $500,000 and a gradual increase in the revenues developed from the long-term care and retirement homes participating in the programme which will, by then, cover the majority of operating expenses. The result will be that although the Society will continue to grow, and to enlarge its programmes through philanthropic contributions, it will always have a stable foundation. This unusual strength is vital at a time when philanthropic organisations and individual donations cannot each be expected to indefinitely maintain organisations.

Indian Summer Arts Society

Taike: South Asian & Indigenous Artistic Collaborations

Indian Summer Festival's ‘Taike’ project is intended to bring together South Asian and Indigenous artists in meaningful collaborations and conversations. With our mission to create an inclusive, diverse and culturally-rich society, our curatorial practice is to center and amplify South Asian voices in conversation with other artistic communities. The addition of the Taike programming is to support solidarity between South Asian and Indigenous communities through the arts. Please visit for more background on the project and the word 'Taike'.

Neworld Theatre Society

The Complicated Whole: Performing Inclusion Across Perceptions of Ability

Arguably much of the world is rooted in a history that excludes people with developmental disabilities. Often our culture focuses on what people are unable to do, as opposed to what they are good at. Three years of work between artists with and without developmental disabilities has shown us that, given the opportunity to collaborate equally with professionals, people with developmental disabilities are extraordinary artists, with extraordinary and specific strengths. This project showcases those strengths through the development of a performance ensemble, the production and tour of three shows, and dissemination of our creative model across the Lower Mainland, Canada and the US.

Vancouver Art Gallery Association

Ian Wallace Exhibition and Publication

Vancouver Art Gallery will present the first major Canadian retrospective of internationally renowned Vancouver artist Ian Wallace, celebrating his pioneering use of large-format images juxtaposed with monochrome painting, which has had a lasting impact on raising the status of photography nationally and internationally. Wallace mentored Vancouver artists including Stan Douglas, Brian Jungen, Ken Lum, Rodney Graham and Jeff Wall. The exhibition catalogue will be the first publication to fully assess Wallace’s career by combining interpretive essays, images of the artist’s work and selections from his extensive theoretical writings.

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Vancouver Symphony Centre and VSO School of Music

The new Vancouver Symphony Centre and VSO School of Music will be a 25,000-square foot cultural space on the first four floors of a new 46-story residential tower. The Centre/School will contain a 120-seat flexible-space recital hall, 18 teaching studios, 10 listening stations, 6 practice rooms, 2 large classrooms and more. The project has the support of the City of Vancouver Planning Department and Cultural Affairs. Constructed by Wall Financial Corporation and designed by Bingham Hill Architects, it is scheduled to open in January 2011.