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Standard Size

Since 1965, Vancouver's architectural direction could be defined as one 'without architects'. First, through the proliferation of the mass-produced, builder-designed 'Vancouver Special' houses in the 60s to 80s, then through the master-planned and developer-led creation of over one hundred podium-style condominium towers in Downtown Vancouver. Widely labelled 'Vancouverism' and lauded as a model for global urbanism, Vancouver is often referred to as one of the most livable cities and simultaneously one of the most unaffordable - a contradiction emerges. Ken Lum's "Standard Size" is comprised of a replica Vancouver Special scaled down in size based on the difference in property value from 1986 to present. The project reveals an ideology of globalization, where development is accepted as infinitely repeatable in any context or culture and notions of 'livability' are flattened into a global metric, in what Urbanist Andy Yan calls an 'insecurity of belonging'. Standard Size holds up a mirror to Vancouver's spatial commodification and simultaneously to a global reality.

Ballet BC


Ballet BC is seeking support for the commissioning, development and creation of a full-length program of contemporary ballet inspired by The Rite of Spring. The ground-breaking 1913 collaboration between choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky and composer Igor Stravinsky had monumental impact on 20th century music and dance for its bold rhythmic, tonal and choreographic language that is still considered revolutionary more than 100 years after its premiere. Drawing on the spirit of innovation and risk-taking that is the legacy of The Rite of Spring, RITE, will include two innovative World Premieres to be performed in our 2014-15 Season in May 2015. The first part of the program will highlight an interdisciplinary collaboration between Ballet BC Artistic Director and choreographer Emily Molnar with Vancouver-based designer, Omer Arbel and composer Jeremy Schmidt. Part two of the program will be a newly-conceptualized, full company contemporary ballet choreographed by Spanish choreographer Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, using Stravinsky's original musical score.

Ballet Victoria Society

Ballet Victoria's Dracula

To open Ballet Victoria's 12th season, the company will create a new full-length narrative ballet based on Bram Stoker's classic gothic novel, Dracula. Ballet Victoria will create a unique score comprised of: modern music mixed by Jason King with special effects, a pair of commissioned sections (a tango by Ruy Boff and a classical section by Robert McBride) as well as a selection of works by Gustav Mahler, Arvo Part, and Knut Nystedt. The present-day setting and plot of this production will make it unique and more widely appealing. The demanding choreography will be rooted in classical ballet vocabulary (pointe work) with a strong emphasis on contemporary movement quality. As with the recent successful production of Frankenstein, Paul Destrooper's Dracula will incorporate humour and popular culture references in his effort to recount the story of the infamous vampire as he attempts to fit in new surroundings. Ballet Victoria strives to bring the highest technical and artistic quality to all its creations, as well as appeal to as wide audience and introduce many to the art form.

Bard on the Beach Theatre Society

Enhanced Training and Coaching Initiative

We hope to create the Bard Artist Training Department, expand on our existing training offerings and build a strategic three year plan to make a significant contribution to artist training in Vancouver. We will create a Head of Training and Coaching position who along with the Artistic Associates will identify what training will be most beneficial, source and consult with appropriate coaches, and create a curriculum that addresses the ongoing needs of the company and community. Over the course of three years, we will expand and enhance existing training opportunities by adding time and additional instructors and experts; we will increase the honorarium for participants making training more accessible and we will offer more coaching resources throughout the performance season, ensuring the health and safety of our company. We also plan on developing a workshop program for the community year-round, welcoming local and international master instructors, and will offer professional development opportunities to our artistic staff to benefit both the Bard Company and greater arts community.

BC Farm Museum Association

Interactive Presentation Terminals

We plan to incorporate six interactive presentation terminals into our displays to explain and demonstrate the purpose of the heritage artifacts. "Show and Tell" is an effective manner to pass on historic knowledge. By incorporating advances in technology, we can provide a unique experience for our visitors and further our educational goals. We propose to construct kiosks with interactive terminals and place them about the museum. Each unit would consist of a tablet connected to a television with a supporting structure. We create {or have created} and present program content. Program content at each station would consist of information regarding the artifacts the visitors are viewing. This information could include actual stories or demonstrations of real pioneers using the artifact in their every day life. We also plan to allow our program content to be accessible across technological boundaries as well as cross language and cultural boundaries.

BC Living Arts

Gestural Loop

'Gestural Loop' uses gaming technologies and mobile devices that capture physical movement to transform the human body into a musical instrument. The project includes concert performances of new professional works and allows for attendees to create their own artistic experiences through direct interaction with the technology. Through this UBC platform, projected media will also be manipulated and incorporate three additional collaborative works with visual artists from the BC Interior that further explore the theme of 'metaphoric gesture' (as it relates to culture, heritage, communication, language, action, metaphor, interaction with space and time, dance and music). For a full explanation of the artistic platform and details as to who is involved, please see support documentation (Letter of Support from Dr. Bob Pritchard). For a brief video explanation of the technology, please view BCLA Artistic Director Alan Corbishley approached Dr. Pritchard (UBC Music) who agreed to integrate UBC's new music technologies within the 2015 THRiVE Festival.

Belfry Theatre Society

Island of Hope

We are seeking support for the commissioning of a large-scale musical by the local award-winning team of playwright Jacob Richmond and composer Brooke Maxwell (Ride the Cyclone). Titled Island of Hope, this is a unique project based on a true 'stranger than fiction' story that addresses the dire consequences of environmental degradation and the depletion of natural resources.

Blue Bridge Theatre Society

Roxy Theatre Electrical Upgrade

The Roxy Theatre is currently in its first phase of renovations wherein BBRT has: constructed a raised stage for performance, installed lighting trusses, painted the lobby and auditorium, and installed flooring in the auditorium, amongst many other aesthetic enhancements. These improvements allowed BBRT to open our season with our first Roxy show "True West" in November; however, all of the productions this season have been required to make significant technical compromises due to the current limitations of the space. For the Roxy Theatre to progress, these limitations need to be addressed - and one of the most important is the upgrade from 200Amp electrical service to 400Amp electrical service. The current electrical service for the building is not sufficient to power a proper lighting and sound setup for live performance. The audiences and artists who have come to the Roxy Theatre thus far have shown great support and understanding for the current 'in-process' status of the renovations - but we need to address these shortcomings as quickly as we can.

Boca del Lupo

Big Bad

The Vancouver International Children's Festival (VICF) is commissioning Boca del Lupo to create Big Bad, a deconstructed fairy tale for children and adults to experience together. Big Bad tackles the sensitive and complex issue of identifying danger in the modern age. Recognizing that the metaphors present in Little Red Riding Hood are very different for a parent than for a child, the performance will utilize technology such as synchronized split audio tracks and split screen video to provide very different experiences for parent and child even as they sit side by side. Working with child psychologist, Elizabeth McLaughlin, there will be sensitive and meaningful treatment of this important subject matter and the dynamic artistic team will bring an immersive world to life. Big Bad will be presented at the Revue Stage on Granville Island. Creation will take place over the course of 18 months. It is the final production phase starting in March 2015 that we are applying for in this application.

Civic Orchestra Society of Victoria

Symphonic Masterworks

The 'Symphonic Masterworks' project is the third concert in the Civic Orchestra of Victoria's concert season, taking place on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at the Alix Goolden Performance Hall in Victoria, BC. This concert will be directed by renowned conductor Yariv Aloni and features the Victoria-based soprano Susan Young, who will be the solo singer in Edward Elgar's 'Sea Pictures'. The rehearsals for this concert will begin on January 15, occurring once a week until the concert. The complete program includes the 'Rosamunde Overture' by Franz Schubert, 'Sea Pictures' by Edward Elgar, and Cesar Franck's Symphony in d minor. All three pieces are staples of the orchestral repertoire and will provide an engaging concert for both the musicians and for the audience. This project will involve 50 orchestral musicians of varying ages and abilities, as well as a professional conductor and soloist. Many of the musicians volunteer to fill a variety of positions, including Librarian and Stage Manager, to help make this project successful.

Dance Victoria

Gabi Beier Choreographic Workshop

This project has two phases. Dance Victoria is seeking support for Phase One. It recently received confirmation of a $12,000 contribution from the Canada Council for this phase. DV will bring Berlin-based dance mentor Gabi Beier to DV Studios and the Dance Centre (Vancouver) to lead a choreographic workshop in each city. Beier will work with two Victoria and two Vancouver artists in an immersive two-week process. Participating artists will be selected from a proposal call for small group works and/or solos by artists that have at least one professional production of a previous work. Beier's methodology is detailed and comprehensive (but also responsive) and includes everything from planning the work to bringing it to the stage. The short works developed during Beier's tenure will be given presentations on a mixed bill in Victoria and Vancouver (April 2015). Beier will also interact with audiences and artists through lecture demonstrations in each city. Phase Two (not included in this request) will take one or more of these works to Berlin for further development in 2016.

Dancers of Damelahamid Society


The project will be the second phase of a collaboration between the Dancers of Damelahamid and multi-media artist Andy Moro to create an innovative dance piece, to be titled Flicker, with a unique scenographic hybrid of projected environments and live-action shadow dance. Through this project vividly rich environments and characters will be created to represent the 'spirit world', the mystical realm portrayed through Gitxsan masked dance, which the Dancers of Damelahamid will be able to interact with in a live dance performance. This proposed phase of the project is to be completed in early 2015 and will be an opportunity to work again with Andy Moro to edit and combine the various elements created as part of the earlier 2014 exploratory residency and begin to create a coherent structure for the new dance work that ties the piece together. The project will be supported by The Dance Centre, which has agreed to provide a Dance Lab that consists of two weeks of studio time, which can be used to develop the work that was done in the initial research stage of creating Flicker.

DanStabat Performance Society o/a Tara Cheyenne Performance

How to Be

After the success of the ensemble work, Highgate, there has been an impetus to create another group work. How to Be, originated after research work on another project experimented with "being" in performance. The seed for the work is the idea of "being" and trying to be incompetent (to place oneself in a transparent state of vulnerability) and not worrying about being entertaining, which both to an artist are incredibly difficult. Tara chose to create with talented and successful Vancouver artists at various stages of their careers and who are creating/performing very different kinds of work. The desire is for the work to be shared, and a dialogue to develop as a result. As an artist, Tara is interested in the exchange of ideas and artistic sensibilities to discover the parts of ourselves that come from, not what we already do as artists and creators, but from what we don't think of putting on stage or presenting. This phase of the research and development of this new work is to support the rehearsals prior to the work-in-progress presentation in the spring of 2015.

EDAM Performing Arts Society

EDAM Choreographic Series 2014-15 Season

We are requesting your assistance to support EDAM's choreographic series for 2014-15 (our season runs from Sept 1- Aug 31st). This series will involve two residencies: a fall residency from mid-Sept-Dec 2014 and a spring residency from Feb-May 2015. We wish to offer residencies to 4 guest choreographers: Serge Bennathan and Ziyian Kwan (fall '14) and Shay Kuebler and one other TBA (spring '15). During each residency, Peter Bingham and the guest choreographers will share EDAM's studio. Each participant will create a 20 minute work on dancers of their choice. At the end of the process EDAM will produce a show featuring this work-- 6 shows over 2 weeks. These residencies provide the participating artists with a fully subsidized opportunity to create in a highly supportive environment. Each guest will receive a commissioning fee, money for dancers' salaries, performance fees and free rehearsal time at EDAM. At the close of each residency, EDAM will produce the newly created dances, covering all of the production, administrative and publicity costs of with these shows.

Firehall Theatre Society

PostSecret The Show

The Firehall will produce the Canadian premiere of PostSecret The Show in January, 2015. PostSecret The Show is based on an ongoing community mail art project, created by Frank Warren,in which people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard. Select secrets have then been posted on the PostSecret website or have been turned into books and museum exhibitions. Working with Mr. Warren, TJ Dawe, Kahlil Shanti and Justin Sudds have devised an entertaining and moving interpretation of the stories of never before shared secrets. With the assistance of projected images and video, three actors and a musician guide the audience through a crowd-sourced narrative using sad, funny and controversial postcards that have made one of the most popular blogs in the world. The project will include the rehearsal, production and presentation of the play for twenty-three performances from January 20th-Febuary 7, 2015. The play will be directed by TJ Dawe and will feature three actors from culturally diverse backgrounds including Kahlil Ashanti and one musician.

Friends of the Old Hastings Mill Store Museum

First Nations Basketry Project - Exchanging Baskets (Working Title)

The Old Hastings Mill Store Museum (OHMSM) contains thousands of objects from diverse origins and cultures. The collection represents the meeting of aboriginal North Americans and a diverse group of pioneering peoples. We can sum this up as a unique collection representing 'contact-culture' primarily but not limited to Vancouver, British Columbia or Canada. A questionnaire survey in the summer of 2014 identified the aboriginal artefacts especially the basketry as interesting, but badly labelled, ill contextualised and poorly understood. The grant will be utilised to: 1) Label and catalogue the basketry collection. 2) Create and execute new educational initiatives. 3) Build bridges with the First Nations and increase their participation in the museum's activities. 4) Seek to increase the number and diversity of the Friends of the Old Hastings Mill Store. 5) Initiate inroads into basketry and artefacts from the varied communities of Vancouver. 6) Lead the Native Daughters back to their origins as an organisation that serves the community in all of its diversity.

Gordon & Marion Smith Foundation for Young Artists

Robert Davidson: Progression of Form

Robert Davidson is an internationally renowned multidisciplinary artist who is critically engaged in the contemporary arts and deeply rooted in Haida cultural expression. Davidson is a vital force in the Haida community and an advocate for First Nations culture, education, ceremony, politics and art and also shares cultural knowledge with broader multi-cultural communities. 'Robert Davidson: Progression of Form' is a multi-faceted project which will explore Davidson's latest artwork within the context of the current landscape of contemporary Canadian art and Davidson's cultural and artistic history. Comprised of a three-month art exhibition, an exhibition catalogue, programs, workshops & performances, the project will recognize the importance of the integration of the visual and performing arts and their intrinsic relationship with culture, ceremony, and Haida identity. The exhibition will showcase twenty of Davidson's most recent paintings, four epoxy-coated aluminum sculptures, two new masks, two totem poles and a house post to be finished specifically for the exhibition.

Haida Gwaii Museum Society

Research and Development-Contemporary work of Robert Davidson and Haida Society

The proposed exhibition will not only consider how Robert Davidson engages with concepts of abstraction, but also how Davidson reveals Haida concepts of form and representation and how these concepts should be seen as contemporary critical discourse. This exhibition will demonstrate how Davidson is drawing inspiration from history and grappling with the challenges of interpreting traditional design and transforming it into contemporary Haida art practice. In his work, Davidson shifts between abstract and representational images, often blurring the boundary between the two, and continually challenges himself to expand his knowledge and evolving art practice. This exhibition will be one of the first thematic examinations focusing on Davidson contemporary art practice and its relationship to artists in Haida society that will be researched, developed and presented by the Haida Gwaii Museum. This exhibition will feature current and new works from private collections as well as the artist's collection.This exhibition will feature current and new works from private and public collections.

Hard Rubber New Music Society


Riot will be a live music/ video piece of the 2011 Vancouver Hockey Riot. We will use new and unique elements not used in any other show in Vancouver to our knowledge. We aim to treat the 2011 riots as a sociological phenomenon, something that was powerful, disturbing, intense and confusing. Woven into the fabric of the event will be interviews of UBC psychologists and sociologists to create context and theories about what lead to the riot, as well as reporters, bystanders and police to describe their perspectives. Brian Johnson will create visuals, John Korsrud, the music and Andrew Laurenson of Radix Theatre will design the look of the show. Possible venues are The Roundhouse, CBC Studio 40, the Vancouver Main Library Atrium and possibly the soon-to-be empty Main Post Office. The 2011 riots were a powerful BC event that gained attention around the world. But there has yet to be a documentary or an art piece made about this. We hope to convey the energy and the horror and the chaos of those few hours.

Intrepid Theatre Company Society

I Have Seen Beautiful Jim Key - a new play by Janet Munsil

Inspired by the magical true story of an educated horse and the man who trained him, this new Canadian play for families will premiere in Oct 2014, and remounted in Feb 2015 as part of Black History Month celebrations in Victoria. Using only patience and kindness (and apple slices) former slave William "Doc" Key trained his horse Jim to read and count, and their travelling show became an inspiration for millions of school children learning their letters and numbers. The most enduring children's stories feature animals with human-like abilities. I Have Seen Beautiful Jim Key is a story of the relationship between humans and animals, the mysteries of animal intelligence, and the value of friendship, cooperation, kindness and patience. The play features two actors, live music(vocals/banjo), and shadow puppetry. Each show is followed by an invitation to the audience to share their own amazing animal stories and drawings, to be added to the Jim Key Hall of Fame. Development of the script has been supported by the BC Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts and the Stratford Festival.

Kamloops Art Gallery


As part of the KAG's mandate to bring art, artists and communities together, it proposes to organize an event for residents to take pride in the creative energies and achievements of their city. From October 31 to November 8, 2014, the KAG will present Luminocity, a week-long public art project featuring video projection and new media works in public spaces located throughout the downtown core of Kamloops. This new offsite initiative will broaden the scope of the Gallery's audience to engage new communities and expose the public to innovative new media works by contemporary artists. Luminocity is a critical forum for independent media arts regionally, nationally and internationally and provides artists a public platform in which to present their projects. The selection of artworks and events will evoke the overall theme of light and dark/sound and time and are linked critically through an interest in bridging traditional and contemporary cultural forms and an underlying examination of the constant flow commodities through the movement of goods and people and its impact on our city.

Kelowna Art Gallery


Preserves is a community project that will explore the development of Kelowna and the history of the people who have shaped it. As Kelowna develops into a hub for the high-tech industry, and as the wine industry flourishes, the regions multicultural history is becoming less apparent. Our aim is to use art and technology to create a bridge among generations and ethnicities, such as the Aboriginal, Asian, and Indo-Canadian communities, and to explore the history of land use and development. The inspiration for Preserves came from a conversation with BC artist Maggie Shirley about the desire to hear and document people's stories and memories of the area. Kelowna's community is fragmented, and a project like Preserves would strengthen and maintain the spirit of tolerance and understanding in our city. This project will consist of an exhibition where works of art will be created by local artists who are paired with elders and individuals from various ethnic groups, community workshops to preserve objects in mason jars filled with clear gelatin, and use of augmented reality technology.

Kidd Pivot Performing Arts Society

Betroffenheit (working title)

From November 2015 to July 2015 Kidd Pivot and Electric Company Theatre will work together to create Betroffenheit (working title), an ambitious, full-length work for six dancers and an actor that merges theatre and dance. The project was conceived through a shared desire between key creative collaborators, choreographer Crystal Pite and writer/performer Jonathon Young, to create a full-length stage work that fuses beautifully integrated design, technology, musicality, physicality, and story. The relatively large scale of the work will make it a unique creation in Vancouver's, and Canada's contemporary dance landscape. The project will be developed primarily in Vancouver throughout 2014-15. The completed piece will premiere in Toronto July 23 - 25, 2015 as part of PANAMANIA Arts and Culture Program of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games. The work will receive its Vancouver premiere in 2016, and will tour throughout Canada, and to the UK in spring of 2016. Kidd PIvot is seeking funding support from Vancouver Foundation for the phase of the project beginning in Jan. 2015.

Kokoro Dance Theatre Society

The Book of Love

The Book of Love will include an initial creative period from Sept.8, 2014 to June 27, 2015 and a final creative period between Sept.7, 2015 to Dec.5, 2015. We are commissioning Vancouver composer Jeffrey Ryan ( to write a score for clarinet, bass clarinet, viola, and violoncello, and commissioning UK artist Jonathan Baldock ( to create a set and costumes for the work that will feature choreography by Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi for six dancers. The Book of Love continues our interest in interdisciplinary collaborations and will result in a seriocomic production rich in kinetic, visual, and musical textures. Our audiences will be a mixture of patrons who enjoy unorthodox dance, music, and art. The premiere performances with take place during a two-week run of 8 to 10 performances at the Roundhouse from Nov. 23, 2015 to Dec. 5, 2015. This project had its genesis with musical collaborations with Jeff Ryan between 2004 and 2007. An impromptu collaboration in January, 2014 led to our interest in working with Jonathan Baldock.

Marta Marta Hop Society

The Ligeti Touring Project, Phase 1

THE LIGETI TOURING PROJECT is an initiative to prepare our recent performance work for a tour around BC, across Canada and beyond. This project will happen in two phases. The first 'residency' phase starts with rehearsals of two dance/music pieces, 'SONATA' and 'SPEAKING IN LIGETI', involving five MMP dancers and four musicians of the Microcosmos Quartet at The Dance Centre from July 1-August 15, 2014. The project continues with rehearsals and performances during a one-week theatre residency on Saltspring Island, August 16-23, sponsored by the Artspring Theatre, allowing the company to refine all aspects of the production, integrate a new performer and keep the piece alive for the second 'touring' phase. Throughout the rest of the year, MMP will work closely with Touring Consultant Mirna Zagar from The Dance Centre who is assisting the company to connect to dance, music and interdisciplinary performance networks. The second phase starts in 2015 with a tour around BC (TBA) and performances with Live Arts and the Scotia Music Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia. (confirmed).