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Karen Jamieson Dance


To fund year 3, the creation, production and performance stage of the new dance work solo|soul, bringing to fruition the in-depth research processes of the past 2 years solo|soul is a solo dance work to be created by and for Karen Jamieson. Choreography will be developed from the 2 year progression of dialogue with colleagues, engaging in a series of 'danced conversations' that involved the community in creating new research processes. The work is concerned with transformation from inside out, the body as a temporary garment, and the transition from muscular to energy body that is demanded by the process of aging. Karen Jamieson will perform and tour solo|soul starting in July 2014 throughout BC, Canada and Europe. -Time is running out for me. My body, the sole repository of rich dance experiences of a lifetime, is aging. Yet my understanding of the meaning and significance of the work that I have been doing these past years grows. There is a race going on “ to render this understanding into choreographic form before my body ceases to be an expressive vehicle." Karen Jamieson

Kelowna Art Gallery

Okanagan Boys & Girls Club in partnership with the Kelowna Art Gallery

The Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs are dedicated to assisting their members gain access to experience and grow up to become all they can be. We know some of the youth accessing our programs at the Downtown Youth Centre face barriers to participating in something like art classes - something so many of us may take for granted. The partnership between the Kelowna Art Gallery and the OKanagan Boys and Girl Club, Downtown Youth Centre (and shelter) will help the partners remove those barriers and invest in youth's artistic growth and social development. By providing monthly art classes, hosted by professional artists, youth will be exposed to different forms of artistic expression in the forms of different approaches to art making and mediums. In addition, Youth will also be engaged in pre-scheduled community art workshops hosted by the Kelowna Art Gallery." We are hoping that the Kelowna Art Gallery can become a space where youth feel safe connecting, and trying something new, where they laugh at their failures, and blow their own minds" - Downtown Youth Centre Director; Sarah MacKinnon.


Preserves is a community project that will explore the development of Kelowna and the history of the people who have shaped it. As Kelowna develops into a hub for the high-tech industry, and as the wine industry flourishes, the regions multicultural history is becoming less apparent. Our aim is to use art and technology to create a bridge among generations and ethnicities, such as the Aboriginal, Asian, and Indo-Canadian communities, and to explore the history of land use and development. The inspiration for Preserves came from a conversation with BC artist Maggie Shirley about the desire to hear and document people's stories and memories of the area. Kelowna's community is fragmented, and a project like Preserves would strengthen and maintain the spirit of tolerance and understanding in our city. This project will consist of an exhibition where works of art will be created by local artists who are paired with elders and individuals from various ethnic groups, community workshops to preserve objects in mason jars filled with clear gelatin, and use of augmented reality technology.

Just Imagine

Just Imagine is a project about art and vision impairment. This project will explore what it means to be human, and the multitude of ways that people see, and respond to the world around them. It will provoke people to think beyond typical notions of 'seeing' and to consider the potential of creative expression. Just Imagine includes an exhibition curated by local blind artist Ruth Bieber, and numerous community programs. The exhibition features four artists, three from North America, and one from Germany. Community programs include a roundtable discussion about new ideas in the fields of art, psychology, and vision impairment, hands-on workshops for individuals who are vision impaired, Family Sunday's activities for the general public, and tour programs. Accessibility will be a major focus of the project. The exhibition brochure, didactic panels, and labels will be printed in both large format text and Braille. Works of art that visitors can touch, and a video of the artists speaking about their work will provide information for those who learn through touch and hearing.

Kelowna Ballet Society o/a Ballet Kelowna

New Work Ballet Kelowna: Fall 2010 Fall Music and Dance Commission

Ballet Kelowna will commission award-winning Vancouver choreographer Simone Orlando to create a new work to music by acclaimed jazz pianist and composer Stu Goldberg, who lives in the Okanagan valley. Simone Orlando danced with Ballet BC for many years and began choreographing in 1997. Goldberg performed alongside some of the most daring artists of the mid-’70s fusion era as part of John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra and later embarked on a successful solo career. The world premiere will open the fall 2010 season and tour to Kelowna.

Kelowna Community Resources Society

BREASTFEEDING ART EXPO: Influencing Change through Art

This project will influence systemic change towards our broad outcome to increase the number of people who attend and participate in artistic and cultural offerings through 15 culturally/artistically diverse community breastfeeding art projects (dance & music, poetry, painting, sculpting, quilting, photography, traditional Aboriginal art, children’s art & scientific art) that will tour across IH region. This will increase awareness of breastfeeding among target vulnerable populations and public, teaching its importance and benefits. This supports behaviour change at the individual level leading to change in cultural norms and beliefs of the social system. The project will remove barriers to intercultural artistic expression by broadening working partnerships between artist, community agencies, IH and schools serving multicultural communities. This will provide new opportunities for the flow of knowledge, resources and social capital within the system. Further, resource development such as an Art Catalogue, Teacher’s Guide, How-to-Guide, PowerPoint, online website, and a project evaluation led by UBC-O team, will provide evidence to support the value of art in improving health and encourage new ways of thinking about health through arts-based mediums. This will impact the authority flow of policy within the system by supporting BFI policy and practices within IH, and support the restructuring of health services to incorporate breastfeeding promotion into food security work.

Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival Society

The Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival

The new Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival will offer a light summer fare of repertory theatre in an outdoor venue where it is hoped, it will be widely appealing for both local audiences and visitors alike. Our company members will be employed theatre school students, or recent graduates who are launching their careers in theatre. Such students will gain valuable experience having some significant roles in a repertory company, an asset for their resumes as well as a moderate income over part of the summer. Given the Okanagan's climate and surroundings, we believe that the idea of a seasonal outdoor theatre festival in Kelowna will be widely supported in the community. Running the KSTF as a repertory company, allows out-of-town patrons and residents with visitors, the opportunity to see more than one show if they are in town for a few days. We took the model of repertory theatre from other long-standing and successful companies from around the country.

Kelowna Visual and Performing Arts Centre Society o/a Rotary Centre for the

Dance Floor

We need to purchase a professional dance floor to improve the artistic experience for dancers of all skill levels and ages. The current situation is not satisfactory as our floor surface is painted black, although suitable for drama, it is not acceptable for dance as the black paint wears off and the dancers doing any type of floor work, as well as point shoes, become black from the paint which wears off as its used. We have tried many types of paint to come up with a multipurpose surface; there is not a solution that is workable. If we coat the paint with a clear varnish it becomes too slippery and unsafe. We estimate that the proposed dance floor will last 15 years with regular use and proper care.

Kidd Pivot Performing Arts Society

Betroffenheit (working title)

From November 2015 to July 2015 Kidd Pivot and Electric Company Theatre will work together to create Betroffenheit (working title), an ambitious, full-length work for six dancers and an actor that merges theatre and dance. The project was conceived through a shared desire between key creative collaborators, choreographer Crystal Pite and writer/performer Jonathon Young, to create a full-length stage work that fuses beautifully integrated design, technology, musicality, physicality, and story. The relatively large scale of the work will make it a unique creation in Vancouver's, and Canada's contemporary dance landscape. The project will be developed primarily in Vancouver throughout 2014-15. The completed piece will premiere in Toronto July 23 - 25, 2015 as part of PANAMANIA Arts and Culture Program of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games. The work will receive its Vancouver premiere in 2016, and will tour throughout Canada, and to the UK in spring of 2016. Kidd PIvot is seeking funding support from Vancouver Foundation for the phase of the project beginning in Jan. 2015.

Kimberley Arts Council - Centre 64

Farm Fragments: An Installation by Jean Pederson

The installation Farm Fragments uses fragments from the past and present social fabric of rural Canada, including parts of the artist’s family farm (linoleum, doors and windows, molding, shingles, etc.), old receipts, photographs, Polaroid transfers, and original paintings and collages by the artist depicting all that is left of a century of farming on the Prairies. A video made by the artist will be projected in an adjoining room. Under the guidance of a professional consultant, the organizing committee will learn new techniques in preparing, organizing, and hosting a major exhibition.

Kimberley Summer Theatre Society

Kimberley Summer Theatre 2013 Season

Kimberley Summer Theatre (KST) is moving in a bold new artistic direction in 2013, presenting an adult-oriented comedy and adding a large-scale musical to our summer programme. Our upcoming season will run from July 9 through August 17 and will include 21 performances of Self-Help, a farce by acclaimed Canadian playwright Norm Foster, in the 120-seat theatre at Centre 64 and nine performances of the Royal Shakespeare Company's adaptation of The Wizard of Oz at McKim Theatre, which seats over 500. The Kimberley Summer Theatre School will once again run two month-long instructional camps, one for students aged 7 to 10 years, and one for students aged 11 to 14 years, from July 16 through August 11. The 2013 season will be overseen by experienced producer Tony James of Victoria. Local director Tanya Laing-Gahr will direct Self-Help, and Truus Verkley, artistic director at Puddle of Mud Productions, will direct The Wizard of Oz. Students in the KST School, along with members of the Kimberley Dance Academy and other local youth, will be cast in auxiliary roles in The Wizard of Oz

Kinesis Dance somatheatro

Ulysses Waltz

This project integrates the creation phase of a new work Ulysses Waltz which focuses on the collaboration of Choreographer/Lighting Designer and Set Designer involving all collaborators skills into the creation. In Ulysses Waltz, Paradise is equated with light and the notion of paradise is explored. Terezakis uses James Joyce's modern Ulysses as his muse; the journey to find light is one of stark contrasts. Five dancers cut through space limited by defined structures and lighting influences. The Waltz, a motion around a fixed body or axis, describes a time that existed before our existence was tainted by temptation and distraction. Situations of familiar domesticity contrast with more ethereal elements of rapture and bliss. Vital to the creation process is the early engagement of both lighting and set. The team will build and manipulate tensions, layer the physical movements with psychological significance and create emotional contrasts. The grant ensures valuable time is set aside for this key phase, and the commitment of expertise is secured to allow for such innovative work.

Knowledge Network Corporation

Working People: The Unknown History of British Columbia

Knowledge Network proposes to commission, produce and broadcast a series of three original half-hour documentaries, each made up of ten 2-3 minute short films, telling the stories of ordinary people who played extraordinary roles in the evolution of our province. Working People: The Unknown History of British Columbia will reach upwards of two million people in BC through television and the internet. Through this unique partnership opportunity with the Vancouver Foundation, our project will challenge filmmakers, engage viewers and create a lasting legacy.

Kokoro Dance Theatre Society

Downtown Eastside Artistic Community Outreach

This is a capacity building project to increase the participation of DTES artists and groups in using our studio spaces and in attending events that take place there. This project is connected to a sustainability issue that we face in operating the new cultural spaces. We have completed a draft business plan with consultant Linda Gorrie that identifies the financial challenges we will have in covering the overhead costs of operating the facility. Since our intention is to make KW Studios affordable and accessible to marginalized artists and groups in the DTES, we need to have a better understanding of the numbers of potential DTES users, their specific needs, and their financial capabilities, or lack thereof, toward contributing some cost returns, and the potential amount of time their use would entail. This will establish a target financial goal for providing partial or complete subsidies for those with artistic projects that could benefit from access to our physical resources. The facilities consist of a 1,050 sq.ft. dance studio adjacent to the Woodward's Atrium, a 3,802 sq. ft. basement production and recording studio, and a 450 sq. ft. meeting/workshop room on the 2nd floor. To find out what we need to know, we plan to hire a consultant with knowledge of the DTES community.

The Book of Love

The Book of Love will include an initial creative period from Sept.8, 2014 to June 27, 2015 and a final creative period between Sept.7, 2015 to Dec.5, 2015. We are commissioning Vancouver composer Jeffrey Ryan ( to write a score for clarinet, bass clarinet, viola, and violoncello, and commissioning UK artist Jonathan Baldock ( to create a set and costumes for the work that will feature choreography by Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi for six dancers. The Book of Love continues our interest in interdisciplinary collaborations and will result in a seriocomic production rich in kinetic, visual, and musical textures. Our audiences will be a mixture of patrons who enjoy unorthodox dance, music, and art. The premiere performances with take place during a two-week run of 8 to 10 performances at the Roundhouse from Nov. 23, 2015 to Dec. 5, 2015. This project had its genesis with musical collaborations with Jeff Ryan between 2004 and 2007. An impromptu collaboration in January, 2014 led to our interest in working with Jonathan Baldock.

Life Project

The project for which we seek Vancouver Foundation support has the working title of 'Life' and we are commissioning composer Lee Pui Ming ( to write and record a score for a string quartet and commissioning artist Kai Chan ( to create a set for the work. We expect to use between five and eight dancers in the finished work depending on our other funding success, and we expect to give 8 performances of the work over a two week period. For this grant application, we are applying for only the costs related to the music and set commissions and creative costs. The production costs will be covering by our operating grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, British Columbia Arts Council, City of Vancouver, and box office revenue.

Kokoro Dance/VSO Project

This new collaboration between Kokoro Dance and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra will premier at the 2011 Vancouver International Dance Festival. Kokoro Dance’s Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi will create choreography to existing works by composers Michael Hynes, Joseph Schwantner, as well as a new composition by VSO Composer-in-Residence Scott Good. Seven dancers will perform the piece.

Kootenay Gallery of Art, History and Science

Creating Space

This project will turn a storage area into a more functional space, creating new workshop possibilities, exhibition opportunities and public programming for the people of the community it serves. This renovated space would also allow for improved exhibition preparatory work and storage.

Langara College

When the Hosts Come Home

Artists Kabberling and Kaltwasser will create situations that encourage the participation of a diverse public in the heart of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Athletes’ Village. They use informal methods to make visible the transformation of begged, donated, salvaged and found materials into publicly used objects and spaces. Using recycled materials from the Olympic Village’s transition from dormitory to home, they will create a site-specific temporary artwork on an adjoining site. Their partner Other Sights for Artists Projects will set up project headquarters at Langara College campus, as part of the summer programming there.

Langley Arts Council

Music Rules in Schools Literary Project

THE MRIS Program has four parts that bring together education, live performance, physical activity and literacy. Established artists and industry professionals will facilitate each of the components through live performance, interaction, discussion and participation.Most of the artists are young to enhance interaction and the ‘star’ factor.If known recording artists are presenting the program, it is more acceptable and ‘cool’ to the youth.The MRIS program can be tailored to suit all grade levels and is offered to the schools as an afternoon program so youth realize the important links between the music, literary, academic and performance worlds. Part 2:Literacy Through Songwriting-This part focuses the craft of songwriting as a literary art of poetry to music.An established artist will present this ‘workshop’.They will interact with the students by taking keywords, stories, and ideas from the students to write a song together.This component will emphasize the importance of literacy, reading, comprehension and the importance of telling a story that is relevant to society.

Lions Gate Sinfonia

Sinfonia's World

The concert Sinfonia’s World invites the audience to be delighted by poetry and music of many cultures that are part of Canada: Persian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Romanian, First Nations, East Indian, and many more. It will also feature a very special piece: Common Harmony, created by students of Handsworth School, under the guidance of composers and mentoring musicians. The piece addresses language barriers, cultural differences, lack of cross-cultural communication and intolerance.

Lookout Society

Downtown Residential Art Collective

Lookout proposes to create a peer-led art collective, supported by Lookout’s Life Skills workers and Tenant Support Workers. Through this art collective tenants and staff will work together to facilitate art groups, programs and workshops aiming to develop and empower artists living in the DTES through creative expression and education with the goal of hosting an Art Exhibit. This project will collaborate with a local non-profit art gallery. Group facilitation will educate residents in the DTES and surrounding communities about inclusion and reduce the stereotypes related to poverty. We will collaborate with various cultural groups to encourage artists to embrace their culture.

Tide Pools: Art Thrives

The Lookout Society has worked with people with low or no income who have few, if any, housing or support options for over 40 years in the DTES area. Regaining and maintaining stability requires access to healthy choices and livelihoods. For many here this includes creative practices and social programs. Through our partnership with Gallery Gachet this project will strengthen outreach to community art programs. We will grow external relations to enhance training and mentorship. We can advance our community artists’ livelihoods. The Canada Council recognizes arts training beyond college and university education and includes mentorship, a history of exhibition, peer recognition and civic arts involvement as contributing to an artist’s profile. We can increase artist’s access to artist fees and recognize the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2014 decision to protect the minimal rights of artists to be paid. We will find new and alternative venues for exhibition, performance, sales and social engagement and we will broaden our participation in realms of cultural production beyond our neighbourhood. This project will advance both outreach and 'inreach'. With the support of staff and volunteers we will improve points of contact with culture-producing venues to gain and share a clear picture of arts programming. Identifying gaps, Gallery Gachet will create new educational opportunities and form a community alliance for the arts.

Lytton First Nation

?'q'?mcín [Two Rivers] Remix

BC First Nations youth on reserve and many BC contemporary Indigenous musical artists face extreme economic, cultural and social exclusion. ?'q'?mcín [Two Rivers] Remix is a free outdoor feast of contemporary Indigenous music on Nlha'7kapmx territory that features BC Aboriginal musicians creating a critical new grassroots sound that empowers Indigenous youth and women. Regenerating the Lytton Block Party through a series of exploratory, creative and collaborative workshops with Indigenous youth, artists, educators and elders - the festival will engage new audiences for this rowdy musical remix of urban/rez, visual/aural, hip-hop/pow-wow, and personal/political.

Made in BC - Dance on Tour Dance Society

MiBC Province-Wide Community Engaged Programs - 3 year plan

Based on the success, lessons learned and direct feedback from our partners from the Northern BC 2013-14 Community-Engaged Dance Residencies Project, MiBC’s Province-Wide Community-Engaged Dance Residency Program plans to grow engagement with remote and underserved BC communities through extended dance residencies. The Program pairs professional dance artists with local community members for intensive periods of workshops and collaboration. Dance artists will be supported to expand their skills in community-engaged work through mentorship, training and peer sharing. Key to successful community participation are the Community Engagement Facilitators, regional champions who connect dance artists with the local community. This program will serve rural and urban participants, rural presenters and BC-based dance artists. The Program will focus on three BC Regions over three years: Southern Interior, Coastal/Island and Northern Communities. Partnering with regional presenters, the Program will support dance artists to delve deeper into community-engaged practice. Projects include: - Joe Ink Move It! Multi-generational workshops - 3 year multi-region - All Bodies Dance Project – Engaging mixed ability community & training/mentoring dance artists-3 year, lower mainland & Vancouver Island - MACHiNENOiSY - Queer Youth Program - Kelowna - Co. Erasga Dance - Diversity through dance -Northern region - Dancers of Damalahamid – First Nations residency – Moricetown/Smithers