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British Columbia (BC) Chihuahua Rescue

BCCR Marketing/Organization Development Campaign

Assistance is requested to help us increase our capacity to effectively carry out our charitable mission and improve our ability to care for homeless small dogs in BC by helping us upgrade our website and create new organizational/marketing documentation. The project we are seeking funding for is a marketing campaign to increase awareness of our rescue work adn the dogs we assist. The project would include uprgrading our existing website including adding mobile capabilities and video streaming to promote our dogs for adoption. The website would have a storefront created for online fundraising to assist the BCCR in raising much needed funding. The campaign would also include creating and/or upgrading existing handouts, brochues, and marketing materials. A new banner to match the website and materials would also be considered given enough funds were available through our fundraising and the grant.

British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Cat Overpopulation Strategy

Cat Overpopulation Strategy

Canadian Animal Assistance Team

Strategic Communications & Marketing for the Canadian Animal Assistance Team

The expansion of our marketing strategy would include: - Improvements to the current web site content and functionality to ensure a current and compelling experience for members and those being introduced to the organization for the first time. The website serves as CAAT's online hub, for education, information sharing and fundraising during periods inbetween signature events. - Expansion of our social media presence to more effectively share what our organization is doing and to support and create opportunities for dirent connections with our followers, with clear, simple calls to action to get involved in the work of CAAT by joining missions or through financial or in-kind donations. - Expansion of our education and awareness materials (pamphlets, posters, and wallet cards) and increase distribution of that material.

Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

New Sanctuary Feasibility Study

The purpose of this project is to complete a feasibility study to assess the needs of the organization and determine a suitable location to establish a new permanent sanctuary.

Horse Protection Society of BC

Organization assessment and strategic planning

In this environment of constant change, organizations need to maximise their efficiency and effectiveness to meet changing demands. Over the past 2 years HPS has focused on grant research and application. We have secured a number of grants that have enabled us to achieve many of the projects outlined in our business plan. We have received grants from BC Gaming, The Township of Langley and Greygates Foundation and have several other applications being considered. At this time we would benefit from a professional assessment of our organization and subsequent strategic plan. We need to identify organizational issues through detailed analysis of the organization and work collaboratively to implement effective solutions. Focusing on key objectives (specific, actionable, results oriented and time-bound) would strengthen our organization and improve its overall operations as we move ahead into the future, taking on larger projects and enhancing our effectiveness in partnering with other like minded organizations.

Northern Lights Wildlife Society

2015 Rehabilitation Education Project

Northern Lights Wildlife Society (NLWS) is dedicated to giving the orphaned and injured wildlife of British Columbia a second chance at survival. In order to make the maximum difference throughout the province it is imperative that our volunteers are trained appropriately. Since wildlife rehabilitation is a cutting edge field, many conferences and training seminars are held in the more heavily populated regions of North America. For NLWS volunteers, it can be a struggle to attend these vital events but their value to the organization is immense. For this reason, NLWS has begun to raise funds in order to send their two senior most volunteers to the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Symposium in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. At this event NLWS volunteers will both present their research and take part in several unique learning opportunities. Many of the seminars and workshops offered at this symposium are not available in British Columbia. Topics include 'Build and Enhance Your Public Education and Outreach', 'Enclosure Planning and Construction' and 'Distaster Preparedness'.

Regional Animal Protection Society


RAPS would like the opportunity to update its technical/Marketing need to ensure the advancement of the organization for future years, by first implementing a new user friendly website & Mobile application that can be updated by present management on a daily basis, showcasing featured animal videos' in hopes of raising awareness and interest of animal adoption. We also require an internet based shelter software program and computers will enable RAPS sanctuary and shelter to keep accurate account of all animal data and medical needs. And we would like the opportunity to print new brochures and other marketing tools to help us educate the general public about what we do and the programs we offer that can help individuals with their present pets or future pets and increase awareness of the 'op to adopt' campaign.

Spirit's Mission Rescue Society

Leveraging Volunteer Capacity

Our rescue focuses on the health and welfare of companion animals in remote First Nations and surrounding communities in BC. Currently, we are working with teh Saik'uz FIrst Nation near Vanderhoof, BC. At present, we have removed and re-homed strays and unwanted animals with partnering rescues (Crooked Leg Ranch, West Coast Rottweiler Rescue, VIctoria Humane Society); provided an Animal Wellness Clinic in May 2014 (vet check, vaccinations, parasite control, education for children and the community, dog/cat food, treat, collar, leashes, pet toys, etc); and funded transport and sterilization for dogs and cats at the nearest vet clinics for sterilization. Saik'uz has been highly involved with in-kind and cash contributions however, ongiong fundraising by volunteers is necessary to continue to provide the necessary work to get the animal population manageable and the community educated and self sustainable with respect to their pets. We would like to increase the capacity and size of our volunteer base by training our BOD to encourage, motivate, and attract volunteers.

Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge Society

Improve Donation Process

We depend almost entirely on the support of donors, purchasers and members for operating funds. We need to be able to respond in an accurate, timely manner to all requests, donations and orders to ensure that our supporters will continue to support us in the future. At present, the process of receiving, processing, and providing the tax receipt, documents and orders necessary for all forms of donor interaction is labor intensive, and inefficient with a single transaction passing through as many as 4 sets of hands before completion. We have progressed from manual tax receipts to using a comprehensive donation software program to record donor information and publish tax receipts but there are still too many steps in the process. Sales orders must still be manually recorded. We now need to: - Purchase 'point-of-sale' equipment and software to reduce receipt of funds and issue of tax/sales receipts to a single transaction. - Add software to our website to enable our visitors to donate on-line and receive their tax receipt by email. - Update website to make it user friendly.

Vancouver Humane Society

Building capacity through increased brand awareness and effective fundraising

VHS would like to build our base of supporters and donation revenues. There are a number of initiatives for which we require funding in order to accomplish this goal, including: 1. design and distribute facebook ads to increase our followers and constituent base; 2. design and distribute image macros - photographs that include a statement or caption about an issue - to increase peer sharing of our campaign issues and grow our grass roots supporters (this project also requires training in Adobe Photoshop and purchase of software); 3. launch an e-newletter to distribute via email and mailchimp; 4. subscribe for 1 year to Give2Gether, an online fundraising service recommended by the BCSPCA to help convert onlin followers/constituents into donors (The BCSPCA began using Give2Gether in 2011. By 2013, they saw a 2000% increase in revenues, a 171% increase in average gift size and a 3700% increase in new donors. Other humane societies have also had success); 5. register with MMC Canada for Raisers Edge audit and training courses.

Whistler Animals Galore Society

Volunteer training videos project

This proposal presents an approach and methodology that meets and requirements of the RFP while presenting a program that enhances volunteer experience and will save valuable staff resources for years to come. If successful, this project will include creating training videos for volunteer orientation, which will enhance the quality of volunteer training, reduce pressure on staff training, and hopefully increase volunteer retention by showing the diversity of volunteer roles and opportunities at WAG and giving volunteers a comprehensive understanding of how the shelter operates.

Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia

Developing Financial Sustainability through an Expanded Donor Base

This project will focus on building WRA's development capacity by: - Purchasing a new donor database. Our current database is woefully inadequate for our current and projected needs, especially as we aggressively grow out donor base in the coming years. - Acquiring new donors through direct mail (DM). While DM is not suseful with certain audiences and is expensive, it is effective for acquiring new donors from an older demographic, which our donor base has a significant portion of. We are planning a 5000 piece mail-out to select neighbourhoods in central and north Burnaby and Vancouver. - Hiring a consultant to help build our capacity in undertaking email and website donor prospecting. We have email addresses for most of the people who bring wildlife to the Care Centre. The challenge is how to cost effectively covert these prospects into donors. An email - website prospect campaign is an effective means of acquiring donors, but we require assistance in this relatively new area of fundraising. Developing new publications: planed giving brochure and wildlife 'finders' form.