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British Columbia Council for Families

My Tween and Me for Immigrant and Refugee Families

This parenting class helps parents build a strong relationship with their pre-teens, and gives them the confidence and skills to guide their children through the sometimes troubling teen years. This six-session program helps parents reduce the likelihood that their children will participate in illicit drug and alcohol use and other high-risk behaviours. Program leaders develop culturally appropriate programs for their specific community. The project will result in specialized training, mentoring and multi-language resources to enhance the delivery of the program to immigrant and refugee parents.

Burns Lake Band

Children are our Future

This new playground for the Little Angels Daycare will create a safe, fenced area which will contain various play equipment which meets safety standards and designed for ages 3 and under. Playgrounds provide crucial and vital opportunities for children to play. Research has proven that there is a link between play and brain development, motor-skills, and social capabilities. All learning—emotional, social, motor and cognitive—is accelerated, facilitated, and fueled by the pleasure of play. Age appropriate playgrounds promote different types of play that are vital for a child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development Research shows that children with poorly developed motor-skills by age five will likely never develop efficient motor-skills, outdoor play seems to be an important way to help with these skills. Playgrounds offer infants and toddlers a base for simple motor and exercise play to provide an environment to help develop these skills. Most importantly playgrounds have no racial boundaries and can help reduce racial tension in communities, large or small.

Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives

Strengthening Youth and Community Engagement in Poverty Reduction

The proposed project is an innovative and sustainable 3-year plan to reconnect with communities across the province through expanding our outreach and community engagement activities, and strengthening our youth engagement and youth leadership initiatives. Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming provincial election, we will need to re-establish the call for a bold and comprehensive poverty reduction plan and we aim to do this through meaningful community engagement in order to strengthen existing relationships and form new ones. This will revitalize the poverty reduction plan as a community-driven call to action. We will continue to provide support for youth in low-income families and their allies to be a driving force in this call. We will provide mentorship and resources to high-school youth to be involved in the Coalition's outreach strategy and community engagement so that youth ideas and perspectives are always at the heart of what we do, and support them in taking leadership roles in organizing in their schools and communities to raise awareness about the issues of poverty.

Engaging Families, Children, and Youth for Poverty Reduction in BC

The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition aims to create a comprehensive poverty reduction plan with legislated targets and timelines. To do this, a community organizer will engage BC families, children, and youth affected by poverty. The Coalition will also launch a social media campaign, and engage with municipal decision makers about the need for a provincial strategy to reduce poverty. The Coalition will maintain a Secretariat (housed at Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) that will coordinate its work and support the Poverty Reduction Campaign.

Canadian Mental Health Association - Kelowna & District Branch

Connected by 25

Connected by 25 is an innovative, cross-sectoral project that addresses the needs of young people between the ages of 16 and 24 in the Central Okanagan vulnerable in their transition to adulthood. Feedback from young people and community stakeholders identified both the need and rationale for the project, and a CAI service innovation grant allowed a two year pilot of Connected by 25 to start in early 2012. The project builds capacity within the community to ensure that young people at risk of falling through the cracks in their transition to adulthood have access to the services they require. It further serves to build capacity in youth themselves by offering the relational, emotional, and material supports they need. The project incorporates a dedicated part-time community capacity coordinator, who works with community based organizations to enhance collaboration, and identify and address systemic barriers. Concurrently, a full-time youth navigator provides directs supports and assistance to navigate complex systems, build connections and achieve success in their lives.

Canucks Autism Network Society

CLICK (a social photography program)

CLICK is a social photography program for teens aged 13-17 living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). While working with their peers, groups of ten teens with ADS will learn basic camera use, take pictures and explore social skills and friendship through their own photography. Each session, participants will have the opportunity to share their photos and discuss the subject matter of their work. The participants will also be expected to take photos with the group during each lesson as well as take photos during the week while they are not at CLICK. The program will end with a gallery show of everyone's work presented to a group of staff, family and friends. The program will be led by a fully qualified photography instructor and supported by Canucks Autism Network program staff.

Cariboo Chilcotin Partners for Literacy Society

Families as Learning Leaders

Our goal is to increase vulnerable parent’s involvement and participation in their children's early literacy and education. Vulnerable parents’ voices are critical to understanding their needs, strengths, and barriers to engaging in their child’s learning, but are rarely heard in systems. This project will involve parents as both co-creators and recipients of improved approaches to family engagement in children’s learning. We will document and share parents' and practitioners knowledge to inform dialogue and action at the organizational, and network systems change scale, and ultimately reshape how schools, organizations & community networks engage with & involve vulnerable families. The project has originated through our ongoing work with vulnerable families, children, and adult learners, in partnership with existing community networks. We will work with parents and staff at early childhood & elementary schools to design and deliver a new model for engaging vulnerable families in their child’s learning. A social change lab approach will hold the voices of those affected at the centre, as parents, staff & kindergarten teachers will participate as equals in this iterative process to design, test, implement & learn from new family engagement models. The goal is to develop a model that can be embedded in the existing systems, will continue to hear the voices of parents as the model evolves, and be scaled through organizations and community networks that serve vulnerable families.

Castlegar & District Community Services Society

Youth in Action

CDCSS seeks to offer service to youth between 12 -29 by providing the financial support to youth for community engagement in the West Kootenay region. The youth worker will work with Schools and Youth oriented organizations to identify youth These youth will be provided the financial means, and travel when available to participate. Youth Worker will also work with youth to educate the community, parents, youth and others on the benefits to community engagement, and the positive effect it will have on self-esteem, confidence, relationships, and leadership. This program will benefit the area as a whole. Working with youth on leadership and development, program development and opportunity (youth led events, workshops etc). Youth worker will work with the youth to develop projects ideas to ensure program is youth led: Assisting youth in skill building, self esteem, and confidence, as well as engagement in a community. Project will work with youth to create long lasting programming for the youth, and creative planning for the future. Project will focus of the needs of the youth.

Centre For Integral Economics

SUN DRUM: First Nation Youth Media Pilot Project

The Sun Drum project (name developed by Cree Youth) -- Sun connects to original power, drum to the heartbeat -- features video storytelling and was born through conversations with First Nation elders, leaders and youth. Video is highly effective in oral cultures; it brings to the world the strength of culture present in First Nation communities and builds self-esteem. It is also our experience that video can create powerful links between stories of the ancestors through elders in a context that attracts and empowers youth as storytellers. This project will harness the depth of cultures to align with sustainability objectives, cultural preservation, skills building and will point to entrepreneurship and economic development. We will build 4 core capacities: 1/basics of storytelling, story boarding and interviewing and basic video skills 2/ social media to share and send positive messages about First Nations 3/clean energy, jobs and economic opportunities, linked to culture in context of climate change 4/ social entrepreneurship basics: problem, solution = business models

Check Your Head: The Youth Global Education Network

Growing Check, Growing Change

Young people are increasingly demanding programs, opportunities, and organizations that understand, respect, and respond to their unique needs and experiences as a diverse group transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Growing Check, Growing Change emerged from this finding and harnesses young people’s passion for social and environmental issues, turning it into community-based and youth-led education and action. Growing Check, Growing Change has complementary short-term and long-term objectives and activities. In the short-term, the project will recruit and train a diverse group of youth as peer educators, providing them with popular education tools, skills, and resources to lead dialogues. Equipped in this way, this group will engage, educate, activate, and inspire thousands of B.C. youth with social and environmental justice workshops. In the long-term, through systematic monitoring and evaluation, the project will pilot the next step in Check Your Head’s growth as an organization as staff focus on recruiting, training, and supporting a strong team of volunteer peer educators.

Workshop Enhancement Project

For more than 10 years, Check Your Head has been presenting workshops on key global issues to high school students, reaching over 70,000 youth. They started with globalization and now have 13 workshops in high demand from youth and educators from across Metro Vancouver and BC. This demand coupled with the pace of social change makes updating and improving their workshops a significant challenge. They seek support for all of their high school workshops in order to remain effective, accessible and affordable to all populations and schools.

Children's Family House Society of BC

Ronald McDonald House BC Lego Lounge

The Lego Lounge: A new RMH BC, a room full of Lego for sick children and their families: this innovative program at the new Ronald McDonald House will go a long way to easing the burdens of the life-threatening illnesses these families face. It will be the first Lego program at any Ronald McDonald House in the world. All children need a safe place to play in good weather and bad, and our Lego Lounge will provide that space. Your help today will ensure that children who are in the various stages of critical care, together with their siblings and parents, will have a unique place to safely play inside, have fun and let go of their cares for a while. But the Lego Lounge is much more than a playroom. Lego is a toy that is familiar to so many children. It helps break down barriers and allows kids to meet and play with other kids. Our bi-weekly programs with a Lego Certified Professional and members of the Vancouver Lego Club will be an opportunity for kids to explore new ways to build with Lego, and take them away from the hospital environment and into a world of imagination

Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island

HerWay Home

HerWay Home (HWH) supports pregnant or early parenting women who are impacted by drug or alcohol use, have experienced violence or abuse, and often face mental health challenges. The program focuses on women and their families who face multiple barriers to good health, healthy babies and safe lives. The outcomes of HWH are an increased number of mothers who have healthy pregnancies, keep their babies, and establish successful families. HWH includes integrated health and social services for these women with 'complex' lives, services which focus on their substance use and interrelated issues. Services are provided through drop-in groups, outreach and personal one-on-one support. Pre- and post-natal support and information is provided by a Public Health Nurse, and HWH facilitators operate a Recovery Group. Women access one-to-one counselling support, breastfeeding and child feeding support, parenting information, infant development resources, a dietician, an income assistance worker and a dental hygienist. Staff also work with the women to obtain necessary health care services.

Children's Hearing and Speech Centre of BC Inc.

Sensory Motor Integration Program

A new reality is facing CHSC. Today at least 35% of newly identified deaf and hard of hearing children are coming to the Centre with additional learning needs. Our new Sensory Motor Integration Program will begin to address these needs with assessments and support from a trained occupational therapist that delivers ongoing program implementation and provides outcome analysis. We believe this additional early intervention is critical for a child to learn to listen and speak and ultimately be successfully mainstreamed into a school with their hearing peers.

Clayoquot Biosphere Trust Society

Generation Y-Not?: Growing Local Leaders

Our goal is to create an action plan for sustained engagement of youth in leadership initiatives and civic engagement. We will seek direction from youth. How do they want to be involved in their communities? What is meaningful to them? The project begins in June 2013 with a relationship-building activity sponsored by the CBT and partners. This will give youth and youth leaders from throughout the region a chance to connect and hear about successful youth leadership activities. They will share the programs they've enjoyed, develop strategies to further these projects and envision the leadership programs and youth-led projects that are most meaningful and relevant. Following the forum, we will facilitate up to five regional youth gatherings based on objectives identified by the youth. The gatherings will be diverse and varied, hosted in communities throughout the region. This takes youth from across the region out of 'their boxes' to participate in activities that foster cultural learning, develop leadership skills and build capacity in our communities.

College of New Caledonia

Vanderhoof Youth Centre

The Youth Centre is an unexpected outcome of the Vanderhoof Diversity Project’s Neighbourhood Space (NS). Youth started frequenting the space and in 2011, as requested by members of the community, CNC pursued funding to formalize the Youth Centre. Several of the youth who frequent the centre have extremely high needs and little to no formal support. There are equal amounts of First Nations and non First Nations that use the NS. It is a very diverse atmosphere - youth at risk form a large part of the cross section. Our funding request is to hire a part time Youth Development Coordinator (YDC) to assist the existing Youth Support Worker (YSW) and to assist with covering other admin costs (see budget). The YSW, also a part time position, provides a social or holistic support role for youth as well as being responsible for various administrative functions leaving little time to expand youth programming. In order to fill the gap of much needed program development and coordination, the new YDC’s role will be to work with the youth to develop programs, training, and activities for youth.

College of the Rockies

Food Sustainability

This pilot project taught eight families how to grow, harvest and prepare vegetables. Now over 50 families want to participate. A group of senior citizens have agreed to share their knowledge about growing and preserving foods. The program aims to improve mental and physical health in marginalized groups while connecting the community to agriculture. Participants will learn soil preparation, seeding, nurturing, harvesting, preservation and preparation skills while interacting with other citizens in a caring, safe environment.

Community Connections

Girls Move Mountains

Girls Move Mountains is a collaborative project with community partners in Revelstoke. The goal is to engage girls who are entering the critical transition period into adolescence which is a significant time of change physiologically, psychologically, and socially. While many girls are able to make the transition successfully there are also many who struggle with the transition and frequently find themselves in conflict with authorities, missing school, engaging in high risk behaviors, and in general disconnected from the community. Grounded in research on girls development, the Project will support girls capacity for self-confidence, physical and emotional resilience, healthy relationships, positive body image, and regular physical activity. Informed by ideas from adventure-based and experiential learning the girls will meet weekly throughout the school. The weekly activities will facilitated by professionally trained staff and trained Youth Mentors.

Community Connections Society of Southeast B.C.

Community Capacity Building Project for Children and Youth with Autism

Phase 1: Regional Resource Library The resource library will contain equipment, curriculum and training materials to be used in home, school and centre-based treatment programs. The library will contain training materials, curriculum materials, general information books and videos, Occupational Therapy Equipment, Behaviour Intervention Equipment and kits and Speech and Language Equipment. Phase 2: Regional Training This phase will provide community information sessions that will orient families, agencies, professionals and paraprofessionals to the resources available in the resource library and provide training to parents and paraprofessionals on the use of some of the curriculum materials available in the library.

Healthy Moms/ Healthy Babes

“Healthy Moms, Healthy Babes” perinatal program reaches women who face challenges to having a healthy pregnancy & families transitioning to parenting a new baby. A group drop-in format provides education, information, nutrition supplements, lay counseling, social connections, support services & links to other community resources through several core components: •social time for participants to share information with each other & build relationships that will support them • healthy lunch prepared by nutrition worker who engages families to assist with lunch, learn food budgeting & cooking skills •parent education/discussion/activity sessions on variety of perinatal topics provided by program facilitator or community service providers •support services such as transportation to & from group; child care during parent education sessions •one to one support for discussion of individual concerns, distribution of food and nutrition supplements, weighing of infants/women, referrals to other agencies, etc. Individual support is also offered through limited home visits.

Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria

Youth Employment Development for the Capital Region

This is a Youth Employment Development Initiative to prototype and test best practices and models we have identified in other places in Canada to create effective labour market pathways for young people who are disadvantaged. We have conducted research for the Enterprising Non Profit Program and the BC Centre for Employment Excellence on models in other jurisdictions of employment development systems inclusive of "employment social enterprises" to create pathways for young people to sustainable livelihoods. We discovered that there are best practices in engaging and promoting employer partnerships with community training agencies that are market based and entrepreneurial We are proposing to adapt and test these models in our own region which currently lacks infrastructure for youth employment development. We also intend to engage a larger group of stakeholders in BC in a learning community on our experiences and lessons learned to inform practices in other regions, through our partnerships with the Canadian Community Economic Development Network and the BC Centre for Employment Excellence. We will have a strong evaluation component to test impacts on income, skills and educational attainment, and employment to share with policy and program stakeholders to embrace more innovative and effective public policy. We will test this model in growth sectors of the economy that also have sustainability impacts, like the resource recycling and renewable energy sectors.

Comox Valley Art Gallery

Youth Media Project

The Youth Media Project seeks to empower marginalized youth, through group-based media production practices, to become active citizens in affecting community change. Through this pilot project – a partnership between the Comox Valley Art Gallery and the Wachiay Friendship Centre – ten youth will receive training in digital video, animation and web design, and will engage with key community leaders in discussions surrounding justice, cultural heritage, activism and community participation. Youth will then create video, animation and/or web-based projects that express unique visions of ‘change’ within the Valley. These works will be exhibited and celebrated at a community-wide event, at which participants will be invited to speak to their creative philosophies and processes. The works will be compiled onto a DVD that will be distributed to key leaders and community groups within the Comox Valley, and exhibited online for broad dissemination. The project is designed to engage participants and the public in a change-dialogue surrounding the future of the Comox Valley.

Comox Valley Transition Society

'Healthy Masculinity'/'Taking Flight'

Our proposed project is two-fold. The 'Healthy Masculinity' component will include identification of best practices with boys, and focus groups in schools or community settings. The groups will be lead by experienced male leaders, and will explore masculinity and boys' unique needs and challenges. The boys will be invited to be part of an advisory committee to help develop curriculum for pilot groups in the second year of the project. A key aspect of this project is youth engagement. We will encourage the boys to take an active role to best meet their needs. The other component of our project is 'Taking Flight'. This 12 session group will serve young women who are aging out of foster care, moving out on their own, have limited healthy support networks, are at risk of relationship violence, and who are at risk for homelessness or living in poverty. The focus will be on successfully navigating the challenges of transition to adulthood such as access to affordable services, life skills (employment skills, housing, etc.), and maintaining healthy relationships and support networks.

BeSafe: Girls Group Year Three Enhancement

This is an educational life skills and support group for girls ages 11 to 15 that fosters empowerment and appreciation of diversity and encourages girls to make a difference. Groups are led by adult facilitators and older teen girls who have completed peer facilitation training, which is an important feature of the program. The weekly two-hour groups are interactive and include activities such as art, journaling and crafts, role playing and discussion. They want to expand, creating three more groups at high schools, including one for girls ages 15 to 17.

Courthouse Libraries BC BC Family Justice Innovation Lab

British Columbia Family Justice Innovation Lab

BC’s family justice system has traditionally focused on judicial decision-making and an adversarial approach to disputes. Too often it negatively affects the physical and mental health of adults and children. Despite myriads of reports, the system has failed to change itself sufficiently to address this reality. We are seeking funding for the BC Family Justice Innovation Lab, initiated by a group of reform-minded justice system leaders in 2014. Its goal is to improve the well-being of BC children and families experiencing separation and divorce. Its core approach is experimental (developing and evaluating scalable prototypes), systemic (defining the system from the perspective of families) and participatory (engaging cross-sector organizations and system users). The first three initiatives under the Lab's umbrella focus on providing families with viable and affordable collaborative approaches to resolution of their problems outside of court: 1. Northern Navigator project (collaboration of a local community social service organization, mediators and the judiciary) assesses the needs of family litigants and refer them to mediation before court 2. Collaborative Practice Pro Bono project provides free interdisciplinary collaborative practice services to families 3. Family Mediation Sliding Scale project offers affordable mediation services. The Lab will generate systemic learning through developmental evaluation and nurture scaleable prototypes.