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British Columbia Self Advocacy Foundation

Community Action Employment Plan - Self Advocacy Project

One of the objectives of the Community Action Employment Plan is that self advocates play a leadership role in changing public attitudes by: 1) Leading and delivering a presentation of why employment is important to them to a range of stakeholders, including government, unions, businesses, employers and families 2) Establishing a pool of self advocates in each region to act as consultants/resources to the Plan and related work. Provincial self advocate leaders convened in May 2013 to discuss options for collaborating with partners in the Community Action Employment Plan. They also discussed how self advocates could advance an employment agenda in BC. This proposal is a result of that meeting. The project is roughly divided into two phases. The first is to develop a presentation and toolbox to assist self advocates in promoting employment. The second phase is to begin building community partnership to support the planning of the local events in the three pilot regions and a workshop at the Inclusion BC Conference.

Clay Tree Society for People with Development Disabilities

Training and Support for Workers in the COCO Coffee Shop

Training and Support for Workers in the COCO Coffee Shop

Communitas Supportive Care Society

Customized self-employment:Micro Social Enterprise for persons with a disability

The project will create a comprehensive approach to provide dynamic business supports to assist entrepreneurs with disabilities to build up viable businesses until they have established themselves firmly in the community. This approach will support entrepreneurs from beginning to end of the business establishment process. Steps include: Orientation - complete an asset assessment which looks at individual's suitability, needs, interests,abilities and community supports. Viability - provides preliminary research of various market conditions to select the most suitable business opportunity that match person's abilities. Business planning - builds on viability research to create a detailed strategy to launch a successful business. Start-Up - implementation of the business plan; may include registering the business, enroll in WorkBC Customized Self Employment Program, developing marketing materials, acquiring financing, materials, equipment inventory, training, etc. On-going Support and Fade-out - Development of community natural support network, enabling paid supports to fade out.

Delta Community Living Society

Solutions Job Developer

Solutions Job Developer - This project will increase employment among Perrsons With Disabilities by working n a one-to-one basis with employers in the DCLS service region and job seekers to create the best match between a job seeker's skills/abilities and the employer's needs.

Nanaimo Association for Community Living

NACLWorks! "Employment First" Bridging Project

Nanaimo Association for Community Living supports and advocates for citizens with developmental disabilities and the people who care for them by promoting inclusion through various residential and community opportunities, activities, and services. NACL would like to continue its development by expanding its successful employment service, and requires financial assistance in bridging the gap between now and when our next day program employee is due to retire. This assistance will allow us to meet the employment needs of an additional five to seven job seekers without negatively impacting our staff or participants in our day program. Our intention is to continue our gradual transition to a more diversified model of service delivery. This transition time is an opportunity for people who want to work to have the means to access support, in order to reach their employment goals.

Ridge Meadows Association for Community Living

Rotary at Work BC

Participating Rotary Clubs take on the role of educating their members and businesses about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities and the importance of creating stronger and more vibrant communities.Once a business considers filling vacancies with people who have a disability, Rotary at Work will connect employers to local employment agencies.The Rotary Liaison will create and manage a database of Supported employment agencies that are equipped to match job seekers to postions. The website is designed to educate and provide a seamless way for employers to request supported employment services in their area.Once the employer registers their services request the Rotary Liaison will match a Supported Employment service which will collaborate to;locate potential candidates who have a disability,pre-screening these candidates,provide on-the-job training,assist with workplace accommodations and provide on-going support.Rotary Clubs recognize the benefits of people who have a disability. Tapping into this labour pool is good business.

Sea to Sky Community Services Society

Mentorship Employment Program (MEP) - Years 2 & 3

The Mentorship Employment Program will provide opportunities for both young adults with developmental disabilities and the local business communities to broaden their expectations of how persons with disabilities can meaningfully contribute in the workplace. The Program will help participants discover and develop their interests and skills in the pursuit of employment opportunities, and will facilitate increased accessibility and inclusion in Sea to Sky communities and labour markets. The Program will provide participants with opportunities to explore 3 employment options through supported unpaid and short term employment experience in order to find the best/most appropriate employment opportunities, where both employee and employer needs are satisfied. SSCS is uniquely positioned to successfully deliver this program using our related experience and existing collaborative networks. We have been helping adults in their career choices since 1990 and have worked effectively with partners in many of our employment and disability focused programs.

Sunshine Coast Association for Community Living

Garden to Table Food Hub

SCACL is embarking on a three year initiative to develop their commercial store front into a sustainable social enterprise that offers community inclusion and employment opportunities to persons with disabilities. The concept is to operate a "Garden to Table Food Hub". The store front would offer sales of local produce and value added food products, resources, training in food production and catering, sustainable gardening workshops, community kitchens and a shared commercial kitchen. The "Food Hub" would offer exciting sustainable employment opportunities in agriculture and food production and expand social and community inclusion opportunities to persons who are marginalized by traditional work hours and places. The idea for the project came from meeting other successful social enterprises such as SOLE Foods in Vancouver and the growing of our own food over the past two years. SCACL has been meeting for over a year with community groups about the concept of the "Food Hub" and has several partnerships and consultants in place to assist in the development and success of the project.