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West Kootenay/Boundary AIDS Network Outreach Support Society

Trans Connect

Trans Connect is a resource development project for transgendered people in the east and west Kootenay region. It provides peer-counselling, resources, referrals, and education for service providers. This project comes from the increasing population of Trans Folk in the area and the growing need to provide education and awareness for safe and supportive services. Trans issues have been primarily invisible to the broader public and Trans Folk are in need of a means through which they can connect, and access services in the Kootenay region.

Williams Lake Indian Band

Circle of Strength Community Safety Project

Residential school and generational trauma have impacted First Nations communities and families in a range of different ways. When a family crisis occurs, or when a family is struggling, our usual approach has been to remove children from their families to protect them from further harm. This traumatizes both the children and their families. This project is about finding a different way. We want to work together with all the services in our community identify and reach out to families who are struggling sooner, provide support and resources to help them resolve the challenges they face, keep their children and the community safe, and support health family development.

WISH Drop-In Centre Society

Mainstream Employment Opportunities Initiative

Many women involved in street-based sex work are reliant on it as their sole source of income. Without alternative sources of income, women may put themselves at risk so that they can make a living. For women who wish to seek mainstream employment, opportunities are limited and barriers are high: e.g., stigma, lack of employment history, and criminal records. Facilitating mainstream employment opportunities for current and former sex workers will allow them to make safer choices, and to potentially see a path out of sex work if they choose to do so. Systemic changes have the potential to also create greater access to employment opportunities for other marginalized groups in the DTES.

Women Against Violence Against Women WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre

Inclusion Project: Community Consultation and Policy Development

Half of all transgender people will experience sexual assault. Although sexual assault supports exist in Vancouver none are designed specifically to support trans and gender non-conforming survivors and many services exclude them altogether. Since 1982, WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre has supported women who have been sexually assaulted. Through consultation with stakeholders in the trans and gender non-conforming community we will create a plan to provide sexual assault services to trans and gender non-conforming survivors. Developing support services that center the unique needs of trans and gender non-conforming survivors ensures that will have access to healing and justice after sexual assault