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Archway Community Services

Bridges to Adulthood

When youth in care turn 19, they lose the support they have been receiving from the Ministry and from other youth service providers. Due to the intensity of our caseloads, our ability to offer follow up services after youth age out of government care is limited. During two pilot projects, we were able to continue services beyond youths' 19th birthdays; some of the outcomes of these pilot projects include youth getting and staying out of drug and sex trades, reduced street-entrenchment and increased natural support for youth. Such outcomes inspired us to create the Bridges to Adulthood project. In this project, we will offer support to young adults (ages 18.5 to 20) through our adulthood preparation groups, young adults support groups and individualized outreach services. Our aim is to increase natural supports for these young adults by involving former foster parents, recruiting mentors, building a peer support network and possibly involve families. We also intend to increase youth and community engagement through focus groups and in advocating for relevant policy changes.

Family Services of Greater Vancouver

Directions Safehouse Navigators

Youth-in-care, making up 40% of the homeless youth in Vancouver are a vulnerable population teetering between homelessness and stability. Under current BC legislation, there are few continuing supports available to assist youth when they turn 19 to safely transition to independence. Filling this gap will be the Navigator program, designed to support youth who have accessed our Safehouse and are transitioning to stability in adulthood. Safehouse is a voluntary residential program for at risk youth age 16 to 18 years, who need a safe place to stay for a short & critical time. About 50% of youth who access Safehouse are 18 yrs. The Navigator program will place a person in the lives of each youth whose guidance & support, similar to that of a parent, will help them achieve key transitional milestones such as housing, employment, education & life skills. This voluntary, youth centred service will be offered to all youth 18 years old and remain until one year after their 19th birthday or until the youth feels stable and self discharges.

PLEA Community Services Society of BC


At PLEA often we are only funded to support youth through the initial phases of their transition to adulthood and leaving care. Many of these youth have few or no positive support systems in place that they can rely on. We have had many youth try to reconnect with their previous worker to get the support they no longer have, even to get the basic necessities of life. To address the challenges youth face in this transition we propose a three year project that focuses on addressing structural barriers, providing youth with assistance to develop independent living skills in a safe environment and providing and ensuring consistent long-term reliable support. Our project model includes a part time 1-1 worker with a caseload of approximately 10-12 youth (17-19 years old) per year in the Lower Mainland. We will focus on three populations for this project: 1.Youth leaving residential services 2.Youth who have been sexually exploited 3.Youth involved in the justice system. Intakes will be prioritized from the three populations based on need(please see the next page for more details).