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Community-Based Research Centre Society

Mapping the Intersects of Determinants and Development in Young Gay Men (Dr. Terry Trussler)

CBRC and HIM in cooperation with a network of collaborating agencies will develop and conduct the first Determinants Survey of gay men in BC in order to investigate how health determinants affect young gay men (YGM) ages 18 to 26 – a critical transition on the road to gay adulthood. According to the most recent HIV surveillance study conducted in Vancouver (Moore et al. 2010), 1 in 5 (20%) local gay youths will likely have an HIV infection by the time they reach 30 if current conditions continue. We wish to investigate how social factors have determined this outcome. A Young Investigators Team will receive operational training in all aspects of survey research including question development, sample recruitment and statistical analysis. The research activities will be nested within the day to day life of HIM, a community health organization offering counseling and STI testing services. The baseline data gained from this research will help inform future community level programs and social policy. This research would represent a breakthrough in knowledge development for gay men’s health.

SPARC BC Society

Ensuring Dignified Access to Local Healthy Food for Marginalized Populations

Marginalized populations have less access to local healthy food because of systemic barriers caused by unemployment and low income, rising food prices, inappropriate public responses to their food security needs, and literacy barriers. Most programmes improving food security for marginalized groups are based on a charitable model of hand-outs. This project will create new knowledge about the ways in which marginalized groups can be supported to gain dignified access to healthy food, leading to changes in the way that marginalized populations and food providers interact.

UBC - Office of Research Services

The Youth Injection Prevention YIP Project (Dr. Jane Buxton)

This project will disseminate the results of ten focus groups (FGs) and fifteen interviews with 60 street-involved youth aged 15-24 years in Metro Vancouver region, Nov 2009-March 2010. The FGs/interviews explored resiliency factors from the youth’s perspective, services available to reduce harms from drug use and perceived barriers to accessing these services. A team of 6 youth participated as co-researchers providing input into script design, co-facilitating FGs, performing data analysis and presenting at National conferences and local partnership meetings. These youth will continue to be involved in this project 1) Conduct 5 interactive community workshops (one in each health authority) to present the findings of the previous study to the local youth. These workshops will be led by one member of the YIP youth team, a research coordinator and a local youth from the respective health authority. 2) Feedback from youth participants at the workshops will be used to compare/contrast issues and experiences of local youth in their communities with those identified by Metro-Vancouver youth. 3) Create a DVD showing the process of youth engagement and empowerment. 4) Create a website, on-line forum and face book. 5) Produce a community friendly summary report and fact sheet re findings in Metro Vancouver and similarities and differences in other regions. The report will also be individualized for each community we visit so they can obtain some information specific to their needs.