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ACORN Institute Canada

Stand Up for Surrey Housing

The displacement of low- to moderate-income renters and the destruction, or gentrification, of affordable market rental apartment buildings is exacerbating an already crippling housing crisis in Surrey. ACORN's Stand up for Surrey Housing project directly challenges the status quo by inserting much needed low to moderate-income tenant participation and policy ideas into the City of Surrey’s housing policy decision making process. By identifying, training, and activating new tenants leaders, ACORN will be disrupting the decision making process in Surrey, and forcing public debates on affordable housing by ensuring that tenants have a seat at the decision making table.

Ecojustice Canada Society

Salish Sea Endangered Species Protection Initiative

The Salish Sea is critical habitat for the Southern Resident killer whales. However, the sea is approaching an ecological threshold where industrial expansion is exceeding its capacity as a productive and healthy ecosystem, and a precautionary approach is needed for managing risk before large projects are approved. This critical habitat for these genetically and geographically distinct orcas, includes attributes such as acoustic space, prey availability, and water quality. These attributes have been compromised to varying degrees, the Southern Residents’ viability has been greatly reduced. Only through enforceable legal protections will their extinction be avoided.

Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance Society

DiverseTheatreBC (DTBC) Digital Platform Project

The Canadian theatre/opera sector faces unique challenges in seeking to address systemic racism & white supremacy through increased representation & inclusion of Indigenous & racialized artists, and the artistic work of those from marginalized communities. DiverseTheatreBC is a digital platform that will foster intersectional interculturalism, building greater diversity, collaboration & community in BC. Its central tool will be a searchable database of Indigenous and racialized artists – performers, playwrights, directors, designers, opera singers and other theatre professionals – which engagers (theatres, schools, social non-profits, film/TV casting directors) may access as subscribers.

Tides Canada Initiatives

Water Trust BC

Clean, abundant freshwater is the backbone of British Columbia. It sustains us, our families, our food, our wildlife, and our economy. It keeps us secure. But over-extraction and pollution are growing threats amplified by worsening droughts, forest fires and impacts from climate disruption. Communities and First Nations are being shut out of important decisions affecting their home waters. This project advances solutions for: strengthening our collective resilience to drought and overuse; establishing an independent Water Trust; and advancing co-governed watershed groups that understand, establish priorities and advance action to ensure BCs waters are thriving and secure.