Awarded Grants

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Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives

Building Equity: Creating New Affordable Housing in Metro Vancouver through Progressive Property Taxation

Metro Vancouver needs a “big bang” plan to build and finance new dedicated affordable housing, with a focus on the rental market. Recent efforts at the federal, provincial and municipal levels are welcome but have not been sufficient to address the affordability crisis. In this project we (1) evaluate recent government housing affordability initiatives, and (2) consider how new affordable housing can be financed out of the windfall gains to homeowners from rising housing prices. This is central to Vancouver’s economic vitality, to building a more inclusive city, and to ensuring greater equity and opportunities for people who live and work in the region.

Tides Canada Initiatives

Organizing for Change

British Columbians hold strong environmental values, yet environmental issues are not prioritized by elected decision makers. Politicians don’t believe these values strongly influence voting choices, and this disconnect hinders policies to address environmental challenges. We change how people act in the political arena to ensure their environmental values are a key part of the debate regardless of who is in government. We do this by working with environmental groups, large and small, to improve their engagement organizing efforts on their own issues, connect them more effectively to decision makers, and make it easy for them to ensure their supporters get out to vote come election day.