Awarded Grants

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Neil Squire Society

Makers Making Change BC: Embedding assistive technology fabrication into education systems

“Makers Making Change BC: Embedding assistive technology fabrication into education systems” connects people with disabilities who need assistive technologies to educators and students leveraging the new BC Curriculum “Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies” (ADST) framework. This cross-sector collaboration breaks silos between education, health and social service organizations. By scaling our Chapter model into schools throughout BC, it has the potential to create sustainable community-based connections, a lasting mechanism for creation of low cost but valuable, customized assistive technology solutions, fulfilling unmet needs of people with disabilities.

Vancity Community Foundation

Exchange Inner City: A Cross-Sector Model for Systemic Change

Exchange Inner City is addressing an economic system that excludes and marginalizes many individuals in the inner city. This exclusion contributes to a complex system connecting to poverty, health and social cohesion within the community. EIC seeks to enable and drive systemic change by providing an ongoing structure and processes for cross-sector collaboration, resulting in more inclusive low barrier employment, access to affordable goods, services and spaces in this community, and to serve as a model for other communities to learn from.

Vines Art Festival Society

Vines Art Festival - Community Care in Resistance: Decolonizing Festival & Touring Models

The pressing issue being addressed by Vines Art Festival is disconnection & displacement from land & culture due to Canada’s colonial art system that favours transactional art relationships & spectacle over art as a way of life; created in connection to community, land & wellness. Art & creativity have the power to unearth new ways of being with one another that are otherwise not possible through other platforms. Within these ways of being exists the potential to heal-- to build a culture of transformation where we can grow & build resiliency. Vines will be creating a Full-Spectrum Artist Support Model from the active research we conduct over 3 years to be shared with the arts community.