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World Wildlife Fund Canada

British Columbia Water Polling

WWF is proposing to plan and execute a short-term, timely and detailed polling project to provide our organization, and our partners, with a solid base of information to understand the interests, concerns and values of the residents of B.C. with respect to freshwater resources and ecosystems. This project has two main purposes/goals: 1. To gain an understanding of the values, interests and concerns of the B.C. public with respect to freshwater resources and ecosystems, providing a base of information for NGOs and others to use in strategies and campaigns aimed at improving water policy and management in the province; and 2. To educate the B.C. public on the importance of water to their economy, health and environment, and on the importance and need for water policy reform to secure safe, reliable water supplies and a healthy aquatic ecosystems.

WSÁNEC School Board

STÁ,SEN TTE SENCOTEN- Language Revitalization and Sustainability Plan

This project will facilitate the revitalization and sustainability of the Sençoïen language at their band-operated school. Their five-year mission is to establish immersion programming from pre-school to Grade 3. They have hired six language apprentices to work with a language team, including three current language instructors who will soon retire. They seek on-going funding for their master/apprentice relationships between their 15 remaining fluent elders and their dedicated young adult apprentices.

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

A Collaborative Conservation Plan for the Peace River Break

This project aims to maintain and restore the ecological connectivity of the Peace River Break region by facilitating the completion of a collaborative conservation plan and support for high priority projects consistent with the plan for addressing conservation threats and opportunities. Currently, no such integrated regional plan or network exist.

Young Women's Christian Association of Vancouver

Finding Solutions: Understanding Public Interest in Canadian Family Policy

Finding Solutions: Understanding Public Interest in Canadian Family Policy