Awarded Grants

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3H Craftworks Society

Craftworks Society Long Term Sustainability Project

The Craftworks Society Long Term Sustainability Project aims to help make our organization sustainable and ensure growth and success well into the future. We will accomplish this by: - partnering wtih more community organizations and strengthening our relationships with those we currently have to encourage sharing of resources and referrals between us - increasing and building on skills of the participants to foster personal growth, economic independence and possible employment within the community - building the 'brand' of Craftworks so we become better known in the community -- both to reach out to more participants and encourage sales and support for Craftworks - increasing the number of participants by 15% annually to serve a larger population in the community - developing and creating a signature line of products which will allow for a large number of participants to use a variety of skills in creating the products, and will increase store sales

ACORN Institute Canada

Healthy Homes Project

Tenants in Surrey often have to live in housing that has detrimental effects on their health and well being due to poor maintenance of the rental property. This project will create dialogue between city staff and politicians, tenants and other key stakeholders, starting civic debate, and conversations that include effected low and moderate income tenants, about policy solutions that the city can enact or amend to build a livable city for everyone.

Aeriosa Dance Society

Being - Aeriosa's 10th anniversary performance for the Scotiabank Dance Centre

Aeriosa has been invited to create a site-specific show for the Scotiabank Dance Centre’s 10th anniversary. For four nights, Aeriosa will stage free-admission performances at Granville and Davie of a site-specific dance entitled Being. Act 1 of the show will begin outdoors on Faris Theatre’s roof and north wall, while Act 2 will unfold inside.

Alberni-Clayoquot Continuing Care Society


This project will adapt and deliver four educational workshops for seniors in three key rural/suburban areas on Vancouver Island. Planned and delivered in collaboration with local project partners, the workshops will aid participants in developing skills and strategies to effectively navigate the Home and Community Care System, as they engage with health professionals and support one another in accessing care. Participants will receive a session binder containing information specific to their region and information on provincial services and associations for seniors.

Alouette Home Start Society

Route 29: The Road Home

Imagine facing the transition from adolescence to adulthood while, at the same time, struggling just to survive because you don’t have a home. The 2011 Homeless Count found 29 homeless youth in Maple Ridge. Over three years, this project will find and improve youth access to housing and build connections and continuing relationships with youth aged 17 to 24. Each youth will be supported in their own unique journey to maturity and to becoming healthy, happy people, with a secure home and the capacity to keep it.

Amy Ferguson Institute

KHAOS, the opera

KHAOS is a re-imagining of the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone set in a contemporary world of climate change and looming global catastrophe. KHAOS asks the question, ‘What if Persephone were prevented from returning from the underworld to console her mother? Would Demeter’s continuing grief and despair end life on Earth as we know it?’ This is a request for funding of the premiere production and touring.

Arion Therapeutic Riding Association

Arion Occupational Development

During our two years serving individuals and their families with Special Needs in the Kelowna community, we have noted a gap in pre-vocational services for young adults. We have had numerous differently-abled individuals come to the farm to volunteer, but often they lack the skills and appropriate behaviours to work independently and follow through on assigned tasks. These are essential skills required for sustainable employment. These young adults need a structured program with individualized behaviour intervention to become successful candidates for work placement in our community. Our project, the Arion Occupational Development project, will focus on helping the young adult and youth living with disabilities who do not have access to funding to gain valuable employability skills, thereby increasing their employment opportunities. Our objective is to teach employability skills, appropriate workplace ethics and accepted employment behaviors to young adults with global developmental delay through work experience on the farm. Our goal is to successfully place each participant in an employment opportunity recognizing their individual needs and challenges.

Ashoka Canada

Changemakers Competition on First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education

Changemakers is a community of action where individuals around the world collaborate on solutions to solve the world’s most pressing social problems. Our online platform brings together 130,000 contributors from around the globe. Participants submit ideas, collectively identify the best social solutions, and then collaborate to refine, enrich, and implement those solutions. With the McConnell Foundation, we identified a Changemakers competition as a way to find innovations in the field of education, as well as to make meaningful connections between grassroots innovators and the philanthropic sector in Canada. Ashoka Canada is launching reRooting Education: Inspired Approaches to First Nations, Métis and Inuit Learning. We are looking to find, map and generate innovative ideas and strategies to improve First Nations, Métis and Inuit students’ engagement and success in education. Top entries will be recognized with prizes, which will be awarded at a closing summit. Additional prizes will acknowledge outstanding entries from specific geographic regions or thematic topics.

Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House- Intergenerational Resiliency Project

This 3-year intergenerational project focuses on supporting protective factors for impoverished, culturally diverse immigrant participants aged 10-18 years, their family members, and marginalized seniors living in the Hastings-Sunrise area. It offers attractive and innovative skill-building workshops, including hands-on culinary skills and intergenerational family support.

Atira Women's Resource Society

Maxxine Wright Early Care and Learning Centre

The Maxxine Wright Early Care and Learning Centre is a 59 - space daycare associated with Maxxine Wright Place, a comprehensive residential and health/emotional support program for women who are pregnant and/or early parenting and at risk. The daycare has been open since early 2010 and has struggled to achieve full enrollment/break even, for a variety of reasons including: -Atira's inexperience in operating daycares; -The number of infant toddler spaces, which is higher than usual because of the residential program mandate; - Stigma attached to the daycare due to the residential program. We are requesting financial support to stave off closure of the daycare while we reinvigorate our efforts to achieve full enrollment, which includes increased advertising and a comprehensive communications strategy, better utilization of our networks, a mentoring /spportive partnership with the YMCA daycare programs, revisiting our licensing/considering reconfiguration of the types of spaces and training/support of our staff to be more involved in helping us solve the problems.

Aventa New Music Society

Marilyn, Anyone can see I love you

This opera is based on aspects of the life of actress Marilyn Monroe, with libretto from BC author and poet, Marilyn Bowering. It examines Marilyn Monroe’s intellectual and emotional relationship to death and love. As the work progresses, the performance interweaves what is taking place on stage with the trajectory of Monroe’s life through relationships, fame and myth.

B.C. Association of Family Resource Programs

Path to Learning Pre-Course

The purpose of this project is to develop a specialized pre-course to engage potential learners who are continually left behind. In 2009 FRP-BC completed the development of the FRP Certificate and partnered with the Justice Institute of BC in the delivery. Over 150 applications were submitted for the 2009-2010 offerings. 52% of applicants did not meet the basic eligibility requirements. It was decided that a specialized pre-course was required. The Path to Learning Pre-course (PLP) is unique from other "Adult Boost Camps" as it will be developed through an Aboriginal self-reflective lens while bridging other cultures. The training will include a mentoring component to build capacity & self-esteem. The PLP is a 2 day on site offering with 10 hours of post mentoring. The PLP will incorporate 4 components to enable learners to: 1. Recognize & adjust to the rigors of post-secondary education 2. Build confidence & dispel the fears of school 3. Understand why post-secondary learning is vital to their work with families 4. Understand the foundations of family support theory & practice

Bard on the Beach Theatre Society

New Play Adaptation & Production of HENRY VI, THE WARS OF THE ROSES

Henry VI, The Wars of the Roses will be the premiere production of this newly adapted work to be presented at Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival in 2011. An original work that distils the texts of three plays into one, it will be rehearsed by the Bard Studio Stage company over a 6 week period along with Richard III and then play for 38 performances alongside Richard III in 2011.

BC Association of Community Response Networks

Forming Community Response Networks to address adult abuse and neglect

As our population ages, there is more abuse, neglect and self-neglect among vulnerable adults. Financial abuse is the most common form of senior abuse. Community Response Networks (CRNs) are a proven vehicle for service providers and community members to develop a coordinated response in the detectection, intervention and prevention of abuse. Currently, there are no CRNs in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland (except on the North Shore). This project is designed to work with local communities within the city and surrounding municipalities over a three-year period to form up to 10 CRNs.

BC Multicultural Health Services Society

Umbrella Mobile Health Clinic

Approximately 4,000 temporary foreign agricultural workers (TFWs) come from Mexico to the Lower Mainland each year. Although they have mandatory, self-paid, private health insurance many of these workers face language, cultural and logistical barriers to accessing health services. The Umbrella Mobile Clinic provides culturally-appropriate health services via a van that has been converted into a medical clinic. This mobile clinic is staffed by a site coordinator, a BC-licensed physician, a cross cultural health broker and volunteers. This year, the project will also incorporate health promotion workshops (as requested by the patients), and expand ongoing relationships with farm owners and extend outreach to local pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals.

Better Environmentally Sound Transportation Association

Capacity Building in Community Based Seniors Transportation

Access to transportation has become more difficult for frail and elderly seniors (especially those in rural BC). This project will provide hands-on training in feasibility analysis, business planning, and operations management for local agency transport services to eight senior-serving agencies per year for three years. It will also provide a quantitative and qualitative analysis of accessible transportation needs in rural BC.

BGC South Coast BC

Pre-Teen Nights

Pre-Teen Nights will offer evening pre-teen drop-in programs in seven locations which will integrate social activities with discussions and themes related to participants’ needs. Participants determine both the social activities as well as discussions. Trained staff provide mentorship and support to make a safe environment where participants feel comfortable to raise issues that are affecting their lives.

Britannia Community Services Centre Society

Speaking Rights: A participatory community building project for BC youth

Speaking Rights is a participatory education project that engages youth (12-18 yrs) in identifying strategies to address discrimination, bullying and exclusion and creating a space for dialogue and action on these issues. Over 25 organizations in BC would benefit from training, coaching, education resources, support in developing youth-led community projects, follow-up & sharing lessons learned.

British Columbia Choral Federation

British Columbia Youth Choir 2011 in Prince George (BCYC 2011)

The British Columbia Youth Choir (BCYC) is a core program of the British Columbia Choral Federation. Entirely managed by 60 young volunteer singers from across BC, BCYC engages top choral professionals to conduct and accompany the choir, recruits, auditions and encourages young singers, ages 16-25, and produces and promotes the program throughout the year. In 2011, it will take place in Prince George.

British Columbia Library Association

BC Books Online: Delivery of an eBook Collection to BC Libraries

The BC Books Online consortium aims to deliver a collection of BC published books in e-book format to every public, academic and school library in the province. In partnership with the Association of Book Publishers of BC, BC Books will hire staff to create marketing and information packages for the libraries, work with publishers and writers to develop terms of trade, and develop a program to sustain the project over time, ensuring access to the BC Books Online collection across the province and creating a significant literary legacy.

British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Improving the Welfare of Cats in BC SPCA Shelters

The BC SPCA operates on evidence-based programs that apply the outcomes of scientific research to improving the welfare of animals throughout BC. In our continued effort to maintain the highest levels of welfare possible, we will be converting ouo current cat cages into larger enclosures at 33 of our shelters. The latest animal welfare research by Dr. Kate Hurley, Director of Shelter Medicine at University of California Davis (UC Davis) and the North America leader in cat research, states that cats must have a minimum of 11 square feet per cage for optimum welfare. Current BC SPCA cages average only 5.5 feet. To improve this situation, we will be combining our current cages using cost effective method development by UC Davis. By installing a circular polyvinyl chloride (PVC) portal, two cages can be joined, transforming a single stainless steel cage into double compartment cage units that a cat can easily travel between.

Burnaby Art Gallery Association

Chronicles of Form and Place: Works on Paper by Takao Tanabe

The Tanabe exhibition, publication and online resource will be a lasting contribution to the art historical record, especially in the context of an important Canadian artist continuing to produce work in Canada. Tanabe’s unusual dexterity in a variety of media will make the touring show of some 75 drawings, watercolours and collages reflect key themes and conceptual shifts the artist has been engaged with during his career.

Burnaby Community Connections Society

Homes for All: Building Communities, Building Homes

This project will mobilize community support for a continuum of housing and associated services, bringing together groups including the City of Burnaby, the provincial and federal governments and the Burnaby Board of Trade to collaborate on addressing affordable housing and homelessness. A full-time coordinator will build community support and the relationships needed to achieve a common vision and commitment to address this urgent social issue.

Campbell River & District Museum & Archives Society

Our Culture and History Go Mobile

The Grand Foyer of the Museum overlooks Discovery Passage, a waterway rich in First Nations and marine history, coastal lifestyles, unique landmarks and natural features. It highlights Kwakwaka’wakw, Nuuchalnulth and Coast Salish cultures as well as logging, fishing and coastal life styles. This project will place a user-activated, large screen kiosk, akin to an ‘IPod on wheels’ in the foyer. It will offer layers of interpretation with interview clips, slide shows, video clips, narration and images, both archival and current, grouped by thematic icons. Custom programming would allow for easy updating and adding of content or images.

Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives

Engaging Families, Children, and Youth for Poverty Reduction in BC

The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition aims to create a comprehensive poverty reduction plan with legislated targets and timelines. To do this, a community organizer will engage BC families, children, and youth affected by poverty. The Coalition will also launch a social media campaign, and engage with municipal decision makers about the need for a provincial strategy to reduce poverty. The Coalition will maintain a Secretariat (housed at Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) that will coordinate its work and support the Poverty Reduction Campaign.