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Ehattesaht Tribe

Ehattesaht Children's Playground

Ehattesaht would like to build a culturally appropriate playground as a safe place for their children to play. This project is being undertaken with the full support of the Ehattesaht Chief and Council and through an an Aboriginal Leadership Initiative called Ahp-cii-uk. The main Ehattesaht reserve is small, with barely enough land for the 15 buildings on the reserve. The community is on Zeballos Inlet but cut off from access to the water by a busy logging road. Children not only cross the road to get to the water but they also play on it because they have no safe alternative. The Chief and Council have approved a site for the playground in the main part of the village, adjacent to the Youth Centre that will also eventually house a Headstart program to increase children’s success in, and attachment to, school. One of the requirements of Headstart is a fenced playground. Chief and Council have also purchased some playground equipmentwhich can be used. The project will result in a safe place for Ehattesaht children to play and contribute to social development activities.

Environmental Youth Alliance


‘Sustain’ is a project that uses new media as a platform to engage marginalized youth in environmental and social justice issues and empowers them to become active participants in systemic change through sharing their visions with their community. Ten youth will receive intensive training in diversity, media, communications, and then work on new media endeavours that build awareness.

Equitas - International Centre

Speaking Rights - a participatory human rights education toolkit for BC Youth

Speaking Rights is a human rights education project that engages 13-17 year olds in exploring issues that are important to them as they work together to identify strategies to address discrimination, bullying and exclusion. Through Speaking Rights youth workers and youth are trained on the Speaking Rights Toolkit which is an innovative tool which supports and develops the leadership skills of youth by strengthening their knowledge, skills, values, behavior and attitudes. Youth participate in activities and community projects from the Toolkit which open up a space for dialogue and action on issues such as participation, leadership, active citizenship; self-esteem and relationships; violence and intimidation; rights and responsibilities; gender roles; and exclusion, discrimination and racism. The current toolkit is based on a needs assessment conducted with youth and youth workers in Montreal. With the recent success of this project in Montreal, Equitas partners in BC have asked Equitas to adapt the toolkit to meet the Vancouver context and the needs of youth workers and youth in BC.


Building Safety Through Community: Safety for Aboriginal Women and Children

This 18-month project aims to increase the safety of on- and off-reserve Aboriginal women and their children in the Smithers region. It will expand the hours and mandate of two well-respected Aboriginal anti-violence workers to build relationships, share knowledge and develop community safety protocols with Aboriginal leaders and other Aboriginal social and health service providers. By building on existing safety networks and creating critical new ones the project will address sexual and domestic violence, and will help create a legacy of safety through the tools, coordination agreements and knowledge that will be generated and go beyond the life of the project.


Uncover Still Creek

Through the “Uncover Still Creek” program, Evergreen will work with the City of Vancouver to rehabilitate priority municipal lands into spaces that welcome community members to spend time, provide vital habitat for terrestrial and aquatic species and mitigate high stormwater flows and poor water quality. The program aims to connect citizens with their watershed, encouraging them to take action both locally and as a community to ensure the health of Still Creek’s waters.

Family Services of Greater Vancouver

The Living Wage Investor Project

In Britain, the United States and now in Canada there is increasing support for a ‘living wage’ as a way to ensure that families have enough income to support themselves to develop in a healthy and socially inclusive way. The living wage is about what a family with children would need to earn in order to have an after-tax income that allows it to meet basic needs and to participate in the civic/social life of their community. ‘The Living Wage Investor Project’ aims to broaden and deepen the visibility and effectiveness of the Living Wage for Families campaign in Metro Vancouver by seeking support for paying a living wage from institutional investors (pension funds, mutual funds, investment managers, foundations and endowments). It is hoped that encouraging institutional investors to prioritize investing in companies that pay a living wage will increase the opportunities for families to earn enough income so they don’t have to face impossible choices— such as whether to buy food or heat the house, feed the children or pay the rent.

Fireweed Collective Society

I Can Cook A to Z!

I Can Cook A to Z! works through the ingredient alphabet, introducing participants to healthy foods they may have seen in the store but never tried before. The program engages Fireweed clients and their families in 26 weekly cooking sessions, building cooking skills and increasing literacy and reading skills. It uses low-literacy cooking resources recently developed by Fireweed, and results in the publication of a cookbook and kitchen skills handbook for participants to use at home. Our target group is ages 16 to 24, particularly young parents and pregnant women. Over the past year and a half we identified that a majority of participants in our cooking and skill-building (CSB) sessions do not have basic cooking or food safety skills and have challenges reading. Each session focuses on one ingredient, and highlights cooking methods and ways to use the ingredient in other recipes. Participants will cook together, building cooking skills and developing community relationships. Sessions will include information and tips on budgeting and shopping, and end with a communal meal.

First Pacific Theatre Society


Re:Union dramatizes a real event, when a Quaker set himself on fire and died below the Pentagon window of US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, as a protest of the escalating Vietnam War. His one year-old daughter Emily, in his arms, miraculously escaped unharmed. His death is said to have been the catalyst that forced McNamara and the US to face the inhumanity of the war. In Re:Union, an adult Emily returns to Washington in aftermath 9/11, seeking to persuade McNamara to stopping a war that is just beginning. She ends up reuniting with her long-dead father. The company will also present a community outreach program ‘The Activist City: An Inter-Community Dialogue’ to extend the social impact of our work.

Fraser River Discovery Centre Society

FRDC's Outdoor Interpretive Panels

IIn the 1990s, the Fraser River Discovery Centre (FRDC) created a series of 22 visually exciting and thoughtprovoking interpretive panels which were displayed along a 1.3km riverfront boardwalk. The panels heighten awareness of environmental issues related to the Fraser River watershed; stimulate river advocacy and interpretation; and encourage community participation by fostering a stronger understanding, ownership and desire to act positively to affect the river's health. This project would replace damaged panels in September 2012 with updated design and information to coincide with Artists on the River, the FRDC’s annual festival celebrating Rivers Day.

Fraser Valley Humane Society

Isolation Unit Upgrade

The shelter has an isolation unit where new cats and kittens to the shelter stay before being allowed into the main population. This is to make sure they are not carrying communicable disease. The isolation unit is also used to initially separate new born kittens for the main population. This upgrade will allow for some flexibility in how we house some of the animals and will ensure the space can be cleaned thoroughly to protect at risk animals.

Friends of Film Society of Powell River

2012 Powell River Film Festival

Our 2012 Festival will be a celebration of the local and regional arts: • Documentaries, dramas, & animation: local, BC and Canadian films with presentations by the filmmakers to provide maximum public engagement • Focus: Media Arts for Schools: two days of films to assist in developing critical thinking and appreciation of the media arts • Adventures in Film Camp: three days of screening films and learning production skills by making short films with mentors, open to youth 15-19 years • 5-Minute Film Contest (students) and 24-Hour Film Contest (adults): winning films are screened during the festival, highlighting the achievements of filmmakers • Newsletters and web presence: promotion of all community film-related events and initiatives to youth and the general public throughout the year

Gabriola Arts Council

Gabriola Contemporary Public Art Initiative

The initiative originates out of the need to enhance 'brown public spaces' and provide artistic expression, which is currently absent. The initiative will take the following format: 1. Each Island neighbourhood will be asked to identify a high visibility site, suitable for the location of public art installation 2. Individual artists will be invited to submit proposals for public art installations. 3. Each installation submitted will be collaboration between an established professional artist and an emerging artist and a neighbourhood 4. The viability of each proposed installation will be assessed by an Advisory Committee on the basis of: • Artistic merit • Cultural sensitivity • Ability of proposed installations to garner support of the community 5. A prioritized list of installations will be agreed and adopted until all available funding is exhausted 6. Each installation will be evaluated by way of an Installation Specification with clear expectations 7. Stewardship of each installation will be the responsibility of the Gabriola Arts Council

Gibsons Family Network

Marketing and Business Expansion Plan for Sunshine Shack Kiosk

We wish to research possible other locations for a beverage kiosk, that would provide a higher traffic volume and also research offering a catering service to various community groups GFN has had a great response from the community for the work we do to provide inclusion and employment for people with developmental disabilities. In order to continue operating the Sunshine Shack we need to develop a business plan with the long term goal of sustainability, while providing employment and training-on-the job for young adults who have recently graduated from high school Our main focus for this project will be a comprehensive review of services including an assessment of current and future needs. We are asking assistance to hire an external evaluation consultant to conduct the review of services, and to assist us in developing a process, criteria and reporting framework to evaluate the expansion options. This will help us to identify core services and help us to make a decision which expansion alternatives will be pursued. We will also update our website to be more current.

Girls Action Foundation

Creating a BC network of girls' programs

This project will offer networking and skill-building activities that will allow 40 community groups to collaborate year-round. It will implement outreach, workshops, online communication mechanisms and best practices sharing for these organizations. Two partner organizations will offer programs for Aboriginal and racialised girls and young women in their communities.

Grendel Group (Family Advocates)

The Grendel Players

The Grendel Group (Family Advocates) is a values-based organization, dedicated to establishing programs that provide educational, work experience and skill development opportunities within the community that contribute to the moral, mental, cultural and physical improvement for individuals with developmental intellectual delays (DID). The Grendel Players is a theatre program that works towards developing the participants' communication skills. This proposed project will have the Grendel participants create, rehearse and perform a play about the value of differences. The participants will also be involved in the building and painting of the set; creating the props; and helping to make costumes. This endeavor will better integrate these individuals into the community and provide them with the necessary communication skills and self-confidence required to obtain employment. It will also provide and opportunity to members of the community to see these individuals in a different light: recognizing their abilities as opposed to their disabilities.

Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Sanctuary Improvements

A project to improve the sanctuary environment to maintain and improve the health and welfare of rescued birds awaiting adoption.

Grunt Gallery


Activating the Archive involves the digitization and web publishing of substantial sections of grunt gallery’s 26+ year archives, consisting of documentation of over 300 exhibitions, 200 performances, 100 conferences, festivals and special events, with over 200,000 slides and digital images, 10,000 hours of videotape, and thousands of pages of printed materials. The archive contains significant exhibitions and performances by Canadian artists and national Aboriginal artists; materials not available in any other collection.

Haisla Nation

Nanakila Guardian Watchmen

Nanakila was incorporated as a non-profit society on June 28, 2011. Part of the mission to, 'Conserve and restore all resources in Haisla and surrounding territory' is achieved through our Guardian Watchman program. Nanakila is a Haisla word meaning 'to stand guard over', Nanakila watchmen patrol the region stretching from the Kitamaat Valley in the north to the Kitlope Valley in the south - a total area of 13000 square kilometers. Haisla Territory includes pristine watersheds - Kiltope, Kowesas and Gilttoyees as well as some of the most heavily altered watersheds in British Columbia. In 1994 The Kitlope Heritage Conservancy with Provincial Park status was created and through an agreement with Kitamaat Village Council and BC Parks, Nanakila created the Watchman Program to manage the Conservancy. The agreement with BC Parks now encompasses patrols within the Haisla Territory including: Kitimat River Park, Wedeene Park, Coste Rocks, Kildala, Gilttoyees, Jesse Falls, Eagle Bay, Crab river, Shearwater, Klekane, Bishop Bay, Brim river, Sue Channel, and Kitlope Heritage Conservancy

Hope in Shadows Inc.

Learning about illicit alcohol harm reduction options in BC

This project will train and take facilitators (themselves drinkers of non-beverage alcohol) to 10 communities outside the Greater Vancouver area to research how people who drink illicit alcohol see and experience the harms associated with their alcohol consumption and what they think the solutions to address these harms might be. They will share findings with decision-makers and work to see their recommendations implemented.

Howe Sound Women's Centre Society

Dog Run/ Fenced in Area at Transition House

We are looking for funding to build a dog run area that will allow women who are staying at the Transition House to bring their dogs to a safe place and not be left in the hands of an abusive partner. Currently, due to health issues such as allergies and the presence of children at the Transition House, dogs can only stay for a short visit (usually overnight) before we must find alternate arrangements for them.

I.E. Artspeak Gallery Society

Praxis: Past and Present

Praxis: Past and Present is a two-part project that examines Vancouver’s identity and history through an expansion of Artspeak’s summer and fall exhibitions, Holly Ward: Future Present and Finite + Infinite. Programming will include: artist and curator talks, an artist’s poster project, a musical performance, tours to offsite exhibitions on display in civic and university libraries throughout the city, publications that will extend the project to future audiences, and a symposium bringing together international, national and local librarians, community leaders and artists.

Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia

MY Circle Transitions: Enhanced Newcomer Leadership Training

This project will develop and deliver 8-10 training modules for immigrant and refugee youth leaders in areas youth have identified including conflict resolution skills, LGBTQ/migrant identities, migration, multiculturalism and indigenous perspectives. Curriculum will be developed in the first year and delivered, evaluated and fine tuned in the second and third years, with a target of training 40 newcomer youth.

Afghan Women's Support Project

Afghan Women's Sewing and Craft Cooperative (Malalay) supports the socio-economic development of Afghan women in BC. This project will: develop increased knowledge and skills for co-operative and society members; refine business and marketing plans; revise the co-operative by-laws; and increase engagement of members as stakeholders.

Indian Residential School Survivors Society

Residential Schools - Truth and Learning

Partner to develop engaging educational resources for students within the school system that will supplement current Social Studies curriculums. These will describe and illustrate the history of Indian Residential Schools (IRS), the role of Churches and Government, and the impact the schools have had on First Nation’s people & non-natives. Create mobile exhibits to be rotated among schools, colleges, universities etc. and in the lobbies of participating corporations with the goal of educating employees about IRS & to create funding, scholarships & job mentoring opportunities. Develop a proposed permanent education and research centre at UBC to supplement the First Nation’s Studies Program, House of Learning, Museum of Anthropology, Long House, First Nations Library etc. By creating interactive, multi-media displays that bring the experience of Residential Schools to life, the exhibits will assist educators by enhancing the resources of their in-class curriculum and generate additional interest in the subject with native & non-native people.

International Institute for Child Rights and Development

Hear the Child Education Project

The Project will serve BC children, youth and their families, professionals providing non-therapeutic child interviews in family cases, and legal professionals who need their services to implement BC law. It will start a non-profit society that promotes professional education for non-therapeutic child interviewers, where BC families and legal professionals can learn about a service available to them to support children and youth; and where BC children and youth are given an opportunity to share their views with qualified interviewers where their best interests are determined.