Awarded Grants

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The Salvation Army, British Columbia Division

Gardening for Health and Wellness - Development of Local Community Garden Sites

In Penticton, The Food Bank has a food short fall of 10,000 pounds and this hinders the ability for the Food Bank to provide enough food for all who cannot provide it for themselves. This project proposes to convert unused or underutilized land such as backyard spaces of businesses or families, into 10 community gardens, recruit volunteers from the food bank clients and the community at large and teach people how to eat nutritious meals that are low cost. We also are developing the capacity to store vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions and squash for winter access. The gardens will provide a relaxing environment for fresh air, exercise, cultivating an appreciation for the environment and building community. The social wellness of our clients is also enhanced as they participate. These gardens will also be a place of education where those involved will learn gardening techniques and valuable tips on nutritious eating. Teaching to preserve food is also to be included in community kitchens. We will be learning to can salsa, pickles and perhaps sauerkraut.

The Sustainability Institute of Canada

Environment and Diversity Forum Series

Ethno-cultural communities across Canada have shown a strong desire to participate in environmental programming, that they have a concern about the environment and quality of life, and that Environmental NGOs (ENGOs) historically just have not worked with them. ENGOs have now come to realize that they have as much to learn from different ethno-cultural communities as these groups have from them, and that they become stronger and more relevant to the communities they work with when there is sincere collaboration. We are holding a series of one-day environment and diversity forums in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto to: 1. Share knowledge, experiences and best practices in engaging and developing collaborative relationships with ethno-cultural communities; 2. Discuss ways how ENGOs are promoting diversity within their organizations; 3. Compare and contrast environment and diversity initiatives in various cities; 4. Share these findings with other Canadian ENGOs and the general public; and, 5. Inspire ENGOs to develop their own environment and diversity initiatives.

UBC - Department of Psychology

Promoting Healthy Aging through Intergenerational Programming (Dr. Christiane Hoppman/Ms. Sandra Petrozzi)

This planning grant takes an innovative approach to health promotion in an aging population by capitalizing on the important role of social factors. Specifically, we will develop community-based intergenerational programs that harvest older adults' skills and needs to leave a lasting legacy while at the same time increasing leisure time physical activity such as "purposeful walking" as well as providing cognitive stimulation. Therefore, intergenerational programs have the potential for high "buy-in" because they contribute to older adults' purpose in life and simultaneously foster health-promoting behaviors that are well known to contribute to healthy aging. The project stems from a need to develop sustainable programs that will promote the health of a growing population of older adults, while supporting the social and academic development of children from immigrant and low-income families. This project will explore facilitators and barriers to intergenerational programming in the local context, from the perspectives of program administrators, parents of young children, and older adult program participants. We will do this through focus group discussions, a symposium, and participatory research methods. We will then use the knowledge gained to develop feasible, evidence-based implementation strategies for intergenerational programming that will, in turn, form the basis of a larger program implementation project. Research Team: Dr. Christiane Hoppman/Ms. Sandra Petrozzi

UNIT/PITT Projects

I Will Survive

I Will Survive is the working title for a series of five works commissioned from emerging artists, including three works commissioned from emerging First Nations artists, to be presented in the fall of 2012 and early 2013. Patterned after our previous commissioning project, Ill Repute, it will be jointly curated by UNIT/PITT director Keith Higgins and artist, curator and community organizer Cease Wyss. Where the previous project drew on the history of the communities of practice, political and social phenomena, and subcultures which intersected with the Helen Pitt Gallery during its 36-year history, the proposed project explores the future of these communities and practices. By envisioning a future, emerging artists and their emerging discourses will take a role in how that future is shaped.

United Players of Vancouver

Side-drape replacement project

The original drapery & tracks in the theatre (Jericho Arts Centre) were acquired second-hand, prior to 2000. Age has caused a decline in the flame retardant capability of these drapes so they no longer meet the requirements in the British Columbia Fire Code and present a safety risk. Many years of use has also resulted in stains, tears and a general shabby appearance. The old tracks are also damaged and need replacement. The fabric has deteriorated beyond the point that it can be cleaned & re-treated with flame retardants. We raised money and replaced the Main Traveller, Legs, Valance and Lobby drapes in 2008, but had insufficient funds to replace all drapes. If the requested funds are granted, we would be able to complete the project by replacing all the drapes on both sides of the theatre and at the exit doors. New drapes will make the theatre safer by bringing us into compliance with the British Columbia Fire Code flame retardant standards. They will also give a more professional appearance to the theatre.

Vancouver Chinese Instrumental Music Society

Musical Transformations: Our Story (working title)

Performed at the Norman Rothstein Theatre, this concert will be a reflection and examination of immigration and diaspora of Chinese music in Vancouver. Facilitating an understanding of Vancouver’s diverse identities and representing a cultural group with such presence in Vancouver, this performance will feature Canada’s very first professional Chinese instrumental music group. The nights’ repertoire takes audiences through the evolution of Chinese music starting with traditional influences brought by the influx of Chinese immigration during the 1970s. The first section highlights classical folk styles, pieces that demand a mastery of technique. These tunes often have philosophical associations, which will be addressed by our MC Dr. Jan Walls. Following will be a selection of rearranged works that have extracted elements from both eastern and western practices. In the third section, the ensemble will perform Canadian commissioned pieces for Chinese Instruments. Progressing through the development of contemporary music will provide a look at where Chinese music is headed in Vancouver.

Vancouver Humane Society

Upgrades to Fundraising Database and Website Content Management Software

VHS is seeking funding in order to upgrade two software programs that are crucual to our program operations. The first program upgrade will update the Windows compatibility and feature enhancements of our fundraising database software. The second upgrade will update the content management software for our Chicken OUT! website to a simpler program that can be used by in-house staff instead of outsourcing to contractors.

Vancouver Maritime Museum


In Lured, visitors explore all aspects of the sea and its eternal draw. It steps into the life of those who are lured to the sea for their livelihood and touches on the economic and social impact on Vancouver - a port city. Lured will be presented as two unique, but complimentary exhibits, each with different components and elements yet linked through the individual works of three artists and their interpretation of common themes. The underlying themes include: globalization and economics - who works on the cargo ships in our harbour and who provides seafarer's social safety net. The artists, Allan Sekula , Stan Douglas and Uriel Orlow, are renowned both locally and internationally. Using the artists existing work, and tying into the museum's multidimensional objects and archival materials, the exhibit will look at the evolution of container shipping and its profound impact socially and economically on the city of Vancouver. We are pleased to have Vancouver based artist Stan Douglas participate in this unique project.

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue VOKRA

Application & Website Enhancement Project

VOKRA has a custom application and integrated website. This application manages cat intake, foster home management, cat medical care, and adoptions. We have identified a number of enhancements to support our expanding rescue operation’s processes and procedures - such as foster self-service data entry, automated medical treatment reminders, and better search capabilities for adoption matches. Our website ( , which is integrated with the application, needs an overhaul to provide a “fresh face” for VOKRA. This is part of an ongoing strategy to update our brand identity. We would also like to address some useability issues of our current website structure. We are hoping that these improvements will make our site more attractive, drive up the number of cats adopted, increase donations and help us fulfill our mandate of helping the homeless cats and kittens of the Lower Mainland.

Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra Society

Inspiration from the Professionals

The Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra 'Inspiration from the Professionals' project is an initiative that will provide 115 young VYSO musicians an opportunity to work closely and intensively with dynamic young professionals from the metro Vancouver community. These young VYSO musicians will be greatly enriched with musical knowledge and inspiration through this mentorship. The mentors engaged for this 2013 project are the talented young men, Anthony Chung, Alex Chung and John Littlejohn, of the local and professional ensemble named, Infinitus Trio. The 'Inspiration from the Professionals' partnership project will comprise of one weekend of collaborative rehearsals, workshops and one final public performance. VYSO Debut and Junior musicians and the Infinitus Trio professionals will share the language of music on the concert stage, at Vancouver's beautiful Kay Meek Centre on Mother's Day, May 12, 2013.

Victoria Philharmonic Choir Society

A workshop on & performance of Monteverdi's "Vespers" in March & June 2013

The idea for doing large scale choral works like Monteverdi's 'Vespers' arose because very few of them are put on in Victoria. It is a major mandate of the Victoria Philharmonic Choir (VPC) to fill that need. We do so for the sophisticated audience for this type of music in Victoria and are rewarded with sell-out concerts. We typically have almost 100 players on stage for such works as the B minor Mass (June 2012) and the two-orchestra St. Matthew Passion of JS Bach in 2010 and 2011. Upcoming is Handel's dramatic Oratorio 'Israel in Egypt' in October 2012. Continuing this tradition we intend to perform the 1610 “Vespers” by Monteverdi. It will be performed on June 15 2013 in St. Andrews Cathedral in Victoria with vocal soloists and a professional union orchestra. This work sums up the best of what music had to offer four hundred years ago. In preparation for the 'Vespers' we plan a choral workshop in March 2013 on the music of Monteverdi. This will rehearse the VPC for the concert, and give invited singers a chance to improve their skills.

Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia

Website Development

The WRA is planning a complete redevelopment of its website. This project will provide important new features, services and upgrades that will create a better communications tool to engage, inform and inspire the community about our important work for wildlife.