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Realwheels Society

Whose Life is it Anyway?

Realwheels will produce Brian Clark's Whose Life is it Anyway? to be presented by The Cultch. The action of the play involves a sculptor who, having become quadriplegic, despairs his present body state and resolves to end his life. The origins of this project can be traced back to the real life challenges that Artistic Director James Sanders experienced during his rehabilitation from a spinal cord injury, when he was shown a film version of the play as a source of inspiration. Twenty years later, Realwheels is ideally situated to tell this story, as our mandate is rooted in a commitment to increased understanding of life lived with disability. Realwheels will engage in a three-week ITA Equity rehearsal and two-week run. We will host ancillary events such as pre-show audience chats and post-show debates with our community partners. Playing to a general public and subscribers of The Cultch, we will also be attracting large numbers of patrons with disabilities and individuals in the healthcare industry to the theatre. We will also offer signed performances and audio description.

Richmond Gateway Theatre Society


Sisters by Simon Johnston is inspired by Russian dramatist Anton Chekhov's classic play, Three Sisters. An ambitious work set in China in 1939 which explores the clash of two cultures in another time and place, we believe this production will have special meaning for Richmond and Lower Mainland audiences. We want to offer an original play that appeals to our diverse community. The play itself is naturalistic. Set in a huge old expensive house built in the Russian tradition but in China and owned by a wealthy family, our production will require a significant investment in set and props to help realize the playwright's vision. This piece will require 4 weeks of rehearsal rather than the usual 2.5 weeks in order to fully develop the final script for the production of this new play. In addition to a diverse cast of four women and one man, the creative team will include director Sarah Rodgers and designers Carmen Alatorre (costume), Itai Irdal (lighting), and Kevin McAllister (set). Gateway Theatre will premiere Sisters from Jan.31-Feb.16, 2013 for 15 performances.

SFU Galleries

Wild New Territories (WNT)

WNT will highlight the important role that art can play in the ecological discourse that is ever more central to humanity's time on the planet. The art in the WNT exhibition is in galleries as well as outdoor sites and in both settings it will available to both those seeking the exhibition and to those whose urban wandering happens to bring them to it - as is the case with public art. The exhibition is possibly unique in its field because the work attempts to analyze and explore the natural and the urban simultaneously. It is also the first large-scale ecological contemporary group exhibition in Vancouver since 'Lost Illusions' at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1991, which did not have an ambitious outdoor component. The project has partnered with many groups & those partnerships ensure that it will have an audience with several key demographics - Artists for Kids Trust will bring youth; Stanley Park Ecology Society the natural history community, etc. The project also has: disabled artists(Kathy Kenny), 1st nations (Edgar Heap of Birds), multi-ethnic (Gordon Cheung), for example.

Surrey Art Gallery Association

Beacon Fire: Artisan Studio Pottery in British Columbia 1920 to 1975

The ceramic arts have been a key cultural form in British Columbia for the past century. Despite this crucial history, the high-calibre of these artisanal forms and the many practitioners who have developed significant bodies of work remain relatively unknown both to present day ceramic practitioners, artists and designers and to the public at large. Our project seeks to address this historical-cultural gap by presenting and documenting key works from the province's productivist ceramic tradition. The project will strive to serve the diverse populations of Metro Vancouver and especially Surrey -- the province's second most populous city and home to many new immigrants, and a multiplicity of ethnic communities. The project will provide opportunities for these and other Lower Mainland audiences to reflect on the history and beauty of this important cultural form that has merged eastern and western traditions. The project will present an exhibition of ceramics by over twenty different practitioners, archival documents and artifacts, a series of public programs, and a publication.

Symphony of the Kootenays

Music in the Mountains

The Symphony of the Kootenays, in partnership with the St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino, Just Music, and the St. Mary's Band, plans to perform at a first ever free outdoor concert. This concert will feature work from well known aboriginal composer Barbara Croall. While the piece is relatively new in the spectrum of classical works we intend to adapt this piece with the addition of local aboriginal storytellers and dancers. This will be an outdoor concert performed at the St. Eugene Resort and Casino. This is a pilot project. It is a cross cultural venture with the Ktunaxa Nation, planned to coincide with Aboriginal Day for the purpose of recognizing Aboriginal peoples' important place within the fabric of Canada and to showcase the area's arts and culture locally and regionally. Providing an opportunity for public appreciation of classical and aboriginal music and culture; all in the historical venue of St Eugene’s. It is also an opportunity to invite a variety of visitors to come and experience our beautiful region, and its cultural diversity, and provide some economic spin off.

Vancouver Chamber Choir

Eric Whitacre Conducts

This project wil give young choral singers the opportunity to work directly with Grammy award-winning composer, conductor and all-round champion of choral music Eric Whitacre, arguably one of the most popular and most-performed composers of his generation. Included in the project are preparatory rehearsals for the youth singers under the direction of Jon Washburn, as well as 2 intensive days of direct interaction with Whitacre himself, culminating in a performance on the stage of Vancouver's Orpheum Theatre with Eric Whitacre conducting. Those singers from the community not involved in the concert will be invited to attend an open rehearsal to observe Whitacre in rehearsal. Each will receive a printed copy of the score to one of his most famous scompositions and at the end of the rehearsal will be invited to sing along with Eric Whitacre. This is also a rare opportunity for the singers of the Vancouver Chamber Choir to work directly with a composer whose works they perform, an opportunity to hone their interpretive skills under his personal tutelage.

Vancouver Maritime Museum


In Lured, visitors explore all aspects of the sea and its eternal draw. It steps into the life of those who are lured to the sea for their livelihood and touches on the economic and social impact on Vancouver - a port city. Lured will be presented as two unique, but complimentary exhibits, each with different components and elements yet linked through the individual works of three artists and their interpretation of common themes. The underlying themes include: globalization and economics - who works on the cargo ships in our harbour and who provides seafarer's social safety net. The artists, Allan Sekula , Stan Douglas and Uriel Orlow, are renowned both locally and internationally. Using the artists existing work, and tying into the museum's multidimensional objects and archival materials, the exhibit will look at the evolution of container shipping and its profound impact socially and economically on the city of Vancouver. We are pleased to have Vancouver based artist Stan Douglas participate in this unique project.

Vancouver Poetry House Society

The Spoken Word Marquee Series

When Shane Koyczan performed at the 2010 Winter Olympic opening ceremonies, it heralded a new era for spoken word poetry. Koyczan honed his poetic craft as a six-time member of the Vancouver Poetry Slam team. His meteoric rise began with the opportunities he found through Vancouver Poetry House. The current need is to raise the profile of talented local spoken word artists and to highlight voices from underrepresented communities. The Spoken Word Marquee Series at VIPF would showcase established and emerging spoken word artists alongside each other. We plan to program 4-6 events as part of this Marquee Series including: a musical-literary collaboration with Shane Koyczan, Dan Mangan, and The Fugitives; a Dub Poetry partnership between the Black Dot Roots & Culture Collective (BeDRoCC) and two-time Juno award-winning poet Lillian Allen; Hip Hop Poetry featuring Beat Nation, Zaccheus Jackson, and CR Avery; and Queer Stories featuring Ivan Coyote and Tara Hardy. These shows celebrate today's premier spoken word poets and bring forward the next generation.

Vancouver Summer Festival Society

Ancient Cultures / New Sounds - a major concert in MusicFest Vancouver 2013

Ancient Cultures / New Sounds is a major project planned for MusicFest Vancouver 2013 (August 9 - 18). Under the curatorial direction of Persian-trained instrumentalist and vocalist Amir Koushkani, this contemporary music collaboration will see Canadian world music ensemble Safa welcome several performers including Azerbaijani singer Alim Qasimov to create and perform new compositions and improvisations performed on instruments from the Arabian, Iranian, and Turkish traditions. The focal point will be a MusicFest Vancouver BMO Main Stage public concert in the stunning acoustics of the Chan Centre at UBC. It will also include a free educational lecture/demonstration within MusicFest Vancouver's Inside the Music series. As part of MusicFest Vancouver and supported by the Chan Centre, this project will receive extensive media coverage both with the complete festival and in targeted outreach marketing to specific cultural and artistic communities.The venue is beside the Museum of Anthropology, which will be exhibiting contemporary art works from the same region.