Awarded Grants

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British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

BC SPCA Strategic Plan 2014-2018

In 2013, the BC SPCA will undertake a comprehensive province-wide stakeholder and public consultation process to assist in the development and approval of a strategic plan for 2014 through 2018. Once approved, the new strategic plan will define the organization’s direction and prioritize programming and the allocation of resources for that five year period. The process will also include an evaluation of the BC SPCA’s current Mission, Vision and Charter, as well as the Guiding Principles and strategic objectives.

Creston Pet Adoption and Welfare Society

Pet First Aid Course

Walks 'N Wags Pet First Aid Course ( ) is a longstanding national pet first aid program. We will invite Instructor Penny Korethoski of Nelson BC to provide this 10 hour pet first aid instruction course for approximately 25 PAWS volunteers. The course teaches skills for dealing with cat and dog emergencies including: - bleeding, broken bones and other wounds - choking - CPR - recognizing the early signs of illness - ways to prevent injuries and illness - includes a manual and 'quick guide' - certificate provided on completion of exam This program will be of great benefit to the animals at the PAWS shelter as well as educating volunteers and enabling them to provide more complete and effective care for the animals, as well as being able to respond and react appropriately if and when a pet becomes ill or injured. The costs include: registration costs for 25 volunteers at$140.00 each - $3500.00 transportation, food and accommodation for the instructor - $350.00 meeting room rental - $300.00 supplies - $200.00

Get Bear Smart Society

Fundraising Collateral Creation - Book: Joy of Bears

To create a small hardcover photo book 5"x7", 96 pages as fundraising collateral that is also educational. Projected return on investment is 68%. The images of bears in the book will be chosen for their impact on people's emotions; how effectively they reduce fearful attitudes and instill a healthy respect. E.g. a photo of a bear standing on its hind legs reveals their phylogenetic similarity to people, helping people to understand that bears are not that unlike us, and moving them toward a more compassionate feeling and enlightened attitude without going to the other extreme: making bears seem like "pets". Other photos will inspire joyful reactions; perhaps depicting moms interacting with their cubs; or smiling bears. Accompanying text will be geared to accomplish the same. The size of the book was purposely chosen to be small to keep costs down; be easy for stores to display as well as easy for people to pick up and pack along. Suggested retail will be $9.95 - a price point that will produce maximum sales. Books to be sold within 3 years. See section 16 re: profitability.

Kitty Cat PAL Prevent A Litter Society

Marketing and Fundraising collateral creation

To date, the society's collateral visual materials have been hand-made by volunteers and last less than one year before they tear or break. We would like to have a few key pieces of signage professionally produced so that they will last years in aid of the long term capacity of the society to reach the community. Key Signage is needed, such as sandwich boards and rigid plastic banners announcing our presence at community events, durable tabletop display boards to feature what we do, and professionally produced pamphlets that the public can take home as reference. Also, There have been requests by schools and service societies for presentations from the society in order to increase fundraising activities. We would like to have produced a short informative documentary video about the society, what our volunteers do and the needs of the cats in our community. This video can be accompanied by a distribution of kid-friendly magnets in schools, so that they can take home something about the society and put it on the fridge, increasing the exposure of the society to the entire household.

Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society

A Way Forward - Building Organizational Capacity

This project has two parts. Part 1 will undertake strategic planning to address the need for: · Succession and management plan to replace the manager, also the rehabilitator and founder of our organization, who is due to retire in the next few years · Plan to secure long term occupancy of our rental premises · Upgrading of premises to accommodate interns who live on site between April and October every year · Renovations and construction for wildlife care including larger flight pen to rehabilitate raptors Part 2 will strengthen our social media activity, including: · Website development · Development of a social media plan, related policies and a social media marketing plan · Improvement of database management system

Pacific Animal Foundation

Wa Kayachtn Chet Kw'inexw (We Honor Our Animals)

SNAPPS is made up of volunteers dedicated to improving the welfare of animals through humane approaches within Squamish Nation's traditional territory. Volunteers provide daily support through feeding feral cats at their commune, tra/neuter/return animals, animal vaccinations and identification, follow-up with households on animal care and health, administration and fund-raising. As our reserves are spread throughout the lower mainland and Howe Sound, being able to provide a high level and consistent quality of service using volunteers to our community members (on- and off-reserve) is a challenge. This project would enhance the capacity of the organization through volunteer and fund-raising development to enable SNAPPS to develop short and long term strategic planning around the management and control of animals - domestic and free-roaming.

Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Building Capacity To Protect Wildlife

We need to upgrade our existing donor/supporter outreach system to Vertical Response mass mailing. Vertical Response will fully integrate into our Salesforce environment, allowing easy generation and mailing of targeted emails and our monthly e-newsletter for specific events, projects and fundraising campaigns (such as our next guide outfitter territory purchase). Enhancing our existing Salesforce database and donor management systems will allow more effective and greater communication both to donors and internally within Raincoast. Training all staff on Salesforce for will allow for effective communications and strategic development; this will allow for more effective outreach and campaign engagement. Upgrading will also allow for greater use of our social media to raise awareness of animal welfare issues in BC. Overall, these steps will lead to a more efficient, effective and powerful communications strategy and create more opportunities for funding, and therefore allow us to engage greater numbers of donors to support Raincoast's animal welfare/wildlife protection initiatives.

Society of Semiahmoo Animal League

Pets on the Street Guardianship Project

SALI has identified three isolated groups in Surrey, White Rock, & Langley that rely on their companion animals for unconditional love, emotional safety, physical safety, and have become their reason for living. SALI has determined that because of their isolation, these groups are especially vulnerable to losing their companion animals. Since 2009, we have been providing temporary foster homes for pets, free pet food & supplies, and free spay & neutering. In addition, SALI receives many more calls for help with sick and injured pets. For 3 years we have had to tell people that we cannot help because we do not have the funds. This is heartbreaking work when you have to turn away an animal that is in pain and suffering. We would like to build our services to provide this much needed emergency vet care for pets. We would also like to enhance our services during the next annual 'BC Connect Day' by adding sponsors and a free vet clinic. In order to attract business' and vets to this event we require enhanced marketing tools to promote their support and sponsorships.

Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society

Website Redesign

The redesign and update of our Website is paramount to our operation. It will provide the public with expected up-to-date information about our Society and the animals we care for. It will allow for instant gratification for donors and will promote responsible pet guardianship. The project will also allow for training of two volunteers to maintain the website once the redesign is complete. It will allow for fundraising opportunities that presently are non-existent through PayPal buttons for every animal in our care such as on our CDART website, stories about animals in our care, opportunities for sponsorship of building supplies for projects, volunteer management and tracking including job notices as required in real time. It will allow us to showcase some of our more special needs animals that are actually adoptable (ie: Feline AIDS cats, chemotherapy cats, geriatric dogs) by providing educational material and resources. It will provide a forum for news of wild horses in our care and options available for people with concerns regarding feral cats and feral horses.

The Responsible Animal Care Society

Website and Surgery upgrades

TRACS (The Responsible Animal Care Society) currently has over 800 rabbits in its care. We were able to construct new shelters last year and would now like to enrich their lives in their new homes by adding ramps, sona tubes, and toys to their enclosures. The rabbtis are aging with some of the originals going on 4-5 year old. With this comes higher veterinary costs. We would like to apply for help with the ongoing costs. TRACS relies solely on fundraising. Our website is very old and outdated as well as no longer user friendly. With the world now being techinology driven it is imperative for TRACS to produce a new user friendly website to keep people informed of what we are doing as well as provide an easy avenue for donating

Vancouver Humane Society

Upgrades to Fundraising Database and Website Content Management Software

VHS is seeking funding in order to upgrade two software programs that are crucual to our program operations. The first program upgrade will update the Windows compatibility and feature enhancements of our fundraising database software. The second upgrade will update the content management software for our Chicken OUT! website to a simpler program that can be used by in-house staff instead of outsourcing to contractors.

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue VOKRA

Application & Website Enhancement Project

VOKRA has a custom application and integrated website. This application manages cat intake, foster home management, cat medical care, and adoptions. We have identified a number of enhancements to support our expanding rescue operation’s processes and procedures - such as foster self-service data entry, automated medical treatment reminders, and better search capabilities for adoption matches. Our website ( , which is integrated with the application, needs an overhaul to provide a “fresh face” for VOKRA. This is part of an ongoing strategy to update our brand identity. We would also like to address some useability issues of our current website structure. We are hoping that these improvements will make our site more attractive, drive up the number of cats adopted, increase donations and help us fulfill our mandate of helping the homeless cats and kittens of the Lower Mainland.

Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia

Website Development

The WRA is planning a complete redevelopment of its website. This project will provide important new features, services and upgrades that will create a better communications tool to engage, inform and inspire the community about our important work for wildlife.