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Blind Beginnings Society

New Parent Workshop Series

The ‘New Parent’ Workshop Series will provide information and access to peer support for parents who are new to raising a blind child. Parents with blind or visually impaired children of any age can attend monthly workshops on a variety of topics such as: orientation & mobility, self-directed discovery, importance of braille literacy, how to optimize the vision a child has, social skill development, funding sources available to blind children, assistive technology options, sports and recreation opportunities, daily living skills, organizational techniques, parenting skills, and looking ahead to the future. Following each workshop, parents can participate in a Support Group meeting facilitated by a registered clinical counsellor. As a drop-in program, parents can attend the topics that are of relevance and interest to them. Child-care allowance will be offered to help reduce barriers to participation. New parents can also be matched with Support Parents who have experience raising a blind child and can provide ongoing peer support and guidance.

Canucks Autism Network Society

CLICK (a social photography program)

CLICK is a social photography program for teens aged 13-17 living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). While working with their peers, groups of ten teens with ADS will learn basic camera use, take pictures and explore social skills and friendship through their own photography. Each session, participants will have the opportunity to share their photos and discuss the subject matter of their work. The participants will also be expected to take photos with the group during each lesson as well as take photos during the week while they are not at CLICK. The program will end with a gallery show of everyone's work presented to a group of staff, family and friends. The program will be led by a fully qualified photography instructor and supported by Canucks Autism Network program staff.

Community Connections

Girls Move Mountains

Girls Move Mountains is a collaborative project with community partners in Revelstoke. The goal is to engage girls who are entering the critical transition period into adolescence which is a significant time of change physiologically, psychologically, and socially. While many girls are able to make the transition successfully there are also many who struggle with the transition and frequently find themselves in conflict with authorities, missing school, engaging in high risk behaviors, and in general disconnected from the community. Grounded in research on girls development, the Project will support girls capacity for self-confidence, physical and emotional resilience, healthy relationships, positive body image, and regular physical activity. Informed by ideas from adventure-based and experiential learning the girls will meet weekly throughout the school. The weekly activities will facilitated by professionally trained staff and trained Youth Mentors.

Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House

Family Drop-in: Families, Farming and Food

A safe drop-in space for families in the Downtown Eastside (M-F and Sunday from 4-7pm) This program has been developed to improve the determinants of health for families and children in our community through a program emphasis on food literacy, healthy meal preparation, culinary exploration and urban farming practices. A major component to the program is that it will be based on a peer led model. Families will be recruited as both participants, but also as volunteers who will lead the program with the support of a paid coordinator to help actualize their vision within the scope of the project.

Ladysmith Family and Friends (LaFF)

LaFF Around Town - Connecting Families to Services and Strengthening Belonging

The idea behind LaFF Around Town is to consistently provide LaFF programming on weekends and evenings and in locations throughout the community to provide multiple points of access to be inclusive of as many families as possible. The idea originated through consultation with families who expressed the desire to strengthen their connection to the community, and through feedback from service providers showing that some vulnerable families were not accessing services. We will create a quarterly Calendar of Events promoting all local events for children ages 0-6 and their families hosted by LaFF and other member agencies of the Ladysmith Early Years Partnership (LEYP). The Calendar will be inserted into every Leisure Guide published and distributed by the Town of Ladysmith and will be inserted into other local print media. The Calendar will also be distributed through LaFF’s electronic newsletter, posted on our website, Facebook and in other social media as appropriate to ensure maximum access to community-based programs and services by the broadest possible audience of families.

Port Alberni Association for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Family Friendly Transit Map

Our Alberni Children First Network in partnership with BC Transit and the City of Port Alberni have come up with a solution that will increase families abilities to access the transit system more easily in the Alberni Valley. Our project will create a family friendly riders guide for the Alberni Valley that would be easily accessible, visually resourceful, and considerate of all literacy levels. Together with our partners we will create the content for a family friendly map listing all services families’ access, deliver the completed map to our BC Transit Planning Consultant for graphic creation, and finally our Children First Network would be responsible for having these maps printed and distributed throughout the Alberni valley. Similar to the pads of maps used in Victoria to guide tourists to sites in the downtown core, our maps would show locations for medical clinics, day cares, First Nations organisations, landmarks, schools, health centres and other sites important to families in our community.

Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre

Parent-to-Parent Mentoring Project

Healthy parents with healthy parenting skills are key to a healthy community. 5 parents from the DTES/Strathcona, who had experienced parenting difficulties, noticed families attending parenting groups again & again for the same problems. While the programs provided useful information, knowing about the tools of healthy parenting does not mean it is easy to use these tools in times of need. This parent-to-parent mentoring project provides direct support on basic positive parenting skills in places & at times when parenting problems are happening. It involves training 5 parent mentors, their mentoring of a minimum 10-15 parents who are having parenting difficulties, and their further support of up to 40 parents through group sessions on parents as advocates. The project complements existing parenting support programs. It is unique - it builds social connectedness directly: mentors go to wherever the problem is happening eg. family’s home, community settings; mentors offer help in real-time e.g. bedtimes, meal times; the mentors are people the families can easily identify with.

Reel to Real - A Celebration of Moving Images for Youth Society

BC Stories

BC Stories will empower economically disadvantaged and Aboriginal youth in three rural communities and twelve inner-city classrooms to conceive, plan, shoot, edit, and screen short films that speak about their local history, language and culture. Through the creative medium of digital filmmaking, youth will gain powerful leadership skills, a deepened connection with their local community and history, and an enriched capacity for learning through media creation. The program will also seek to preserve and revitalize threatened Aboriginal languages, and to provide a safe space to explore oral traditions and storytelling. It is comprised of five main parts: 1) Old Masset - 1 week digital storytelling workshop for young adults ages 20-29 2) Masset & Skidgate - two 2-day workshops in four classrooms, mentored by a young adult from Old Masset 3) Screening of all films at Haida Gwaii Film Festival 3) Greater Vancouver inner city schools - five half-day documentary workshops using iPads delivered to 12 classrooms 4) Promotion, documentation, evaluation, and sharing of project model

Summerland Asset Development Initiative

SADI Leadership Team Outreach Project

The SADI Leadership Team provides youth with opportunities to develop leadership skills that will enhance their confidence, sense of belonging, ability to work as a team and assist SADI with with peer mentoring, providing valuable input to activities and club operations. On a broader level, developing leadership skills recognizes the rights and capabilities of ALL youth and respects and values their contributions to their community. This project would look at enhancing the capacity to develop youth leaders in Summerland by coordinating an outreach effort to raise awarenss amongst youth that they all have leadership potential and capability to be leaders. This awareness would assist us in reaching a diverse group of youth and subsequently develop the capacity of the leadership team to have a wider impact at SADI and in the community. This project will consist of the following initiatives; school and community outreach, leadership training program, SADI leadership team capacity building and coordination of SADI's involvement at four community events.