Awarded Grants

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College of New Caledonia

Vanderhoof Youth Centre

The Youth Centre is an unexpected outcome of the Vanderhoof Diversity Project’s Neighbourhood Space (NS). Youth started frequenting the space and in 2011, as requested by members of the community, CNC pursued funding to formalize the Youth Centre. Several of the youth who frequent the centre have extremely high needs and little to no formal support. There are equal amounts of First Nations and non First Nations that use the NS. It is a very diverse atmosphere - youth at risk form a large part of the cross section. Our funding request is to hire a part time Youth Development Coordinator (YDC) to assist the existing Youth Support Worker (YSW) and to assist with covering other admin costs (see budget). The YSW, also a part time position, provides a social or holistic support role for youth as well as being responsible for various administrative functions leaving little time to expand youth programming. In order to fill the gap of much needed program development and coordination, the new YDC’s role will be to work with the youth to develop programs, training, and activities for youth.

Family Services of Greater Vancouver

Promoting Upstream Solutions for BC's Children and Youth

Working closely with our coalition partner organizations, First Call will undertake to strengthen and support the collective voice for the rights and well-being of BC's children and youth. The project will use 3 strategies, public education (including conducting research and disseminating/popularizing others' research), mobilizing communities and individuals through workshops, presentations, media work, toolkits, web resources, e-alerts, etc.) and direct public policy advocacy in collaboration with our partner organizations and communities (briefs, letters, reports, candidate surveys, convening/facilitating discussions among advocates and with decision-makers and policy 'influencers'). Some of the key issues these activities will address are the unacceptably high rates of child and family poverty in BC and our proposed solutions, the need for improved protections for children in BC's labour force, the need to reduce exposures to environmental toxins affecting children's health, and the crucial importance of increasing our investments in early childhood and supporting young families.